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9 Important Alan Wake 2 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 19.12.2023

After 13 years of waiting, the time has finally come. The action-adventure game from Remedy, celebrated for its clever story, is getting its sequel. In our Alan Wake 2 tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to survive the battles, manage your items, solve puzzles, and make sure you don’t miss a single facet of the thrilling story.

1) Combat tips

Although exploration takes up most of the game, you won’t be able to complete it without fighting. In addition, the survival aspects of Alan Wake 2 will require you to be economical with your ammunition and other resources. Especially in the beginning, you’ll never have more than a dozen bullets left. So make every shot count. Before you blast your enemies to kingdom come, it’s important to know their weaknesses.

alan wake 2 tips and tricks: use your flashlight

Even though most enemies are human, the head isn’t always the most effective target. Use your flashlight to analyze the monsters and plan your shots carefully. During combat, the dodge button will be your life insurance. Your character can’t take much, and you’ll be dead after a few hits. So keep moving and dodge your enemies’ attacks.

As for weapons, don’t bother upgrading your sawed-off shotgun. You’ll find a better one as the game progresses, and since there aren’t enough fragments to improve all items, you’ll have to use them wisely. It’s best to focus on just two or three weapons that you’re comfortable with.

In the passages where you play as Saga Anderson, the illuminated safe zones are your salvation. They make you virtually invisible and allow you to heal and recharge your flashlight batteries in peace.

2) Stay in the light, but don’t be afraid of the dark

At its core, the entire game revolves around the battle between light and darkness. This means that the story is both very much in the tradition of its predecessor and very close to that of other Remedy games. To make sure you don’t miss any of the references and easter eggs, we recommend that you play both Alan Wake 1 and Control before your run.

When you’re in the light, your opponents will walk right by you and a small amount of your HP will automatically regenerate. However, if you draw attention to yourself or engage your enemies in combat, the light will be turned off and you’ll be visible to everyone.

As in the first part of the series, enemies can be stunned and weakened by the beam of your flashlight. Use the E button to activate it and the middle mouse button to increase its intensity to break through the monsters’ shield of darkness. But be careful. You only have a limited number of charges and the number of batteries you can find is not excessive.

3) How to heal yourself

You have time to heal yourself between fights in Alan Wake 2. Use a first aid kit to restore your full health. However, you’ll most often use painkillers. They restore a small amount of energy and appear more frequently than the kits. Trauma packs give you a medium refill.

There is no point in hoarding these items. As you rummage through the crates, the number of tools you’ll find depends on your inventory and the difficulty level. If you have enough healing items, you won’t find any more. So use them when you need them, but don’t waste them.

4) Save regularly

Screen death lurks around every corner in Alan Wake 2, and nothing is more annoying than losing game progress. So save regularly, especially if you’re planning to venture into dangerous territory. To create a save slot, you need to go to a save room. These are located at various points on the map and also act as light points. Enemies won’t attack you there.

Once you’ve discovered one of these rooms, you’ll often need to activate a generator to power it. Then interact with the teapot in the room to open the menu.

5) Alan Wake 2 tips and tricks: Explore your surroundings

It may sound simple, but it’s probably the most important point in our Alan Wake 2 tips and tricks: explore your surroundings as thoroughly as possible. Not only will you find healing items and upgrade fragments. As in other Remedy games, the developers have hidden a lot of interesting collectibles for you. For example, you can find lunch boxes with the FBI agent Saga and echoes of a story yet to come with Alan.

However, the collectibles aren’t just there for their own sake. They help you solve puzzles and unlock hiding places. Time and again, you’ll discover symbols that only become visible when you shine your flashlight on them. So take your time to explore each area.

6) Take the maps with you

You’ll need the maps in Alan Wake 2 to make sure your exploration is complete and you don’t miss anything. Every time you enter a new area, look for the map. They are usually easy to find and relatively obvious, but sometimes they are hidden among the trees.

The game requires you to return to previously visited areas from time to time to collect new clues. Use the maps to quickly find the waypoints you’re looking for and keep track of them.

7) Use quick access and shoeboxes

Like most survival games, your inventory capacity in Alan Wake 2 is limited. Some items, like the first aid kit, even take up two slots. So make sure you only carry what you really need when you’re out and about. Store the rest in the shoeboxes in the break rooms and retrieve them when you need them.

Another handy tip is to place healing items and other items that you use regularly in the quick-access area. Assign a button to them and quickly switch between weapons and other items.

8) Switch between Saga and Alan and use their techniques

Immediately after Initiation 3, you can switch between the game’s two protagonists. To do this, go to one of the break rooms and interact with the spilled water in the janitor’s bucket. By switching characters in Alan Wake 2, you learn more about your surroundings and can also access the different investigation methods.

Saga lives up to her profession as an FBI agent and draws conclusions from the evidence she finds and creates personality profiles of important people. With every new clue you find with her, you unlock additional dialog options and can draw more conclusions in your Mind Place. Incidentally, Saga’s retreat in Alan Wake 2 offers one or two very interesting cutscenes to watch on the TV.

Alan, on the other hand, relies less on tangible things and more on his imagination. He creates new storylines in the author’s room and thus changes the world. This unlocks new paths and takes you to places that were hidden from you in the previous storyline. You can also use the angel lamp to change rooms.

9) Solutions to puzzles are often close at hand

You’ll always find the solutions to safe combinations or cult supplies in the immediate vicinity. Search through desks and boxes, look in every corner, and examine every wall as closely as possible. Combine the clues with Saga in the Mind Place or with Alan in the Writer’s Room. However, the complete safe combinations are often already written somewhere on notes.

Alan Wake 2 uses subtle means to show you the way again and again. For example, warbling radio noises tell you that you’re in the vicinity of a nursery rhyme. Symbols of twin triangles help you find cult hideouts and yellow arrows reflected by the beam of your flashlight lead you to words of power.

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