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7 Important Crusader Kings III Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Crusader Kings 3 is an extremely complex strategy game equipped with deep game mechanics During your reign you intrigue, build your dynasty, and subjugate others to your power.

Learn how to survive intrigues, earn gold quickly, generate prestige reliably and prepare your inheritance for your demise in our Crusader Kings III tips and tricks.

1) How do you start your own religion?

Religion has a great influence on life which is also the case in Crusader Kings III. However, it is possible to establish your own religion. To do this, you simply have to open the religion menu and click on the button with the cross. You can find it in the lower left corner of the menu. By using the option “Create new religion” you can then assign a name and select a suitable symbol.

It’s important that you think about the chosen principles and doctrines. If you define them in the context of creating a religion, you as the king or queen must also adhere to them. If you don’t, your character will become a criminal. This hurts your power and your followers. Consequently, you must make a choice that’s consistent with your own motivations.

2) How to increase Piety in Crusader Kings III

Whether you start your own religion or follow an existing one, following the doctrines and principles of that faith will make you more pious. The more piety you accumulate, the more opportunities you’ll have within your faith. For example, you can create your own warrior order.

To receive various new actions, certain devotion levels must be reached:

  • Dutiful
  • Faithful
  • Devoted Servant
  • Paragon of Virtue
  • Religious Icon

You increase piety through buildings, innovations, or relationships. For example, the temple property gives you access to the monastery. Some cultures offer the “Reconquista” as an innovation. Furthermore, piety can be increased with religious relations, religious wars as well as the “learning” lifestyle and the theologian tree.

3) Crusader Kings III tips on succession

A key element of your power in Crusader Kings 3 is succession. It determines who will take over the scepter and thus your legacy after your current ruler passes away.

You can make settings about the right of succession in the realm menu (crown icon) via the “Successor” tab. There you’ll find various legal forms concerning your inheritance. There are a total of 11 different options, all of which are different. An exclusively female succession can also be selected.

To be able to provide an heir or heiress at all, you need a suitable spouse. First and foremost, you should make sure that the spouse’s characteristics are as useful as possible for your kingdom or your plans. Consequently, the following characteristics are suitable:

  • Fertility
  • Possesses hereditary qualities
  • Is particularly intelligent
  • Owns land
  • Offers alliances


High character values of the partner are positive for the own character as well as for the controlled realm.

No less interesting apart from the choice of the spouse is that of the council. Only the most capable subjects or even family members should serve there.

4) How do you earn gold quickly?

Gold is not the only resource in Crusader Kings III; however, it allows you to develop many different things. It’s the basis for expanding your empire, but also the basis of your wars and hush money to keep secrets. In short: you can’t do without gold.

To get gold regularly in Crusader Kings 3, you need income through taxes. These come from the people in your realm who live in cities. If you build cities, you’ll also increase your tax revenue. They are collected by the council administrator, who is part of your council and should therefore have the right qualities.

Of course, you can also raid surrounding countries to get gold. A more moderate means, on the other hand, is the possibility of blackmailing other nobles or even rulers. For this purpose, it’s necessary to have an appropriate means of pressure. For this, you can use the espionage function to find a “secret.”

By the way, if you don’t necessarily want to choose the lifestyle focus “wealth,” it’s possible to “earn” gold with weddings. Because every marriage brings you gold or prestige. In this respect, you “only” have to marry and divorce steadily. You lose piety by getting divorced, but if you get along with the head of your religion, it’s no problem.

5) How to declare war in Crusader Kings III

In general, you can’t just declare war in Crusader Kings 3. You need a reason to be able to attack another ruler. If you want to declare war on someone, click on the emblem of the enemy. Click on “Diplomacy” to get to the option “Declare war.” Your possible reason for war will be displayed here for you to choose from. If you don’t have a reason for war, the selection is gray.

The easiest way to get a reason for war is to fake a claim to a territory. You simply instruct the council preacher in the council menu to execute the fabricated claim. He then begins to follow your wishes and provides a claim to rule. However, this can sometimes take a long time.

If your council member succeeds in faking the claim, you can subsequently select it as a reason for war in the menu mentioned. However, this will cost you prestige. In this respect, you should make sure to collect prestige while your council member is carrying out your orders. But that’s not all.

Crusader Kings III has deep game mechanics, as mentioned in the introduction. Thus, when choosing your enemies, you should pay attention to their diplomatic relations. An opponent with strong alliances will be difficult to defeat. At the same time, your army must be strong, as well as your allies. So, make sure that your men are strong and led by capable leaders.

6) Tips on Crusader Kings III prestige

The “resource” prestige serves you as a ruler to increase your social status as well as your fame. So, the more prestige you collect, the more levels of fame you can unlock. However, as shown in the section above, you also need prestige to declare war.

Prestige is displayed at the top of the screen, just like the other things. You receive prestige either as a single value, which is credited to you once or as a monthly increase. For example, if you build special buildings like orchards, you’ll receive a monthly bonus on the prestige increase.

Another option for you to get prestige is to perform council tasks. Likewise, a successful war and plundering will bring you more prestige. Ultimately, the way you get more of the resource depends on how you rule – tactical decisions play a role, as well as your lifestyle.

Other ways to get prestige

  • Hunts and festivals

If you regularly participate in hunts and hold festivals, you can earn good prestige from the events. However, you’ll need to save some gold to use this option.

  • Create titles

Titles can be created depending on the position your character holds in the game. When a title is added, your prestige will also increase. You’ll need some gold for this as well. In addition, although it’s tempting to hold a lot of titles, some should be given to vassals to avoid displeasure.

  • Marry advantageously

In addition to giving you an heir or heiress and possessing “good” characteristics, your spouse also contributes to your own prestige. Because the “higher” you marry, the greater the gain in prestige can be. So, for an earl or duke, marrying someone close to the royal or imperial house would be very rewarding.

7) How can you change your culture?

The prevailing culture in your realm has a great influence on what happens in your lands because unrest can quickly spread among the population. To get an overview of the currently dominant cultures, click on the book icon. In the window that pops up, the influence of the different cultures is displayed on the map.

You can change the culture via the council window. To promote a certain culture, you have to give the order to your council member. Then you have to select the desired county. The council member will then start promoting the culture of the ruler in the region until it’s adjusted.

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