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Bloons TD 6 Strategy and Tips for Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Cockiness is rarely a good approach: rushing headlong into a round of Bloons TD 6 can quickly end in defeat. Especially as a beginner, you should not only learn the gameplay basics but also adopt a battle-tested strategy.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Bloons TD 6 strategy and tips for beginners so that you succeed in all stages of the game.

1) Bloons TD 6 Strategy: The right one is crucial!

The next round already includes Lead Bloons, but you don’t have an effective weapon against this enemy type yet? Then you probably chose a wrong (or no) strategy. To survive after round 40 in Bloons TD 6, you need to have a plan. You need to think in the long term and always keep a clear goal and checkpoints in mind.

This is preceded by the basics: fundamental game mechanics such as experience, Monkey Money, and lives. Questions typical for beginners – how does leveling up work, how is damage calculated, etc. – are usually answered by themselves while playing the game.

Figuring out the right strategy to fit your playstyle, however, is more difficult. Which monkeys should you build, which combination, and which skills are useful in the different phases of the game?

2) Bloons TD 6 Tips for Beginners

You probably already have noticed that every round more and more Bloons try to break through your defenses. On top of that, at certain points even stronger foes appear, which have certain resistances. Camo Bloons, for example, are invisible, so many Monkey Towers can’t spot them and therefore can’t destroy them.

So that you won’t be caught off guard by new enemy types in Bloons TD 6, we’ll introduce you to all Bloons, tell you when they appear, and what dirty tricks they bring with them.

Camo Bloons

  • The Camo Bloons are the first special units to enter the strategy game. They are invisible and can only be hit by monkeys if they have the required invisibility detection.
  • From round 24
  • Recommendation: Ninja Monkey; Sauda; Monkey Village

Purple Bloons

  • One round later, another resistance type appears in the form of Purple Bloons. Energy damage (laser, magic, etc.), fire and flame, and plasma simply bounce off the skin of these Bloons.
  • From round 25
  • Recommendation: All monkeys that cause physical damage

Lead Bloons

– Now comes blow after blow: The Lead Bloons are immune to stab damage. This includes darts, arrows, nails, shuriken, bullets, etc. Tip: With a 2-x-x skill and the Acid skill, the Alchemist can buff other monkeys like the Ninja early in the game so its shuriken will burst Lead Bloons.
– From round 28
– Recommendation: Mind what skills you are using; Alchemist

Ceramic Bloons

  • Ceramic Bloons rarely pose a problem. No glue sticks to them, so slow effects won’t work on them. Therefore, you should not focus your strategy purely on status change, but also focus on damage per second (DPS).
  • From round 38
  • Recommendation: Monkey Ace; Ice Monkey

Massive Ornery Air Blimps (MOABs)

  • Crunchpoint round 40 – the MOABs have ended several games early. They have a lot of health and when they burst, it’s not over yet. That’s because they carry other Bloons of varying classes inside them. Some heroes and towers are effective against MOABs.
  • From round 40
  • Recommendation: Bomb Shooters (x-3-x); Tip: Set the targeting priority of Bomb Shooters to “Strong” so that they attack MOABs first.

Brutal Floating Behemoths (BFBs)

  • From now on, it only gets worse. The BFBs function like MOABs. They have more HP and reveal four MOABs when they burst.
  • From round 60
  • Recommendation: Bomb Shooters again; from here on, you’ll need a good combination of damage, support, and status change to fit the bill.

Zeppelins of Mighty Gargantuaness (ZOMGs)

  • Same deal as before: lots of health, four BFBs inside.
  • From round 80
  • Late game heroes

Dark Dirigible Titans (DDTs)

  • Combines the characteristics of Pink and Black Bloons, as well as Lead and Camouflage Bloons. DDTs are therefore invisible, fast, and immune to stab and explosion damage. Four Ceramic Bloons spawn when they burst.
  • From round 90
  • Level 5 Towers

Big Airships of Doom (BAD)

  • The final hurdle – with an incredible amount of HP and immunity to slow, stun, and knockback, a BAD makes your pulse skyrocket. And when it bursts, the two ZOMGs and three DDTs continue to be a threat.
  • From round 100
  • A perfect strategy

3) Bloons TD Strategy: Which ones are there?

As you can see, your monkey team needs a little bit of everything. A good Bloons TD 6 strategy is a long-term plan. In the first rounds, the focus should be on uncovering Camo Bloons. After that, you should deal with Lead Bloons, and so on. Spontaneous reactions to new types of Bloons usually fail.

Dominate the early-game with Ninja and Alchemist

This Bloons TD 6 strategy is guaranteed success. The Ninja Monkey and Alchemist are enough to easily get to round 40. Camo Bloons can already be spotted by the Ninja Monkey at level 1. And the Alchemist grants the ability to destroy Lead Bloons with an acid buff. The recommended skill for the brewmaster is 4-0-2. 4-2-0 and 4-0-2 are promising for ninjas.

Depending on the map, place about two to three ninjas in a tight spot. Place an alchemist in their close proximity and the party can start. As a hero, Sauda is a good choice as she can detect invisible units. Bomb Shooters should be added to hold your own against the MOABs in the mid and late-game.

Six Druids will do the trick

Druids are actually not good towers per se. The trick with them is their quantity. With six of them, the nature-loving monkeys shine in the mid- and end-game. The ability to destroy Lead Bloons is quickly attainable in the upper path. The Camo Bloons alone pose a problem. Therefore, a Monkey Village (x-2-x) should be placed in between to reveal invisible units.

For the druids to benefit from each other, the lower path must be skilled up. For a better early-game, 2-0-4 is fine as a secondary path, for a stronger mid-game, 0-2-4 proves to be a MOAB killer. Additional towers can be chosen at will, but preferably DPS monkeys.

Boost Magic

This strategy revolves around the hero Obyn. Not only does he deal solid damage and increases money gain, but he also boosts nearby mages. Among others, ninjas also benefit from Obyn’s presence, perfectly compensating for the hero’s weaknesses. Together with wizards and Super Monkeys, they form a strong task force.

While the ninjas and wizards are best focused on the upper path in this combination, Super Monkeys are best suited on the lower path.

4) What are the challenges?

Many players fail when new Bloons types flood the map. MOABs and TTDs, in particular, can quickly get overwhelming. But eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and reach round 100. But that’s not the end of the game. Different difficulty levels including the C.H.I.M.P.S mode and weekly changing Odysseys await you.

In Bloons TD 6 there are three different difficulties to start with: Easy, Medium, and Hard. On the easiest settings, you enter the game with 200 lives. Towers and their upgrades are 15% cheaper. Also, Bloons move slower. The other two difficulties differ in that fewer lives are available, towers are more expensive, and Bloons move faster.

On the Hard difficulty, you get access to three more modes.

Alternate Bloons Rounds

In this mode, Bloon types appear at different times and in greater numbers. Enemies can generally withstand more damage.

Impoppable mode

Here you have only one life and have to survive until round 100. Towers and skills cost 20% more.

C.H.I.M.P.S mode

no continues, only one life (extra lives cannot be generated), only destroyed Bloons give money (Banana Farm, for example, is deactivated), no Monkey Knowledge, no Monkey Powers, and no selling of towers – that’s what awaits you in the hardest mode, C.H.I.M.P.S.

On top of that, there are Odysseys. Every week, the developers put together a selection of maps that are available in Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels. The harder the Odyssey, the bigger the reward. To get the prize, however, you’ll first have to master all the challenges. You only have a few lives for all the islands and you can’t generate new ones.

Also, before each Odyssey, you have to choose who will join you on the journey. Your ship only has limited seats, which are filled by towers. And there is only one free seat for heroes.

5) The Monkeys in Bloons TD 6

There are 22 Monkeys in Bloons TD 6. They are divided into Primary, Military, Wizard and Support categories.

The primary category includes Dart Monkeys, Boomerang Monkeys, Bomb Shooters, Tack Shooters, Ice Monkeys, and Glue Gunners. They all feature all-rounder abilities and are usually rather cheap. The Bomb Shooter and Glue Gunner are the strongest units that can be used in almost any strategy.

In the military field, high damage values are most called for. Sniper Monkeys, Mortar Monkeys, and Dartling Gunners have a lot of DPS and benefit from their range. Monkey subs and Monkey Buccaneers provide heavy fire from water. The Monkey Ace and Heli Pilot make it rain bombs on your enemies. The latter are quite expensive but effective.

The wizard class includes Wizard Monkeys, Super Monkeys, Ninja Monkeys, Alchemists, and Druids. Their strength lies in their wide range of abilities. They deal good damage and annoy enemy units with strong status changes such as slowdowns. While the Ninja Monkey is quite cheap, the Super Monkey claims the spot as the most expensive unit.

The support units are self-explanatory. Banana Farms, Spike Factories, Monkey Villages, and Engineer Monkeys belong to this category. They mainly give passive effects like life or money generation, invisibility detection, or damage boost.

6) Heroes

As of now, there are 13 heroes that – unlike normal towers – level up automatically, unlocking powerful abilities. Generally, each hero has one trait that makes him special.

Sauda and Benjamin, for example, are well-suited for beginners. While the quick swordswoman eliminates Camo Bloons on her own, Benjamin generates money and health points. If things go downhill, both are ideal for getting back on your feet.

Heroes like Adora, Obyn, and Ezili harmonize with certain Monkey Towers and only shine in a strong combination. Strategies range from simple (Obyn and six druids) to complex (Ezili meta). The more diverse a hero is, the more strategies are possible.

All-rounders like Quincy and Gwendolin can do everything but are often just better towers. The same goes for the DPS monsters Captain Churchill and Admiral Brickell. On the other hand, Pat Fusty is always a solid pick with his stuns and knockbacks.

For pros who don’t have problems with the first rounds, Striker Jones, Etienne and Psi also work as strong heroes in the end-game. However, since they disappoint quite a bit before that, a sophisticated Bloons TD 6 strategy is necessary to get to the end-game, to begin with.

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