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9 Ghost of Tsushima Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 22.05.2024

Finally, the action-adventure samurai game is no longer a PlayStation exclusive but can also be played on PC. We want to take this as an opportunity to give you the best Ghost of Tsushima tips and tricks to make crushing the Mongol invasion a breeze.

1) You can change the weather with the flute

Let’s start with a mechanic you’re probably not familiar with from many open-world adventures. By playing a certain song on your flute, you can change the weather in Ghost of Tsushima. This can be useful if you want to attack your enemies either in the light or in the dark. Or simply if you prefer a certain time of day because you like the graphics.

To use the flute, you need a controller with a touchpad. Simply swipe to the left and Jin Sakai will begin to play. You can also play with a mouse and keyboard via the PC port. The inputs are freely configurable.

To add more songs to your musical repertoire, you need to find golden cricket cages. Once you reach a certain number, you’ll receive a new song. Rain, fog, sunshine, etc. can be unlocked.

2) Follow the foxes and golden birds

Two types of animals in Ghost of Tsushima will lead you to hidden and useful items. When you see them, be sure to follow them. The foxes will lead you to Inari shrines. You’ll need these to unlock additional talisman slots for your character.

The golden birds are like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’ll get. Sometimes your reward is a new piece of armor, sometimes the flying beast will lead you to a monument, and sometimes your destination is a hot spring where you can take a bath.

3) Tips for Ghost Mode

Want to stay undetected and attack from stealth? Then the following Ghost of Tsushima beginner tips are for you. Stay on rooftops or in the tall grass to avoid being seen. In Mongolian camps, the best way to move from tent to tent is to climb over the ropes and jump from branch to branch. Use the grapple and avoid touching the ground.

When attacking from cover, try to eliminate your enemies with as few arrow shots as possible. For guards not wearing a helmet, a single hit is enough to send them to the afterlife. It’s best to unlock the slow-motion upgrade in the first few hours of the game. This will allow you to aim safely at long distances.

You may be familiar with the next stealth mechanic from the Assassin’s Creed games. By whistling, Jin Sakai can attract the attention of enemies and distract them. Use this to gain the enemies’ attention and then attack them.

If you encounter more than one enemy at a time in Ghost of Tsushima, it’s impossible to defeat them all as a ghost in the beginning. Chain kills are the answer. Unlock the appropriate skill to add another one right after a stealth attack. You’ll need to master a Quicktime event and press the right button at the right time to pull this off.

4) Samurai style tips

Do you prefer to fight in samurai style instead of stealth? Then you should consider the following Ghost of Tsushima tips and tricks. If you prefer an aggressive and offensive style of play, make sure you take out the enemy archers first.

They cause two problems at once. On the one hand, they do a lot of damage per hit with their arrows, and on the other hand, they throw you off balance every time they hit you, thus destroying the momentum of the battle. Run up to them and give them a few good slashes with your sword. When you hear them scream, you know they are about to fire an arrow. Dodge or hook at the right moment.

When you attack the melee fighters in the next step, you’ll need to adjust your sword stance. Jin can adopt up to four different stances, each of which is advantageous (or disadvantageous) against a different type of enemy. For example, you can break through cover with heavy attacks or attack spearmen with an elevated stance.

The combat system of Ghost of Tsushima can be compared in part to that of the Dark Souls games or Elden Ring. Rushed attacks and excessive button mashing won’t lead to success. Tactics and strategy are much more important. Block enemy attacks at the right moment and then counter with an effective counterattack. Keep in mind that your block won’t be without damage if a red dot appears over your opponent’s weapon. In this case, it’s better to dodge.

5) Climb temples

In larger villages, you’ll discover multi-story temples. These are called pagodas in Ghost of Tsushima. Once you’ve received your grappling hook from the blacksmith Taka at the end of the first act, we recommend that you climb them.

If you make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with either new items or equipment. Sometimes the developers have hidden little Easter eggs for you. So it’s worth exploring the pagodas!

6) Fight the Mongol leaders

To unlock the four combat stances mentioned above, you need to kill Mongol leaders. You can recognize them by their golden armor. They are usually in occupied camps training for battle. You can use this training to your advantage by observing the leaders from a distance first. Study their movements and patterns to prepare for battle.

In addition, passive observation of the leaders will bring you closer to your next battle position. When you take aim at the opulent warriors, you’ll be prompted to press a specific button. By studying the leaders and then eliminating them, you can double the amount of progress you make toward unlocking the next combat stance.

7) Ghost of Tsushima tips on supplies

Supplies are the most important thing in Ghost of Tsushima. You need them to upgrade your weapons and armor. So grab everything you can. Your conscience may tell you that it’s illegal to steal from poor refugees or to collect items right next to a merchant. But if you really want to free your island from the Mongols, then you must not consider this!

Ghost of Tsushima tips on supplies

Grab bamboo, wood, iron, and anything else that can be looted. Supplies come in the form of small sacks in the game, which can also be collected from horseback. However, you’ll find the largest quantities in your enemies’ camps. So follow the red icons on the map and wipe out all the Mongols there to get your hands on the valuable loot.

You can also get supplies by completing side quests. These can sometimes be up to 100 per quest. You can pick up the supplies yourself at the Gift Altar after the mission.

8) Search for hot springs and bamboo strikes

You should always bathe at least once in every hot spring you find in Ghost of Tsushima. This will increase your life energy by a small amount and Jin Sakai will reflect on his life. The best way to find such a spring is to look for rising white steam. You’ll discover one of the bathing places as part of the story. You have to find the others on your own.

The bamboo strikes in Ghost of Tsushima are also useful and good for permanently increasing your stats. Here you’ll need to master a key combination to prove your skills with the Katana. Once you’ve done so, your determination will improve, allowing you to perform special attacks or heal yourself in battle.

The Exploration skills allow you to find bamboo stands, springs, fox dens, and other useful locations by following the wind.

9) Learn Heavenly Strike as fast as possible

Among the techniques, there is one mythical martial art that we highly recommend. Learn Heavenly Strike as early as possible in Ghost of Tsushima to gain the upper hand in fights. The attack is extremely fast and can’t be blocked by your opponents. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to do a lot of damage with it.

One of the biggest advantages of Heavenly Strike is that it can scare enemies standing around. To learn it, all you have to do is complete the mythical story of the musician near Komatsu Forge. You’ll find him southwest of the Golden Temple. A duel awaits you at the end of this quest. If you defeat him, you’ll receive a sword set, expand the legend, and unlock the Heavenly Strike.

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