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Master the Battlefield: The Best Strategy Games

  • from PLITCH
  • 12.04.2024

Dive into our curated list of the best strategy games, where every decision shapes your destiny. From commanding armies in historical conflicts to forging interstellar empires, embark on epic journeys that defy time and space!


Age of Empires 2

When it comes to the best real-time strategy games, one of our favorite series is Age of Empires. And while we have enjoyed the more recent installments, Age of Empires II, released in 1999 and set in the Middle Ages, holds a special place in our hearts. In 2019, the developers released the Definitive Edition to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary, bringing us updated graphics and other quality-of-life features.

The Definitive Edition seamlessly bridges the gap between nostalgia and modern gaming, with impeccable attention to detail that makes everything feel alive and vibrant. But what truly sets this edition apart is its commitment to preserving the essence of the original game while introducing meaningful enhancements. Building feels satisfying, and the updated AI provides a challenging and engaging gameplay experience. With the addition of three new campaigns and four civilizations, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained, even if you’ve played it before!

Command & Conquer

Okay, okay, we’re technically cheating a little bit with this one, but we couldn’t decide which Command & Conquer title was our favorite, so we’re just going to recommend The Ultimate Collection, which includes ten games and seven expansion packs, so you’re sure to find something you like!

Lead armies, build empires, and rewrite history in this epic real-time strategy saga. Whether you’re rallying under the banner of the Global Defense Initiative or plotting world domination with the Brotherhood of Nod, the battlefield awaits! Dive into alternate timelines or fast-forward to the near future, it’s up to you.

STAR WARS Empire at War

An RTS game set in the Star Wars universe? Sign us up! Released in 2006, STAR WARS Empire at War is a must-play for fans of the franchise and the RTS genre.

In a galaxy far, far away, a commander’s fate hangs in the balance as the clash between good and evil rages on. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of a galactic civil war, you hold the fate of entire civilizations in your hands.

Will you lead the noble rebellion or embrace the power of the dark side? From the desolate sands of Tatooine to the lush forests of Kashyyyk, over 80 iconic locations await you. Both sides are incredibly fun to play and add to the replay value of the game. So grab your lightsaber and may the Force be with you, Commander!


Sid Meier’s Civilization

If you’re a fan of 4X strategy games, the Civilization series will be no stranger to you. In this iconic series, you shape the destiny of civilizations from their humble beginnings. Command your units across vast maps, build thriving cities, and delve into the depths of diplomacy. With each iteration, the series evolves, introducing new gameplay elements that keep the experience fresh and compelling.

We especially recommend the fifth and sixth installments. We know many fans are divided on which is better, so you’ll have to see for yourself. Both of them deserve their place on our list of the best strategy games. Civ V offers a great entry point for newcomers, while also providing depth for veterans of the genre/series. Both titles have stunning, ultra-realistic graphics that bring the world to life.

The Gathering Storm DLC for Civ VI introduced several new features that will keep us coming back for more. The technology system has been overhauled and an energy system has been added to make some buildings more effective. Plus, a variety of natural wonders have been added to make the game even more realistic and immersive.


Published in 2024, Millennia takes a similar approach to the genre as the Civilization series. You create your own nation from scratch and watch it evolve over 10,000 years and beyond. Every decision you make shapes the course of events, making each playthrough unique and keeping us coming back for more.

Millennia offers plenty of customization options, allowing you to tailor your nation to your play style. One of its outstanding features is the intuitive interface, which makes the complexities of empire management a breeze. Wage campaigns of conquest, defend your borders, learn more about trade and industry, and delve into the mysteries of religion and art in this ultimate 4X experience!

Age of Wonders 4

The fourth installment in the Age of Wonders series is one of the best strategy games we have ever played and made our list of the best games of 2023. Create and shape your own fantasy realm in this blend of empire building and turn-based combat. When the mighty Wizard Kings return to reclaim their dominion, you must harness the power of ancient tomes and lead your faction to glory!

Age of Wonders 4 is all about creating a unique civilization, and the races offer endless customization options, whether you want your followers to be cat people or cannibalistic halflings. Recent updates, including the Primal culture and the Wolf patch, have breathed new life into the game, transforming it from a promising title into a true gem of the genre.

Grand Strategy

Total War

Let’s start our section on the best grand strategy games with the popular Total War series. Whether you want to command legions in the heart of Rome, lead samurai warriors in feudal Japan, or experience the French Revolution, Total War has you covered. We would like to recommend our personal favorites, the three Warhammer installments, ROME II, and THREE KINGDOMS.

Total War: Warhammer I-III, unlike the other games in the franchise, don’t take place in real historical settings, but let you control factions from Games Workshop’s Warhammer series. You control a fantasy faction and try to bring peace to the Old World. There’s tons of content and thousands of ways to play these games without ever getting bored!

ROME II plunges you into the world of ancient Rome, where you must forge alliances, navigate politics and diplomacy, and make decisions that will change the course of history. The graphics and animations are stunning and highly detailed, bringing the epic battles to life.

If you’d rather explore the sprawling landscapes of ancient China, Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is for you. Set in the tumultuous year of 190 AD, you’ll find yourself in a fractured country. Will you unite China through diplomacy and alliances or conquest? From the intricate unit and building trees to the dynamic relationships between characters, THREE KINGDOMS showcases the amazing evolution of the series over the years.

Hearts of Iron IV

Paradox’s 2016 release Hearts of Iron IV definitely deserves a place on our list of the best strategy games. Centered around World War II, the game lets you rewrite history with every strategic decision you make. Sure, you can stick to the historical path if you want, but where’s the fun in that?

Once you dive into the complexities of production management, political maneuvering, and military strategy, you’ll find yourself lost in the world of the game. It’s evolved a lot since its release but one thing remains constant – its ability to captivate us for hours on end.

Crusader Kings III

the best strategy games: crusader kings 3

Aside from Age of Empires II, Crusader Kings III is another of the best strategy games set in the turbulent Middle Ages. Choose a noble house, forge your destiny, and be the leader of your dynasty through the ages. The game is not only about diplomacy and battles but also a stage for many personal dramas. Romance, alliances, betrayal – the choice is yours!

However, Crusader Kings III is not without its challenges, and one small misstep can undo centuries of careful planning, so be aware of the consequences of your choices. Think of your legacy and the generations that will come after you. Will you be able to meet these challenges?

Europa Universalis IV

Paradox can do no wrong with its strategy games and has created another masterpiece with Europa Universalis IV. Embark on a journey through four tumultuous centuries, beginning on the brink of the Renaissance. Choose from a myriad of nations and chart your course through the Age of Revolutions. Or, if you dare, change the course of history by starting at any point within this epic span.

Dynamic historical events await you, from the rumblings of civil unrest to game-changing moments like the Protestant Reformation. Command your nation from 1444 to 1821 as you navigate the intricacies of diplomacy, warfare, and trade. Every decision you make shapes the destiny of your empire as you vie for dominance in a world teeming with rival powers. With each expansion and update, Europa Universalis IV continues to evolve, offering new challenges and opportunities that make it a game to play again and again.


The last game on our list of the best strategy games is, of course, another Paradox title. This time, however, our journey doesn’t take us through history, but into the cosmos! Weave your epic saga in Stellaris as you interact with various alien races, uncover puzzling anomalies, and stake your claim on uncharted worlds.

But beware, the galaxy is dangerous and unpredictable. Alliances will be forged and broken, and wars will rage between competing empires. Will you seek peaceful coexistence or ruthless conquest? The choice is yours. As with all Paradox games, Stellaris will evolve over time with free updates to ensure your galactic adventure never gets stale. From exhilarating space battles to engaging AI interactions, Stellaris is a testament to the limitless possibilities of grand strategy gaming.

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