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8 Deep Rock Galactic Tips & Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The sci-fi FPS from developer Ghost Ship Games is a challenging combination of procedurally generated dungeon crawler and tactical horde shooter. In our Deep Rock Galactic tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to quickly level up and complete difficult missions without any problems.

1) The different classes

In Deep Rock Galactic, you can choose from four different classes, or dwarves, that differ in their weapons and tools.

deep rock galactic tips
  • The Driller is equipped with a CRSPR flamethrower, as well as a cryo cannon and a corrosive mud pump. This character can create stairs, paths, and overcome obstacles.
  • The Engineer has a platform gun and sentry turrets. He doesn’t have much HP, but he can use a shotgun and a grenade launcher in battle, which lets you choose from three different types of grenades. In a way, he is the technician of the dwarves.
  • The Gunner is the class you start with in the tutorial. They have a powerful minigun and a rocket launcher, so they can do a lot of damage. Thanks to his Zipline Launcher, you’ll be able to overcome almost any obstacle or pit.
  • Last but not least is the Scout. They’re equipped with an assault rifle and a plasma carbine, as well as a flare gun. They’re best suited for exploration.

2) Deep Rock Galactic tips on biomes

There are eight different biomes in Deep Rock Galactic.

The Crystalline Caverns are rich in Jadiz, but offer little Bismor. In these caves, you must be careful of the electrical discharges from the crystals. They’re not only hostile to your enemies, but also to your own units.

In the Glacial Strata biome, you’ll often come across the resource magnite. However, there is almost no Umanite. Beware of falling icicles, blizzards, and other cold weather hazards. As the name implies, the area is icy.

Magma Core is a different story. Fiery lava lurks there. As in the Ice Biome, you’ll find plenty of Magnite, but not much Croppa. Watch out for exploding plants and maggots, and be prepared for the occasional earthquake.

In the Fungus Bogs, you can find a lot of Croppa, but almost no Jadiz. As the name suggests, you’re dealing with mushrooms. The poisonous clouds of spores will damage your health, and columns of steam can accidentally send you up.

A common resource in the Dense Biozone in Deep Rock Galactic is Bismor. Umanite is rare. The spikes and explosions of the aggressive flora can be dangerous.

The Salt Pits offer large amounts of Enor Pearl, but little Bismor. You can get hit by falling rocks. There are also dangerous monsters and aliens.

You can also find large amounts of Enor Pearl in the Sandblasted Corridors in Deep Rock Galactic. However, magnite is the rarest resource there. Like the Salt Pits, the Corridors are also home to monsters. Also, sandstorms can kill you.

The eighth biome is the Radioactive Exclusion Zone. It’s characterized by large amounts of Umanite and a small deposit of Enor Pearls. Nearly everything in the zone is dangerously radioactive.

3) How to level up in Deep Rock Galactic

You level up your dwarf by earning experience points. You earn them by completing missions. Each mission has a main goal and a secondary goal. If you complete both, you’ll receive a substantial bonus.

It’s best to complete the secondary objective first. It’s relatively easy to complete, as long as you’re not running out of resources or facing a swarm of enemies.

The rewards for missions in Deep Rock Galactic depend on their difficulty and the size of the procedurally generated caves. The complexity of the dungeon also affects your XP. You start almost every mission from the central mission terminal. The exceptions are the deep dives.

4) Watch out for dirt spots

To get into other cave systems, you’ll have to make your way through dirt patches. So, when you arrive at your destination in the Drop Pod, you should take a close look at your surroundings and memorize the locations of the Dirt Spots.

The Driller class is obviously best suited for drilling through dirt. However, all other dwarves can use their pickaxes to dig their way through the earth.

Once a region’s resources are exhausted or you’ve found all the collectibles, you’ll move on to the next mineral-rich level via a dirt patch.

5) Get as much gold as you can

Digging for gold is neither a main nor a secondary task in Deep Rock Galactic, but it’s still worth it. The shiny metal is a good way to farm credits and XP for you and your team.

Gold can be found in ore deposits. Since the environments in Deep Rock Galactic are destructible, you can mine your way to rich veins. You then mine the gold yourself with your pickaxe. Once you’ve found a good deposit, it’s best to grab all of it and not stop until the last nugget is in your inventory.

6) Watch out for the fall damage

The next point of our Deep Rock Galactic tips and tricks concerns damage that doesn’t come from combat. The caves in the game are designed to be very vertical. This can make falling damage a real problem. This is especially dangerous for scouts. If you fall from a particularly high position, it can not only deplete your shield, but also reduce your health to zero.

However, there are a few ways to avoid falling damage. For example, you can land on an enemy or another dwarf, or you can stay on the ground as a scout before entering new territory. By the way, in the Glacial Strata biome, deep snow will break your fall, so there is no fall damage. The same goes for sticky goo in the Fungus Bogs. Other ways to get over heights include the Gunner’s Zipline or the Refinery Pipeline.

7) Upgrade your equipment

Each class unlocks four additional weapons. In addition, all weapons can be upgraded with various perks. In each weapon’s menu, you’ll find modification options such as an increased rate of fire, a larger magazine, reduced cooldowns, or visual adjustments.

To get new weapons and upgrades as quickly as possible, you should participate in weekly missions and high-level missions. You’ll receive a license for a new weapon on your home base dashboard. If your class level is at its maximum, you can request a promotion and play with another dwarf during the promotion mission to unlock their weapons.

8) Create Waypoints

Waypoints are a good way to mark mineral deposits that you can’t reach right now. The same goes for items that are too far away or in rough terrain. Just mark them with your laser pointer and deal with them later or use another class to get them.

Marking red sugar crystals is also worthwhile. When your health is low, they provide a quick way to replenish your HP. Supply pods, potential exits, tunnels, and enemy monsters or other hazards can also be marked to give you a good overview of the map for the rest of the mission.

Finally, the game world is randomly generated and will be different every time you play. So it’s not only important to know where you are, but also where you’ve been. By the way, you can activate the laser pointer with CTRL and set the marker with the E key.

Level up your Deep Rock Galactic gameplay with PLITCH!

With our Deep Rock Galactic Tips and Tricks, leveling should be easy for you and you now have a good overview of all classes and biomes. Unfortunately, the game is still very grind-heavy, and especially if you’re looking for promotions, it can take a while to farm enough XP.

Our Deep Rock Galactic cheats will speed up the process and get you to the endgame faster. For example, you can increase the reward for each completed mission or add credits. Battles can also be made easier with Godmode, infinite ammo, or turning off weapon overheating.

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Happy Gaming!