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9 Scars Above Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The new game from Mad Head Games offers crisp horror action in a science fiction setting. Become the ultimate leader of the Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team with our Scars Above tips and tricks. We’ll show you how to master the combat system, use automatic save points to your advantage, and get the most powerful abilities.

1) Start on the easiest difficulty

It’s best to start the game as a rookie. You can always up the difficulty level later. But especially in the beginning, Scars Above doesn’t make it easy for you. You only get your shield after the first boss fight. This makes the game a bit unbalanced, with the beginning being harder than the later levels.

In addition, the mechanics are similar to Souls-likes, but there is no character progression through XP. So, fighting your enemies won’t become any easier. Also, there is no free save, so if you die, you’ll spawn at the last checkpoint.

2) Combining elements

Kate’s combat system is quite complex and based on elements. It’s important to take advantage of them. For example, if an enemy is on watery ground, your fire attacks will be almost ineffective. But if you use lightning-based attacks, you’ll do a lot of damage. Also, experiment with combos using different elements.

In the beginning, you’ll have fire, electric, and ice projectiles, and as the game progresses, you’ll also get poison projectiles. A useful trick is to shoot holes in the ice with the fire mod. If your opponent steps in it, they will freeze, so you can have fun with them unharmed.

If you use another element after an elemental attack, the second one gets an attack bonus and does more damage than normal. So try different combinations to make fights more efficient.

3) Avoid unnecessary battles

Normal aliens will respawn in Scars Above. However, since there is no leveling system where you can level up with XP, it doesn’t do you any good to respawn them. That’s why it’s also unnecessary to revisit places that have already been completed and emptied. Don’t get involved in double fights, but follow the story. Apart from a few small branches, the plot is very linear, so backtracking isn’t necessary.

When enemies respawn and you need to get past them, you can just take to your heels and run. You’ll usually walk away unscathed, saving you time, ammo, and health.

4) How to heal yourself

Speaking of health, there are several ways to replenish it in Scars Above. The first is through healing injections, which are automatically replenished at resurrection pillars, just like your ammunition, and the second is through fibers, which you can find around the world.

Fibers are a consumable that can also be used to recharge your battery. Fibers are not replenished at checkpoint pillars. Therefore, use them sparingly and only heal yourself when necessary.

The capacity of your healing injections increases throughout the game as you explore the exoplanet and find upgrades. The injection upgrades permanently increase your inventory slot for Healing Stimulants. Always use up the healing injections first before raiding your fiber supply.

5) Scars Above tips and tricks: Watch your stamina

This is one of the Scars Above tips and tricks that will save your life many times over. If your stamina is low, you won’t be able to make a melee attack, dodge, or run. So always keep an eye on your stamina and plan your actions. Spamming the dodge roll won’t help you – you’ll be out of breath and a sitting duck for your enemies.

Kate is a scientist, not an elite combat unit. If you want to survive, you have to take that into account.

6) Pillars serve as shortcuts

But on-screen death can also be tactically useful in Scars Above. As mentioned earlier, when you die, you’ll respawn at the last checkpoint, which is a resurrection pillar. However, all of your previously collected items will remain in your inventory. Nothing is lost.

So, after you’ve collected an important story item, intentionally get yourself killed so that you can leave the fight and quickly get to the pillar. This shortcut will save you time and unnecessary fights.

7) Explore, explore, explore

Although there are no experience points in Scars Above, Kate can still be improved through knowledge. You get this by scanning your surroundings. The planet is new, after all, and every piece of information will help you and your team. When you reach a new level of knowledge, you can distribute skill points or add equipment.

Off the main story path, there are always smaller side areas. There, too, you should scan everything you can. As a scientist, exploring the sci-fi world is your top priority. You’ll also find out about the weaknesses of the enemy species and learn how to use your weapons better.

8) Best skills to start with

There are 22 skills in total in Scars Above, divided into four categories. Indeed, you can’t really go wrong, and each upgrade is useful in its own way. However, we recommend that you focus on the basics in the beginning. For example, you should use your first skill to increase your health and stamina.

In addition to that, a good skill is to highlight interactive elements in the game world. This will make it easier for you to collect everything and not miss anything.

9) Heal yourself via melee kills

Once you’ve built up a good base of health and stamina, focus on Xenobiology. There you’ll unlock the ability to regenerate health from a successful melee kill. This is a game-changer that will save you fiber, healing injections, and ammo in the long run.

The amount of energy regenerated from the (s)kill is less than the other healing options, but it’s better than nothing. And especially when dealing with spiders, two melee attacks are often enough to knock them out and gain HP quickly. Even when enemies are already weak, a melee fight can be a viable finisher.

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The place the Metaeder has sent you to is exotic and dangerous. But thanks to our Scars Above tips and tricks, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting started. And with the PLITCH Scars Above cheats, you can even customize the game to your liking.

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Happy Gaming!