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6 Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 20.02.2024

After its predecessor was a co-op first-person shooter, Funday Games is now taking you on a top-down single-player adventure. In our Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor tips and tricks, we explain how the battles and mining work and how you can level up quickly.

1) Level up your weapon to level 12

The higher the level of your weapon, the faster it will reload and the more damage it will do. We recommend that you get a newly unlocked weapon to level 12 as quickly as possible before your run ends. This will give you access to special overclocks. These are extremely useful and increase the effectiveness and functionality of your equipment.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor tips: Level up your weapon to level 12

Level increases are achieved through upgrades. Normally, you get one additional level per upgrade. However, there are also rare forms that allow you to level up faster. Once your character reaches level 5, you’ll be able to carry a second weapon. If you have more than three weapons to choose from, you can roll again each time you level up.

2) Leveling tips

Speaking of leveling up. Each time you level up in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, you have one of three upgrades at your disposal. You can either increase the stats of your dwarf or the stats of a specific weapon. The third option is to upgrade an entire weapon type or damage type. If an upgrade affects multiple weapons, the game will indicate this by displaying two upward-pointing arrows in your weapon bar.

The upgrade options at each level are random and not predetermined. If you’re unsatisfied with your choice, you can invest some of your gold to get three more suggested upgrades. Your current level and the number of experience points you need to reach the next level are displayed in blue at the bottom left of the screen.

You earn experience points by killing bugs or mining resources with your pickaxe. The XP is displayed in the form of small cubes.

3) Make your way through the rocks

Let’s move on to one of the most important Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor tips and tricks. Resist the urge to mine entire rock formations cleanly. It may look nice and be satisfying to play, but it has a downside: the bugs have a clear path to you and can attack you in a group.

If you want to get to the other side of a group of rocks, it’s best to hack a narrow path. The AI is programmed so that enemies will always take the quickest route to you. If you have dug a tunnel, they will use it to get to you. This ensures that larger groups of enemies will be slowed down and only reach you sporadically.

Take advantage of these situations by shooting into the tunnel and decimating the bugs one by one. Keep in mind, however, that some of the larger creatures will also be mining and will be able to approach you from the side. Always keep an eye on your surroundings.

4) Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor tips: Gather resources

The gameplay of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is divided into two parts. You’ll both fight and collect resources with the pickaxe. On each map, you’ll find gold, nitra, and red sugar. There are also two random resources that you can use to buy upgrades after your dive.

You’ll need gold to either reroll an upgrade selection or buy upgrades. Red sugar can be used to heal your dwarves and the red nitra can be used to purchase upgrades between levels.

After each dive, you’ll receive a few credits that you can spend on upgrades. However, you shouldn’t neglect mining. Over time, you’ll get a feel for when to switch between combat and mining.

5) Fight the bugs

Keep an eye on the milestone progress bar. About a third of the way through, you’ll receive supplies and a swarm will appear in the middle. It won’t disappear by itself. You’ll either have to avoid the large number of bugs or blow them away with all the ammunition you can muster.

Beware of the large orange bugs. These have the unpleasant ability to explode if you get too close, causing you a lot of damage. However, since the explosions cause friendly fire, you can also use this mechanic to your advantage. Intentionally get close to one of these bugs and quickly run away when it lights up. When it explodes, it will take any enemies standing around with it to their deaths.

6) Boss fight tips

Once the milestone bar in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is full, the boss will appear. If you manage to survive the bug called Elite, your dive is successful. To kill him as quickly and efficiently as possible, we’ll tell you a simple trick.

Save your supply capsule until the boss battle begins. Then go to the signal and clear all the rocks in the area. Make sure the elite are at the signal location and then summon the capsule. In the best-case scenario, it will hit your boss directly in the head, causing an insta-kill.

Don’t forget to collect the artifact right after. Then make your way to the drop pod within the 30-second time limit and finish the run. Of course, you can also use the capsule earlier to drop on enemies. However, it’s most effective to use it on the boss.

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With our Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor tips and tricks, you’ll be well prepared for your first dive. However, if the difficulty level is too high for you, the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor cheats by PLITCH will help you. Set your dwarf to Godmode to mine without damage, or disable reloading to shoot your way through a swarm without pausing.

PLITCH’s Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor cheats

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Happy Gaming!