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Cult of the Lamb Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The game Cult of the Lamb lets you play as a lamb that builds a cult to honor the one who saved it from doom and repay the debt. The game was released in August 2022 and was developed by Massive Monster. In this article, you’ll find various Cult of the Lamb tips and tricks that will help you get a good start in the game.

1) Tips on crusades and dungeons

In the game Cult of the Lamb, you’ll find two different game mechanics. One is the battles you fight in the dungeons during the crusades and the other is the establishment of your cult. If you decide to go on a crusade in the dungeons, you’ll get two randomly selected weapons at the beginning of the mission.

These are a melee weapon and a curse. You should note that the curse consumes energy. At junctions, you should pay special attention to the ceiling, as there could be weapons there. If that’s the case, this branch is the way to the weapon dealer.

If you see golden stars and moons on the ceiling, this is the way to the tarot card reader. Tarot cards are various bonuses that you can get during your crusades. They are hidden in chests or can be found at the tarot card reader.

If you end up in a melee fight in the dungeon, it’s advisable to change your fighting style or adapt it to the new situation. With melee weapons, you can generally strike rather slowly, while swords, as well as daggers, can be used very quickly with various skillful combinations. This allows for greater flexibility in defense or even attack.

When using an axe, it is necessary to anticipate the opponent’s attacks and movements in order not to get hit yourself during your attack and to hit the opponent optimally. By the way, before an opponent strikes, he flashes briefly. This is a good way to deduce a possible attack.

2) Where do you find wood and stones?

At the beginning of the game, there are still enough trees and stones in your camp. These “grow” wildly there, but only very slowly. In addition, they do not last forever, which is why they do not increase with time. Therefore, you should unlock the lumberyard at the shrine and the stone mine as early as possible, where you can send one worker each to farm for you.

These will earn you wood and stone, respectively, by producing the resources. By building the propaganda speakers, you will get the resources you need even faster, as all your cultists in the area will work 20% faster.

3) Cult of the Lamb tips for building your base

First of all, the appearance of your village should not play a big role. Rather, you should pay attention to the functions of your facilities and especially the effectiveness. In the beginning, you can do without decorative items. The acquisition of these items only costs an unnecessary number of resources.

Buildings that have already been constructed can be moved at any time. This is very useful if you accidentally place a building in the wrong place. To do this, you must first open the building menu and then click on the lower button to edit the building. Now you can move it and place it in the new position with the confirm button.

If a follower of your cult suddenly goes rogue – this often happens unexpectedly – it is especially advantageous to have already built a prison. Then, such persons can be locked up there and also be re-educated after a certain time.

4) Tips on tarot cards

When you are at the tarot card reader in Cult of the Lamb and you have decided to buy new tarot cards, you’ll always be given the choice between two different cards. When choosing between them, only the usefulness of the individual card for you personally should be in the foreground. Useless cards should not be purchased.

On the left of the merchant, after your purchase, you’ll find another station. There you can buy another additional card or make another draw. You should take this card in any case, unless you don’t have enough gold left.

The buffs from the tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb are sometimes very powerful, so they should always be purchased when you have the opportunity. Over time, the tarot cards become more and more expensive until they reach their maximum price of 45 gold. After each purchase, the station has a cooldown.

5) Cult of the Lamb tips on weapons

Now to the question of which weapons are the best choices in Cult of the Lamb. To filter out the best weapons and then recommend them to every player is of course not possible. It always depends on individual preferences as well as play style. Nevertheless, the weapons and especially the weapon types and also the individual classes and their general strength can be briefly assessed.

Daggers are by far the worst choice. This is mainly due to the very low range of the weapon as well as the low damage it does. This makes fighting very ineffective and fights drag on for a long time.

In the later game, from the third and fourth dungeons onwards, this is a particularly big problem. Not to mention boss fights. If the dagger is poisoned or equipped with a critical attack, it is improved a bit, but not outstanding either.

Swords represent the second worst choice in Cult of the Lamb, which makes them a little better than daggers. However, the only difference between a dagger and a sword is that the sword has a slightly longer range and faster attacks are possible with the weapon.

With every third attack of your attack chain, you do enormous damage. For this move, the gauntlets are especially suitable, which have an extraordinary range and are very fast. However, using them requires a short training period, as the controls can take a bit of getting used to.

Axes do very high damage but are rather slow to wield. Nevertheless, the axe is considered a weapon that can be used in different situations and is therefore flexible. Hence, successful combat is also possible with this weapon.

The hammer does an extremely high amount of damage in combination with the golden fleece. Some opponents are immediately dead after a hit with the hammer. Especially in boss fights, this weapon is particularly effective and definitely worth using. With the right tarot card, you can also increase your attack speed.

6) Cult of the Lamb tips on curses

Many curses are worth using in Cult of the Lamb. One of them is the Touch of the Revenant. This opens the ground and then some ghosts arise, which attack enemies in your immediate vicinity. However, you can’t control these ghosts yourself, because they look for their target.

Death’s Squall is a melee attack that freezes your opponents. Thus, your opponent is slowed down and you can buy yourself time this way.

Cleansing Fire is a curse that creates three flame projectiles that do a lot of damage. Divine Blight can poison your enemies as well as make you invulnerable for a short period. It also repels the enemies.

Through tarot cards, the curse Hounds of Fate can be used. This one shoots some projectiles towards your enemy, making it optimal to use from a distance.

7) Tips for the best fleece

You can buy a new robe in Cult of the Lamb, which is a fleece, with a completed holy talisman in the temple. However, one particular robe, the golden fleece, is the most worthwhile. With it, you gain another 0.1 points on weapon damage for each defeated enemy without taking any damage of your own.

However, instead of losing half a heart, you now also lose a full one when you lose. In addition, you get ten times the base damage, not counting the tarot card bonuses.

By using the golden fleece in Cult of the Lamb, you can shorten fights enormously because you have to hit your opponent less often. Only taking damage should be avoided as much as possible, as already mentioned. It should also be mentioned that the boss statues at the beginning of the dungeons are counted as defeated enemies. Therefore, you should always destroy them.

The holy talisman, which you need to buy a new fleece, can be unlocked by combining the four parts. You can get these parts from the fisherman NPC for each kind of fish. Plimbo the Smuggler also gives you one piece for each Eye of the Witness you bring him. You will receive one such eye in each of the four dungeon levels.

8) Note the change of day and night

The time of day plays a significant role in Cult of the Lamb. For example, you should always start your crusades in the morning, because you can preach once every day. Immediately after the sermon, you can start your crusade. If you are fast enough and come back by the next day, you can preach again the next morning.

Furthermore, sermons should be held only during the day, otherwise, you will wake up your followers and receive a malus in return. To be extra discreet, you should use the night to kill your renegade followers. This way, your other cult members won’t find out about your deeds.

Another activity that can be done at night is fishing at Pilgrim’s Passage. To make the time pass faster, you can meditate.

9) How do you get gold in Cult of the Lamb?

You need gold mainly to acquire more tarot cards. To get gold, you can use four different methods. If you combine them, the yield will be maximum.

First of all, you can get gold in every room of the dungeons in Cult of the Lamb. It’s also hidden in treasure chests, and after successfully defeating a boss, it will be raining gold. With the tarot card Rabbit’s Foot, you can more often find large chests with more gold. Besides gold, you can also find gold nuggets and then process them into gold coins in a corresponding station.

You can also get the useful item by selling fish. However, you can get the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty only if you choose the doctrine at level three in the Food category. With more rare fish spawning afterward, you can get more gold from selling them. You can sell your fish at the sales chest in the settlement. It is not necessary for eating.

You can also sell other unnecessary items and food this way. Gold can also be easily farmed by buying fish from the fisherman and selling it in the village. Before that, however, you must first bring all the rare fish to the angler NPC.

You can also get gold from the followers of the cult by, for example, enacting the Ritual of Enrichment as a doctrine or using brainwashing first.

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