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9 Best Wanted: Dead Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 07.02.2024

In the hybrid shooter/slasher Wanted: Dead from the developer Soleil Ltd., the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, pits you against zombies in the streets of Hong Kong. In the process, you’ll also try to get to the bottom of a conspiracy. In our Wanted: Dead tips and tricks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in the zombie game.

1) How to fend off enemy attacks

In general, you should take all of your opponents seriously in Wanted: Dead and never underestimate their attacks and abilities. If you don’t manage to block enemy attacks, you will very quickly take surprisingly effective hits and get killed quickly. This is especially dangerous when you’re dealing with a group of enemies, especially in close combat.

wanted: dead tips: How to fend off enemy attacks

The defensive skills “Guard Strength Increase,” “Increased Melee Defense,” “Power Parry,” and ” Parry Window Increase ” will make it much easier for you to fend off threats and attacks.

If you’re fighting a ranged enemy, blocking and parrying won’t matter much, but in melee combat, you won’t get very far without these mechanics. In particular, the bosses or mini-bosses in the game are mostly melee opponents. So if you have good defensive skills, you’ll be able to deal with them a lot easier. In the Battleground, you can further improve your defensive skills.

2) Don’t waste your Super Move

There is a Super Move in Wanted: Dead called “Bullet Time” that you can use when your adrenaline meter is full. With the power it gives you, you’ll be able to kill enemies in your immediate vicinity.

However, if there is an obstacle between you and your opponent, you won’t be able to teleport directly to them and your Super Move will be canceled. So before you activate your Super Move, always make sure you’re in a place where you can’t be stopped by an object like a pillar.

3) Which skills are important?

Once you’ve unlocked the most important skills, Wanted: Dead will be much easier for you. Therefore, pass the first stage and gradually unlock the most important skills. The grenade is the first skill you don’t need to unlock. to unlock, but you should. After that, make sure you improve your armor defense and increase your supply of healing items and their effectiveness.

With the skill “Severed Arm Finishing Strike” you’ll be able to finish off your enemies faster once they’ve lost an arm. Other skills that you should learn early on include “Dash Attack”, “Charge Attack” and “Sliding Attack”. Of course, there are several other good skills that you can unlock throughout the game, but at the beginning, you should focus on the skills mentioned above.

4) Use incendiary grenades

Early in the skill tree, you will have the opportunity to unlock the “Incendiary Grenade” skill. Unlocking this skill gives you access to a whole different range of grenades. However, at no point will the game ask you to switch grenade styles. The incendiary grenades are a great advantage in Wanted: Dead because they explode on impact, preventing your enemies from running.

5) Choose your weapons wisely

The various weapons in Wanted: Dead are particularly useful as they allow you to kill enemies from a safe distance. If you fight with good cover, you’ll automatically take fewer hits, which is good for your health and supplies. The distances between checkpoints in Wanted: Dead, so be sure to use your energy reserves sparingly.

Also, look for ammunition at every opportunity so you don’t run out too quickly. If you decide to engage enemies from a distance, change the firing rate of your assault rifle to a single shot.

6) Wanted: Dead tips: Upgrade your weapon

You can upgrade your various weapons or add different attachments to them. For example, you can equip your assault rifle with different barrels, sights, and stocks. The AR and the “Taker” handgun can also be customized.

When you reach a new checkpoint in your missions, you will also receive new attachments. However, not all attachments have a positive effect on the efficiency of your weapon. Think carefully about which stock or sight you use on each of your weapons. It’s best to customize your weapons to suit your individual play style.

7) Secondary weapons are essential

In addition to your main rifle, katana, and Taker Handgun, you also have the option to select a secondary weapon in Wanted: Dead. These range from an LMG to an SMG to a shotgun, so you have quite a bit to choose from. Generally speaking, all of the available secondary weapons can be very useful, but some are better suited to specific situations than others.

The LMG is excellent at long range due to its high rate of fire combined with good armor penetration. This type of weapon is particularly useful in the later stages of Wanted: Dead.

The shotgun, on the other hand, is almost useless from a distance, but has a destructive effect and is very effective in close combat. The SMG is very effective in the middle and early stages of the game because it has a very high rate of fire, but it’s also rather inaccurate and does less overall damage. The high penetrating power destroys enemy armor in no time.

Ammunition dropped from a weapon after defeating an enemy is displayed in different colors. Yellow is for your primary weapon and green is for your secondary weapon. With this indicator, you can quickly see if it’s worth collecting the ammo or not, depending on whether you need it or not.

8) Chainsaw yes or no?

The chainsaw you get in the course of the game should not be used immediately, but wait for the area’s mini-boss to appear. Nine times out of ten, it will be a ninja or a heavily armored enemy, and you can defeat them quickly with the chainsaw. With the chainsaw, you’ll be able to one-hit this type of enemy, so it’s the best weapon to use against the vast majority of mini-bosses.

If you use it beforehand and die in battle, the chainsaw will respawn after Doc resurrects you. For this reason, it’s clearly too risky to use this weapon immediately after obtaining it, and you should wait to use it.

9) Team members and their skills

As the game progresses, more members will join your team, allowing you to use their skills to your advantage. However, you cannot choose which teammates will join you in battle. A total of three team members are available to actively assist you.

  • Cortez makes sure you can attack unhindered by occasionally holding your opponents.
  • Herzog will support you from a distance with his sniper rifle and deal additional damage to zombies.
  • The aforementioned Doc will heal you if you’re down on the battlefield, giving you another chance to stand up to your enemies. This can only be done once per checkpoint.

The skills of the three characters can be upgraded with your skill points via the skill tree.

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With these useful Wanted: Dead tips, you should be able to get started successfully. If you still need some help, you can make the game easier with our PLITCH Wanted: Dead cheats. You can also increase the difficulty level with the codes and face an additional challenge.

For example, you can equip your weapons with infinite ammunition or add skill points. You can also set your weapons so that they do not require reloading and have no recoil. The latter increases the accuracy of your hits. You also have the option of setting your skill points to 0 or not using adrenaline at all.

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Happy Gaming!