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10 Underrated PC Games You Need To Try

  • from PLITCH
  • 16.05.2024

Are you looking for new games to play that you may have never heard of before? Then this blog is for you! Our team members have some great recommendations for underrated PC games that you must try!

Strayed Lights

underrated pc games: strayed lights

One of our trainer makers, JJ39, highly recommends the action-adventure Strayed Lights.

Released in 2023, this hauntingly beautiful dark fantasy game immerses you in an atmospheric journey where wordless storytelling meets cinematic battles of colors. You must restore the light that has been torn from you and battle creatures driven by their emotions.

Grow: Song of the Evertree

If you’re looking for a more relaxing gaming experience, our content creator Alexandra has you covered. One of her favorite games is Grow: Song of the Evertree, in which you must use alchemy to bring a dying world back to life.

Here’s how Alexandra describes it: “At first glance, Grow may look like your average casual life sim city-builder, but it puts a very unique spin on the concept. You can craft World Seeds that blossom into vibrant worlds, each with its distinct flora and fauna. There are many ways to spend your time – building towns, meeting new people, exploring caves, taking care of your worlds and animals,…  And you have an extremely cute companion creature to fly around with!”

Spec Ops: The Line

Developed by the German studio Yager, the third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line plunges you into a very unique setting. The recommendation comes from our video editor Stefan, it’s “one of the deepest and darkest shooter experiences you could ask for!”

Although the gameplay itself is nothing to write home about, he really enjoyed the story, the voice acting, and especially the writing. “Get ready for a trip through hell as you and your comrades venture through Dubai in search of survivors after a devastating sandstorm”.

Oceanhorn 1 and 2

Oceanhorn 1 and 2 are two action-adventure RPGs that come highly recommended by our trainer maker CCJ39. In his opinion, the games are incredibly well done and give you the same feeling as playing Zelda on your SNES or Gameboy back in the day.

In the first installment, you’re sent on a journey to explore the islands of the Uncharted Seas, where puzzles, mysteries, and danger await. The sequel, released eight years later, revolves around unraveling the mysteries of what happened 1000 years ago.


Next up on our list of underrated PC games is another JJ39 recommendation, and since she loves horror games, we’re not surprised that the game is Unholy, a dark puzzle adventure with horror and mystery elements.

Unholy is set in a dark Eastern European city and the eerie realm of Unholy. Discover the truth behind your child’s disappearance as you solve puzzles, face enemies, and challenge a sinister society. Unravel the mysteries that bind these worlds together to reveal the darkness lurking within.


If puzzles are your thing but the horror elements are not for you, you could try Dorfromantik, a calm and cozy puzzle and building strategy game. According to our UI/UX Designer Ratzie, it’s “peaceful, colorful, and perfect for relaxing and creating your own landscapes.”

Developed by four students from Berlin, the game has different modes and difficulty levels and will win you over with its variety of landscapes and biomes!

We Who Are About To Die

A roguelite can’t be missing from our list of underrated PC games, and pooorny, our Head of Product & Operations, has a great recommendation: We Who Are About To Die, a gladiator RPG roguelite with complex career management.

Here’s pooorny’s take on it: “IMO, it’s one of the best roguelites out there and the combat system is SO satisfying once you get the hang of it, having an epic last stand against a crazy amount of enemies and coming out on top really makes you feel like a gladiator”.

Paleo Pines

Let’s go back to cozy games and talk about Paleo Pines, a relaxing farming sim and one of the most underrated games. The indie game was released in 2023 and starts similarly to other games of its genre: you move to a new place and own a run-down farm that you have to rebuild.

The reason our content creator Alexandra loves it so much is because of the dinosaurs. Right from the start you have your own dinosaur named Lucky, which you found when she was just an egg. Along with her, you’ll explore the island, which is teeming with all kinds of friendly dinosaurs that you can keep on your property and even help farm!

Scars Above

The last game on our list of underrated PC games is Scars Above, another one that comes recommended by JJ39. In this third-person sci-fi action-adventure shooter, you embark on a perilous journey as Dr. Kate Ward who is tasked with investigating an enigmatic alien structure.

Transported to an alien world, you must navigate hostile terrain and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Metahedron in order to survive. Combining challenging gameplay with a compelling story, Scars Above will have you facing new dangers with every discovery you make.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of games and maybe even found a new favorite! For more information on PLITCH, as well as these and other games, check out our blog and our YouTube channel.

Happy Gaming!