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9 Essential Against The Storm Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.02.2024

The city builder that plays like an Anno and looks like a Warcraft takes an interesting and novel approach with its three seasons. In our Against The Storm tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to build up your settlements and arm yourself against the storm and the adversities of the forest.

1) How to win against the storm

As a viceroy, your greatest enemy in the battle against the storm is your queen’s impatience. To keep her happy and to keep her in power, you must regularly present her with new advances. And not just in one settlement, but in many. Use the individual strengths of each race to satisfy the needs of all.

The goal is to build up a reputation of 10 in each town before your monarch’s impatience reaches that level. You can see the current status of both numbers on the red and blue bars at the bottom of the screen. With each new colony, you’ll be able to build up your reputation faster because you’ll have more production buildings and actions to increase.

Against the Storm is structured like a rogue-lite. If one of your expeditions fails and your settlement sinks, the game will continue and you’ll still be able to use your experience points and resources.

2) Some buildings can be moved

Not all buildings in Against The Storm have to be destroyed and rebuilt when they are moved. Some of them can be moved freely around the map. This is especially important when resources are running low or your lumberjacks or trappers are walking too far.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll be busy gathering resources. Place your buildings and warehouses as close to the source as possible and assign the necessary workers to them. The lumber mill, Stonecutter’s Warehouse, Harvester’s Warehouse, Gatherer’s Warehouse, Herbalists’ Warehouse, and Forager’s Warehouse can be moved for free.

Some structures will cost you some resources to move, and some structures can’t be moved. They must be completely destroyed and rebuilt elsewhere. This includes buildings that use recipes to produce goods. In the case of a shelter, it will cost you five pieces of wood to move it.

3) Against The Storm guide: Keep your people happy

Whether they are humans, harpies, beavers, foxes, or lizards, they should all be as happy as possible with you as their viceroy. If they become dissatisfied with you and the conditions in the rainy world, they will leave your settlement, and you’ll lose manpower.

On the left side of the screen in Against The Storm, you’ll see a short portrait of each race. The bar to the right of the portrait shows you how high your reputation or their satisfaction is. To increase your reputation, you must satisfy their needs. You can see these at the top, to the left of the season symbol for the current cycle. If there’s a green arrow pointing up, the need is met. A red arrow pointing down indicates a lack.

If you want to create more demand, you need to build simple houses for your people at first, and better ones later. You should also make a sacrifice every now and then in the form of wood for the old hearth. This is best done by a lizard. This will increase everyone’s determination by 1. Have your clothier make clothes and create unique food.

4) How to get food

Speaking of food, if you run out of food, your determination will drop and your settlement will collapse. So it’s important to have a steady supply of food, even in difficult situations. Farming is especially sustainable. As your fields are replenished, the source can’t dry up, and you’ll have continuous production. Where there is fertile soil, you should build farms and connect them with roads to the ancient hearth.

In addition to farming, trappers will need to hunt and gather plants. Set up their camps near the hotspots and keep an eye on their productivity. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to move their camps when they run out of food or the journeys get too long. Other ways to get food quickly are to make soup in your brewery or barter with the trader.

To produce better food, you’ll need more advanced industries as the game progresses. These include the Smokehouse, Ranch, Bakery, etc. If you lack the materials for certain foods, you’ll be able to change the recipes to suit the conditions in your biome.

5) Beware of dangerous glades

Of course, you’ll need to venture into new areas to gather resources and further your expansion. As part of our Against The Storm tips and tricks, we don’t want to discourage you from exploring the foggy areas – called glades in the game. But beware of the dangerous ones.

Against The Storm tips: Beware of dangerous glades

If the glades are marked with a skull, they contain at least one threat. If the skull is also surrounded by a red aura, it’s a danger that can destroy your settlement within minutes if you don’t have enough supplies or aren’t up to the task. However, you’ll get more of all resources in the dangerous and forbidden areas.

Before venturing into an area with a skull, you should have at least twelve basic tools or planks. Possible events include the Old Shrine (which kills five random townspeople every four minutes), the Blightrot Cyst (which causes nausea in humans), the Destroyed Caravan (which causes trembling hands, which can render production useless), and a few others.

6) Fulfilling orders

Your queen’s orders in Against The Storm will help you increase your reputation and decrease her impatience. You’ll receive exactly one reputation point per completed order. So complete as many as you can, preferably all ten per settlement. The order page will tell you when new orders will be unlocked, what conditions you must meet, and what you’ll receive as a reward.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t complete certain missions. Sometimes the rogue-lite mechanics of Against The Storm will throw a wrench in your plans and leave you without the necessary buildings to complete them, for example.

7) Against The Storm tips: Build a trading post

From the beginning of the game, you have the option to build a trading post. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible. From time to time, traders will come to your town and you can trade your goods for blueprints or other goods. This will allow you to unlock new buildings and overcome bottlenecks.

If there is no trader, the trading post will tell you when the next one will arrive. Sell cloth, planks, and bricks for benefits. Trade is central to every stage of the game and should not be ignored.

8) Decorations have a function

The building items you find in the decoration category have more than just a visual effect. To meet the requirements for upgrading your chimney, you need to have a certain number of them near it, in addition to the number of inhabitants. The elements are divided into Comfort (green), Aesthetics (blue), and Harmony (yellow). Each upgrade requires a different amount of each of the three sub-categories.

Most of the decoration blueprints in Against The Storm are unlocked through deeds. The larger ones count as multiple items. When you rebuild items from lighting events, they are added to the harmony decorations and can be moved freely, so you can place them near your fireplace.

9) Try to understand the secrets of the forest

There are positive and negative secrets of the forest in , which are randomly generated every time you start the game. Which ones are active depends on the season. When it is drizzling, the good ones apply, and during the storm, the bad ones. The effects can be applied to almost any aspect of the game.

The warm welcome doubles the reputation of determination, light wood increases the carrying capacity of your lumberjacks by ten, and the invigorating wind makes your villagers move 20% faster when they eat complex food.

On the negative side, for example, is the threat of darkness. It causes global resolve to drop in proportion to hostility. Fog makes homeless villagers 40% slower, and Low Flame reduces the duration of a sacrifice.

Read the secrets that apply to your game carefully and plan your strategy accordingly. For example, if you have no contact with your queen, her impatience can’t be compensated for by reputation. On the other hand, fermented rain allows you to make your rain-collecting buildings produce wine.

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Happy Gaming!