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8 Essential Dead Space Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The remake of Dead Space offers you the same thrilling atmosphere and breathtakingly realistic adventures as the classic horror game from 2008. The graphics, sound, and gameplay have been improved enormously. In this guide, you’ll find some essential Dead Space tips and tricks that will help you survive on your missions.

1) Stomp for all you’re worth

Once you’ve reached difficulty level two out of a total of five, you should start using your available ammunition more sparingly. Otherwise, you can run out of ammo in no time at all in a particularly important game situation, such as an intermediate boss.

One possible solution to this problem would be to overinvest your credits in ammo packs, to always have as much as possible on hand. However, this is not very advisable, as it will leave you with fewer credits for other important investments.

It’s much better to finish off enemies with a kick, instead of wasting ammo for the final blow. Before that, however, you’ll have to weaken your enemies considerably and only then resort to your kick with Isaac’s metal boot. An additional stomp will earn you high-quality items from the corpses of the enemies.

Furthermore, by stomping, you’re able to destroy the locked storage chests or open them by force.

2) What should you have in your inventory?

In the remake of the game Dead Space, some items should be part of your standard equipment, or you should always carry them in your inventory.

These include:

  • 150 – 300 units of flamethrower ammo
  • 18 units of beam ammo for your Contact Beam
  • one medium air canister
  • one large and two to three medium medkits
  • 100 units of plasma energy for the Plasma Cutter

In addition to these essential items, it’s still advisable to carry a Contact Beam with two to three units of laser energy.

3) Dead Space tips and tricks: Remember the stasis!

With the help of the stasis module, which Isaac finds in the cold Ishimura corridors, you can influence or manipulate time. You should never forget that you can make use of this powerful gadget, especially in tricky situations.

For example, if you’re dealing with several enemies, the module will help you stop or freeze one of them so that you can turn to another enemy in the meantime and eliminate them first.

In addition, you’ll need less ammo for an immobile enemy due to the increased hit probability. Stasis energy is limited, however, but can be actively replenished with stasis packs.

4) Exploit the enemies’ weak points

In general, you should always aim for the body or especially the limbs, which you can do most efficiently with the Plasma Cutter. In addition, there are different weak points and appropriate strategies for each enemy.

If you have to deal with the spider-like Swarmers, which evolve from the Pregnants, the Flamethrower is your best friend. It allows you to fight spawning Pregnants in large numbers over a wide area. Normal guns aren’t very effective in that case.

However, you can prevent the Pregnants from sending out the Swarmers right from the start by cutting up their legs and arms with the Contact Beam. You must not hit the body, otherwise, the Swarmers will be released.

Fighting the Cysts is especially easy with the Contact Beam, as you can easily cut off their three tentacles with it. Pay attention to the distance to the target. If you identify Infectors among your opponents, always fight them immediately, because they can turn corpses into Necromorphs.

The Contact Beam is also excellent for this purpose. Similar to the Pregnants, Guardians spawn other creatures called Pods. These are particularly annoying but can be defeated relatively easily at close range with the help of an energy mine. You can also shoot the tentacles with your Plasma Cutter.

5) Combat tips: Play it safe

Be sure to reload your weapons after each monster you destroy or after each horde of monsters. Otherwise, you may suddenly run out of ammo and lose precious time in battle reloading your weapon.

Also, always keep an eye on the area behind you as well as next to you. Enemies might ambush you and take you by surprise. To mitigate this surprise effect, you can again make use of your stasis module to stop monsters.

However, one of the most important tips about fighting at the beginning of the game is to avoid unnecessary fights. Especially since you don’t have much ammo and other items at the beginning, you should save your supplies. This works best in places with automatic doors that distract Necromorphs from you.

6) Aim as well as possible

In Dead Space, it’s better to aim well instead of firing randomly. This is obvious advice, yet you should definitely take it into account, especially in confusing as well as dangerous situations.

As described above, with some creatures it’s only worth aiming at the tentacles or other limbs at first, leaving the body intact for the time being. Therefore, don’t alternate between different body regions, but focus on the most efficient one. The Contact Beam is great for precise hits.

7) Always follow the blue line!

Activate the blue line for navigating through the game. It is then displayed on the ground and shows you the way to your next destination on your current mission.

This line makes it much easier for you to find your way in the world of Dead Space, and the probability of getting lost is almost zero. If you want to change your mission objective, for example to a sidequest, you can easily make this change in the mission menu. The path to the sidequest objectives is indicated by an orange line.

8) The best weapon in Dead Space

Even in the predecessor title from 2008, removing limbs with precise hits and force is especially important in the Dead Space remake. For this purpose, the Plasma Cutter is by far the best, and various improvements make this weapon better and better and more indispensable.

Survive in Dead Space with PLITCH!

With the presented Dead Space tips and tricks, nothing should stand in the way of a successful start to the game.

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Happy Gaming!