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Top 9 Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 19.02.2024

Dontnod already won their spurs with Life is Strange. Their latest game, however, is best compared to 2018’s Vampyr. In our Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden tips and tricks, we’ll show you how the combat system and role-playing elements work, and how to get the most out of the complex story.

1) Collect everything you can

The game world of Banishers isn’t as open as Witcher 3 or Skyrim. Instead, different areas can be freely explored. On your roams through the various realms, you’ll encounter not only ghosts and NPCs, but also many chests, crates, and collectible resources.

We recommend that you put everything you find in your inventory. This will allow you to perform all of the story rituals at any time without pondering, and you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment regularly to become more powerful in battle. You can also sell unused items to generate income.

2) Understand the interplay between Red and Antea

In Banishers, after the tutorial, you not only get to play as the protagonist Red, but also as your late love Antea. This has a special effect on the gameplay during battles and adds an interesting dynamic to the game that requires strategic skill. By switching back and forth between the two, you have different abilities at your disposal to defeat your opponents.

If you’re having trouble with the mechanics and are struggling with certain enemies or boss fights, we recommend playing on the lowest difficulty setting. In the story mode, the battles become secondary and you can focus on the story. Unfortunately, exploring the vast caves then turns into pure hard work and becomes a bit boring.

It would be better to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the pair and use them correctly. Both Red and Antea have their own HP bars. If you fight as Antea, you’ll deal more damage, but you’ll also use up some of her power with each action. In the role of Red, you’re generally weaker, but you replenish your spiritual energy. Once this reaches a certain level, you can send the corpses to the afterlife with a finisher.

3) Use the right ritual for the situation

As a ghost hunter, you have to make some tough decisions. The world in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden isn’t painted in black and white, and rarely are settlers or ghosts inherently evil or radiantly good. It’s up to you to decide the fate of the characters. At the end of each haunting case, you have three options: Blame the people for being haunted, allow the ghost to rise, or banish it.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden tips: Use the right ritual

To make an informed decision that’s consistent with your conscience and moral standards, you must conduct a thorough investigation, including summoning and speaking with spirits. This requires rituals that consume resources. These can either trigger memories, reveal manifestations (i.e. spirits), or summon a scourge.

You should think carefully about which ritual you choose. All options are still open to you even after a failed ritual. The only downside is that you’ll have spent your resources in vain. That’s why it’s important not to leave anything lying around in the game world and to collect everything you find along the way.

4) Look out for glowing rings

Regardless of whether you decide to let Antea’s spirit go in peace or bring her back to the land of the living: You’ll need access to both Red and her for the 30-40 hours or so between the start of Banishers and the end credits. Depending on how you play, you may spend most of that time with Red. This isn’t a bad thing, but there is one small thing to keep in mind.

When you see glowing rings on your hand, this is a sign that something supernatural is going on. In such areas, switch to Antea and examine the spectral plane. This will give you additional clues about the story’s main and supporting characters that would otherwise remain hidden from you.

5) Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden tips: How to get XP

In terms of progression, Dontnod’s new game has a very linear structure. As you progress through the main story and complete the main quests, you’ll earn experience and skill points that you can use to improve your character and unlock new abilities. As part of our Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden tips and tricks, we want to give you a recommendation that will help you level up faster and have more fun in the game.

Don’t miss out on any of the side quests and get involved in every ghost story you can get your hands on. There are not only various achievements waiting for you but also additional XP and skill points. What’s more, each story is interesting and ends with a twist. Most of the NPCs and ghosts in New Eden are not always what they seem.

Is a character’s remorse real or just an act? Is a haunted person to blame for their problem, or does the paranormal apparition actually do some good in the end? Find out by playing each ghost story to the end.

6) Try different skills

The skill tree allows you to skill very different builds. To find out what playstyle suits you best and how you enjoy Banishers the most, you should try and experiment as much as possible. If you complete all the side quests as we recommend, you’ll have a steady supply of skill points to build your character.

Depending on the choices you make, there are also multiple endings and storylines to discover. It’s therefore worth playing through the game several times, not just once, and making different choices for each quest run. It’s best to combine different runs with different builds to get to know every facet of the game. If you choose the wrong skill, you can always get your points back.

Although the combat system is relatively simple, there is a lot to discover in the details. Some basic skills that you should always have are Tag Team, Heavy Artillery, Kiss of Death, and Dynamic Duo. You should also pay attention to “Perfect Switch” skills. With them, your attacks will do more damage if you switch between Red and Antea at the right moment. Combos like this make fights more varied and dynamic.

7) Don’t upgrade your equipment too early

There is a great temptation to upgrade your starting gear in Banishers to gain an advantage in ghost hunting. We strongly advise against this. As you progress through the game, you’ll find items that give both of your characters passive abilities. If these suit your play style, you should focus on improving them rather than wasting your resources on items you won’t use later.

If you want to upgrade low-level equipment to give you advantages throughout the game, you’ll need a lot more resources overall than if you upgrade higher-level equipment. Especially early in the game, you should think carefully about what you want to invest in and where you want to save your resources.

8) Fight with Antea first

There will be situations in battle where Red does no damage at all. For these enemies, you must always fight with Antea first. But even with enemies that Red can hurt from the start, we recommend that you use Antea first. Since she’s already dead, she can’t die. When her HP bar drops to zero in Banishers, you’ll automatically switch to Red.

Antea’s attacks also deal more damage, so you can use her to effectively weaken your enemies and thin out groups before finally finishing them off with Red. If Red’s attacks aren’t enough in the second phase of the battle, you can switch back to Antea during the battle. The reason for this is that every time you attack with Red, you replenish the energy of the deceased.

9) Focus on possessed enemies

If you notice that a ghost in Banishers is about to possess a corpse, you should shoot it with a rifle as soon as possible. But no matter how well you watch your surroundings, there will always be situations where you have to fight possessed enemies. Especially since some enemies spawn in their possessed form.

With possessed enemies, it’s a good idea to switch to Antea and use the increased damage to separate the spirit from the body. Then switch to Red and finish off the ghost. This way you avoid taking unnecessary damage and can quickly move on to the next enemy.

The icon above the possessed person’s head tells you which type of ghost possessed the body. This will help you decide whom to fight first.

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