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Armored Core 6 Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 06.03.2024

After its predecessors were released exclusively on consoles, FromSoftware’s mech series has finally made it to the PC with Fires of Rubicon. In our Armored Core 6 tips and tricks, we show you how the combat system works and how to manage your mech.

1) Tips on jumps and boosts

The jumps and boosts show that this isn’t a Western MechWarrior game. Your Armored Core lives up to its designation as a mech. Your movements aren’t clumsy and slow, but fast and agile. Use dashes to dodge enemy projectiles and jump around to make it harder for them to lock on to you.

Jumping to the side just before a missile hits will cause it to miss you. Use this tactic to get close to your enemy in a boss fight without getting hit by their volleys. Then use your weapons at close range to deal a lot of damage as quickly as possible.

Spend a lot of time in the air and take advantage of your AC’s ability to jump left or right. After landing, use boosts to keep dodging until your energy recharges for the next big jump.

Depending on your play style, you can either install a generator in your mech, which will give you smaller jumps but more time in the air, or vice versa. In principle, neither is better or worse. It just depends on which approach feels better to you.

2) Attack!

If you hesitate, you lose. If you have an opportunity to land a few hits, take it. If you catch them off guard, you’ll do more damage than if they’ve already prepared for you. Sneak up on enemies and take them out before they notice you.

Don’t let long pauses in your battles, and quickly follow up each attack with another. Armored Core 6 is a game of brutal action. And that’s the way it should be played. If you take a passive approach and keep your distance, you give your enemies too many opportunities to destroy you. Keep moving, charge at your opponents, and don’t be afraid to use your ammo when the time is right.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should waste it. Try to engage other Mechs in hand-to-hand combat and save your ammo for new projectiles between stages. During combat, follow the instructions of your onboard computer and keep an eye on your cooldowns.

3) How does the impact bar work?

As in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware has incorporated a mechanic into the game that rewards quick succession of attacks. The impact bar is located above your opponent’s HP bar. It shows their overcharge. When it turns red, your opponent’s cover is broken and he begins to stagger.

You must take advantage of this moment and fire everything you have at them. As long as they’re overloaded, they cannot defend themselves and are particularly vulnerable.

4) Mounting Tips

You really can’t complain about the complexity of the assembly in Armored Core 6. There are an extremely large number of options available to you and, as in previous games, the properties of the components are explained to you with extensive numerical material. From the propulsion nozzles to the chassis to the weapons, there are many parts in a wide variety of designs.

We recommend that you always try new configurations. This is because when you sell old parts, you get back exactly what you spent on them. So you don’t lose money when you replace parts. In addition to the parts themselves, you can also customize the colors. This allows you to make your mech look the way you like it.

Be sure to save different combinations. Depending on the boss you face or the parameters of your mission, different builds can be useful. The mission design is also very varied and will require you to adjust your strategies regularly. Sometimes a sturdy, armored mech makes sense, and sometimes you need a two-legged sprinter.

5) Keep an eye on your energy

Your energy is basically the same as your stamina in Dark Souls and Elden Ring. When it drops to zero, your actions are severely limited and enemies can stagger you. Make sure it never runs out completely and avoid using your engines unnecessarily.

6) Conserve ammunition with melee weapons

As we said in point 2 of our Armored Core 6 tips and tricks, melee attacks are a great way to conserve ammunition. Smaller enemies in particular can be easily dispatched with your fists. Some boss enemies also require you to get close due to their attack patterns.

What’s more, your mech will automatically drop its weapons when it runs out of ammo. In this case, you have no choice but to let your steel fists do the talking.

7) What is the best mech setup?

No one setup in the game is perfect for every situation. Rather, you should tailor your equipment to the missions and your personal play style. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you play every training mission.

The tutorials, which will be unlocked as you progress, will not only familiarize you with the basics such as controls but will also give you useful tips on how to customize your mech. They also unlock new components that you can use in the Configurator.

For fast-paced gameplay that aims to overload your opponent early, we recommend placing a rapid-fire weapon in both your left and right hands. Use impulse pistols or Gatling guns. If you built your mech like a tank, with a large and strong chassis, then high-caliber weapons are interesting. The spider-like design reduces recoil. Use grenade launchers for example.

Depending on the type of construction and weapon you choose, different timing is required in combat. With short cooldowns and less powerful weapons, you can take a more impetuous approach and rely on long bursts of barrage fire. On the other hand, with a weapon setup like the grenade launcher, it’s best to get each shot right.

8) Armored Core 6 tips: Use the scanner

Your mech has a scanner that you should use in certain situations. You can use it to identify enemies behind corners and doors so that you don’t run into them unsuspectingly. After a scan, you’ll also be shown interesting locations, such as hidden crates of equipment.

Use your scanner to plan your route and see where your enemies are. The areas are very large. This makes it all the more important to keep an overview.

9) Watch bosses and learn their patterns

At first glance, the attacks of large enemies may seem random and arbitrary. But we assure you: they are not! There’s a system behind them that you must internalize, especially in the later stages, to be victorious. Watch the bosses closely and figure out what patterns they use.

armored core 6 tips: Watch bosses and learn their patterns

Similar to the Souls games, some enemies seem so overwhelming the first time you face them that you might think they are invincible. The trick is to anticipate and predict their movements. But once you learn their patterns, the battle is like a dance in which you take the lead. If you know the distance at which you’ll trigger your opponent’s attack, you can incorporate this into your boost pattern and plan your counter perfectly.

10) Arena battles and OST chips tips

Once you’ve unlocked the arena, you should complete the easy matches in the arena. This will earn you points that will improve your stats and give you a core upgrade. Even in New Game Plus, it makes sense to complete the Arena challenges. New opponents await you in the second and third rounds. Similar to Nier: Automata, you must play through the story three times to learn every detail of the world.

OST chips can only be obtained in the arena. You need them to unlock OS tuning options. These include improved firepower, a boost kick, better defense, and optimized repair kits. The most fun, however, are the core upgrades. These give your AC additional armor with special abilities. There are four in total: Assault, Protection, Pulse, and Terminal.

Customize your mech with PLITCH!

Fires of Rubicon is in no way inferior to its predecessors and is a good start to the series on the PC. With our Armored Core 6 tips and tricks, you should have no trouble mastering the combat system. However, as with all FromSoftware games, the difficulty level is extremely high. PLITCH’s Armored Core 6 cheats can help.

Reduce your cool-down times to get back into action faster, or switch to Godmode so your enemies can no longer harm you. To buy parts in the configurator without any problems, you can increase your money with the push of a button.

With the trainer, you can not only make the game easier but also more difficult. Since the developers forgot to include the Hardcore mode in New Game Plus, you can easily create it yourself using the codes.

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Happy Gaming!