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Cult of the Lamb Tips on Followers

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

With the rogue-lite game Cult of the Lamb, developer Massive Monster and publisher Devolver Digital brought us a real treat. The cute action-adventure game lets you build and manage your own cult. In addition to your crusades, the main focus is on your followers, with whose help you can develop your abilities as well as your camp.

In our PLITCH Cult of the Lamb tips on followers, you’ll find everything there is to know about the cute animal creatures – from worshiping to killing them and cleaning up their excrement.

1) What do you need followers for?

In Cult of the Lamb, followers are essential for your progress. They pray at the shrine and provide you with Divine Inspiration. These daily prayers lay the foundation for new abilities and much more. Because you need the firm faith of your followers to unlock improvements for your camp as well as for your temple.

Thus, the more followers you have and the more of them pray for your cult every day, the faster and more effectively you’ll expand your cult. Furthermore, you can hold sermons in the temple every day. With these, you increase the devotion of your followers. This devotion is used to unlock and improve your skills. The latter, in turn, is the basis for doing well on crusades.

However, followers are also important apart from the daily prayers as well as the rituals in the temple. They provide the cult with food and collect wood to make new buildings possible. Cult management thus serves as the basis of the game. The better your cult is built and the more effectively your followers carry out their activities, the better the upcoming crusade will go. In addition, with more and more followers, you unlock new areas.

2) How do you find followers?

You’ll gain the first follower of your cult directly after your death and the associated escape. After that, you’ll face mini-bosses in all four areas. If you defeat them, they turn back into cute animal shapes, which can then be recruited for your cult.

In addition, you’ll always encounter offerings on your travels. If you interrupt them, the victim will also gratefully join your cult. The offerings in the areas are indicated with a symbol. This symbol bears the image of a praying follower. If you find this on the map, you should adjust your route accordingly.

Apart from the two options mentioned, two more exist. For one, you can commission cult members to find new followers in the world. Via missions, your current followers will also bring new potential members they have found now and then. However, it is necessary to convert them first.

The last option to get new cultists is Kankro. You can buy one from him from time to time for a little gold. If Kankro is available with such an option, you’ll find an icon with a house on it on your area selection. On it, there is a small head.

Note: If you open Silk Cradle, you’ll meet Kankro at the entrance to the area.

3) Take care of your Cult of the Lamb followers

Your followers in Cult of the Lamb are not just cheap accessories to provide devotion and divine inspiration. They need to be taken care of. Accordingly, you’ll have to provide enough food or make sure that your cultists don’t get sick.

Food for your cultists can be obtained during the crusades in the areas if you choose appropriate paths. However, it makes more sense to choose wood. Therefore, the first thing you should do is buy the farm upgrade with divine inspiration. With it, you can immediately start storing food. Thus, as the number of your followers increases, you’ll make sure that you won’t suffer from a lack of food.

Good to know: you can plant the seeds that you collect on the crusades or the berries that grow in your camp on the fields.

It’s also important to make sure that the excrements of the members are constantly removed. If this doesn’t happen, the probability of diseases among your cultists increases. They should also not be with others for too long, otherwise, the disease can spread quickly. If you find a sick person, you must immediately put them on bed rest. After a few days, they will be healthy again and ready for action.

4) Provide food for your cult

As mentioned before, you should quickly provide food for your cult in Cult of the Lamb. To begin with, gather berries. At the specially built cooking place, you can prepare meals, more precisely berry meals. Your cult followers will get them when they need them. The better they have eaten, the less susceptible they are to diseases.

Starting with the farm, you begin your food cultivation. You expand it with the fertilizer silo to make the yield more effective. Make sure that the fertilizer is replenished regularly.

To keep food production effective, you should appoint followers to work on the farms early on. While you’ll need to plant, water, and harvest yourself, especially in the beginning, the more cultists you gather around you, the less work it will be for you.

Caution: If your members do not eat enough, they will react irritably. They can also fall ill and die.

5) Keep your cult clean

To keep diseases and infections of your followers as low as possible, it’s important to always have enough food available. Also, the already mentioned excrements have to be removed regularly as well as the vomit. This has to be done by yourself in the beginning, the cleaner will take over this work later on. In addition, setting up toilets is recommended.

6) Cult of the Lamb tips on followers: sick cultists

If your Cult of the Lamb followers or infected ones fall ill, they need bed rest, as already mentioned. In the beginning, there is no other option but to let them rest. So, if you find one of your pets with a germ symbol over its head, it is a matter of sending it to bed.

A faster way is to build a healing bay. To do this, however, you must first have your temples on level two. Sick members can then be sent there. The healing process is faster in these.

7) Sacrifice followers

Unlike you, your followers in Cult of the Lamb are not blessed with eternal life. They can fall ill and die or pass away due to their age. When your cultists reach old age, they will still need food, but they won’t work anymore. You can easily recognize them by their white robes.

You can do various things with the “veterans.” You can simply let them live until they die on their own. Afterward, they can be buried in the corpse pit or processed into a meal, as in Dungeon Keeper.

Alternatively, they also serve you as “interesting” offerings. Because you can execute them for a good cause with the “Sacrifice of the Flesh” ritual to upgrade your abilities faster. On the other hand, if you want to improve the loyalty among your followers, the sacrifice will serve you as part of the “Ascend Follower” ritual. It is also possible to revive a beloved cultist. The “Ritual of Resurrection” is used for this purpose.

8) Build a prison for renegades

Of course, in your camp, there are not only irrevocable and obedient followers. Some members may become doubters. As a result, they influence the other cultists, and the faith in your cult decreases. One way to deal with them would be to sacrifice them.

However, to have your followers at your disposal in the most efficient way, it is easier to build a prison. In it, you can brainwash them into becoming good members of your community again. Isolated from everyone else, they will be led back to the right path.

9) How do you get devotion?

You get devotion from your Cult of the Lamb followers when they pray daily. They do this by kneeling around the shrine in the center of the village and honoring the cult. It is important to make sure that they have the “Believer” trait. With this, they generate devotion 15 % faster.

Since the shrine fills up quickly with devotion, especially at the beginning, you should empty it after each crusade and the dungeons. Because with 50 devotion, it’s not that big at the beginning. You need a lot of devotion anyway to unlock the various buildings.

Apart from the prayers at the shrine, the resource devotion is also available on the world map. It can be found at the Pilgrim’s Passage in the Lighthouse as well as in the Lonely Shack. In both places, you can collect 15 devotion.

How can PLITCH help you with your followers?

Cult of the Lamb is a challenging game that combines action-packed combat with an interesting management system. It offers various game mechanics that make it always challenging. Besides, it’s fun to explore the game world, and thanks to our Cult of the Lamb tips on followers, you’ll know enough about followers, their life cycles, including death, as well as the expansion of the cult.

However, if your progress is too slow, you lack loyalty, or the dungeons and bosses get to you, you can use our PLITCH Cult of the Lamb cheats. With them, you can always adjust your game experience to your preferences.

Simply activate them and you’ll always have full hearts, more devotion, increased luck, or no more problems with hungry followers. In other words, PLITCH provides extensive gaming fun with the best cheats!

Happy Gaming!