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8 X4: Foundations Tips & Tricks | Beginner’s Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 26.06.2024

Are you ready to embark on a boundless journey through the vastness of space? X4: Foundations awaits you with its limitless possibilities and addictive gameplay. In our X4: Foundations tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to explore, trade, and build your empire in a stunning, lively universe.

1) Turn off the autopilot

In X4: Foundations, you’ll spend much of your time navigating rockets through space. It’s therefore advisable to make piloting as comfortable as possible.

Disabling the autopilot will help you a lot, as it will only help you at the beginning of the game, but will hinder you later on. Instead, focus on learning to control your ships manually, step by step, from the very beginning.

2) Buy a docking computer

The docking computer is a must for every beginner at the beginning of X4: Foundations. It will make docking with another ship much easier and faster. Discovering new places in space and constantly landing on different surfaces is one of the main tasks in the game.

That’s why this should be one of your first investments. In the long run, the docking computer will make landing much easier for you, and the investment will definitely pay off.

3) X4: Foundations tips on buyiny new ships

After the first few successful missions and with some savings, you’ll be able to buy a new ship in X4: Foundations. Depending on how much money you can save, you can choose between small to medium ships and large or carrier ships.

X4: Foundations tips on buyiny new ships

You can also sell and upgrade your ships at the shipyards and docks. Make sure you buy the best ships possible, the top M-class ships are the Osprey Sentinel, Nemesis Vanguard, and Osprey Vanguard. 

4) How to reach full speed

To reach maximum cruising speed while piloting your ship in X4: Foundations, simply select and hold the “Boost” button. Make sure you press it before your ship switches to travel mode.

This way, you’ll be able to reach maximum travel speed almost immediately, which will make your gameplay much easier as it will take you much less time to get from one place to another. This is a trick you should definitely consider.

5) Upgrade your hardware and software

In the shipyards in X4: Foundations, you can add certain parts to your ship and upgrade the hardware. It’s also possible to remove parts you no longer want. If you choose a small or medium battleship at the beginning, it’s worth upgrading it with guns and missile launchers on the front mounts. Likewise, medium turrets are recommended for M-class ships.

The software in X4: Foundations can also be upgraded. The most important software upgrades for your ship are the docking computer and the long-range scanner. The latter allows you to detect stations and other small objects, including lockers and data safes. It has a range of up to 200 km.

6) Scan stations to get missions

Successfully completing missions will give you some benefits in X4: Foundations. When you scan an area during one of your missions, you can find all sorts of items. These include blueprints for ships, but also other missions that you can accept after the fact.

When you scan them, they will appear in the Available Missions tab. To complete them, you’ll need to perform a number of different tasks. These may include boarding or trading. These tasks will in turn give you a huge amount of experience and you’ll get better and better at the game.

7) Capture and board ships

Once you have a well-armed battleship with marines, you can start capturing and boarding other ships. Note that boarding smaller ships is relatively easy, but boarding a carrier ship is much more difficult.

If you attack a small ship, the owners will probably give it up immediately and you’ll have an easy time. Simply right-click on the abandoned ship, order a Marien to board the ship, and then use the boarding pod to claim full ownership of the ship.

After that, assign the pilot function to one of your Marines, and later hire a new pilot to bring the soldier back to your team.

8) Trade and mining are important

Once you have more ships in your possession, you can set some of them to auto-trade and auto-mine for you. This allows you to send trading ships to other galaxies, which will then automatically work for you and bring you profit.

To do this, go to any shipyard and buy a small or medium trading ship. Then upgrade it with the Trading Computer Extension software and train a pilot. Now the ship is ready for automatic trading.

To send it out, go to the Map menu, open the Unassigned Ships tab, and right-click on your trading ship. Then go to the Information tab, right-click on the galaxy of your choice, and select Auto Trade. In the Behavior tab, you can select which goods you want to trade. Here you can add or remove the items you want to trade.

Auto Mining works similarly to Auto Trading. However, it requires mining instances, so you must first buy a mining ship and equip it with a pilot. The rest of the steps are the same as in the previous section.

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Happy Gaming!