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Dying Light 2 tips and tricks to stay alive

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The zombies are loose in Villedor and it’s up to you to stay human and survive in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. In our Dying Light 2 tips and tricks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to survive against the Infected. Because even though Aiden Caldwell is a badass athlete, there are things you need to keep in mind.

1) Follow the quests at the beginning and complete them immediately

In Dying Light 2, you’ll be thrown into a large game world that offers you a variety of options right from the start. However, in our PLITCH Dying Light 2 tips and tricks, we recommend that you don’t just run off to explore the environment. Rather, take the time to follow the main quest and complete the first side quests. This way you’ll get skill points and inhibitors.

Going into the city on your own, however, it’s not very helpful. For one thing, you’ll find few resources during the day, and at night many of the enemies are simply too strong or you’ll be limited by the time limit on your immunity. In addition, you’ll likely visit places several times in the course of the story.

The latter is not really a problem in general. However, Dying Light 2 already has many points where it’s quite repetitive. In addition, there are already locations in the regular course of the story that look identical. This saves you from having to “experience” them yet another time. Especially since it’s a pity if you loot a place only to have to visit it again in the course of a quest.

Tip: If you’ve found an interesting quest, it usually makes sense to pursue it right away. Because there are quests that have a timer, but it’s not displayed. If you’re supposed to save someone and don’t, the person will eventually die and the quest will have failed.

2) Dying Light 2 tips and tricks: Go outside at night

If you’ve played Far Cry 3, the windmills in Dying Light 2 won’t be unfamiliar to you, at least in terms of their basic function. Because when you find one, you can climb it and unlock additional UV lamps. Windmills are present in every area. Consequently, if you’re around anyway, it makes sense to unlock them. Since you should be out mainly at night, this will help you loot.

The latter, as said before, is easiest at night. This is because the virus-ridden undead are then more likely to roam the streets and less likely to be found in buildings. Especially the subway stations as well as the GRE facilities are almost impossible to enter during the day. Not only are there countless hordes of classic Dying Light zombies here, but Shadowhunters as well.

Another reason for your nocturnal activity is also the XP you collect. Bonuses on parkour actions as well as fights are calculated at sunrise and thus guarantee you a boost on your stats. Of course, this won’t happen if you get killed during your trip.

3) Search for resources on rooftops

Higher places in Dying Light 2 are generally an advantage for you when messing with Infected or bypassing them. At the same time, on rooftops, you’ll find not only perfect spots for adrenaline-filled courses but resources as well. Loot stashes of other survivors, plants, and honey as well as materials, weapons, and some money can be found here.

Since you’d better travel high up anyway to avoid the Infected on the road, it only makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities available in Villedor. After all, the military convoys are still far too hard to crack as is digging out the Dark Zones. For what you collect there, you get good money. You can exchange this for other resources at the merchants in the bazaar.

4) Use your binoculars to discover new places.

Once you’ve completed the first quest with Aiden, you’ll have access to the binoculars. With them, you can explore the city much easier. To do this, ideally, find an elevated point for yourself and scan the horizon. Once you’ve spotted something of interest, you can immediately mark it on the world map.

You should be careful when your binocular sight begins to contract. This is Dying Light 2‘s way of telling you that you’re near a special location. Again, it’s best to use the option to mark it on the world map.

5) Stamina is more important than life energy

A central part of Dying Light 2, besides your abilities, is the stamina system. If you get involved in fights with the Infected, their numbers will increase quickly. However, hitting and dodging them will cost you a lot of stamina. If you run out, you’ll hardly be able to defend yourself against attacks.

In the beginning, it makes sense to focus on improving your stamina. Stronger bosses, where you can use more health, come later in the game anyway. Although it’s important to increase both of them almost equally, your stamina should always be slightly higher than your HP. Because with too little stamina you simply won’t reach some areas in the game.

6) Increase your health, stamina, and immunity

To increase the physical attributes, you need inhibitors. With these, it’s possible to improve Aiden’s resistance, i.e., health, stamina, and immunity.

  • Health: You start with 100 points. If you fall from a great height, get injured by infected people, or are exposed to fire and electricity, you can quickly be knocked out.
  • Stamina: Parkour maneuvers, hitting and dodging in fights, but also flying via paraglider cost you stamina. For example, you need 500 stamina to climb the last windmill.

Note: Health and stamina can be increased for a short time with stimulants, which are available from the merchant.

  • Immunity: This attribute represents Aiden’s ability to survive at night, between 7:30 pm and 8 am. When you’re out in the dark, you’ll see a timer at the top of the screen. When this reaches zero, your health begins to decline and Aiden dies.

Tip: UV Shrooms are a short-term help. If you find a UV lamp, you can briefly stand in the purple light to reset the timer.

To improve these stats, you need inhibitors. Three of them cumulatively give you one point on stamina or health. You cannot increase immunity this way. It increases automatically with each level increase, just like the timer.

The inhibitors can be found only in certain places and in those that are stored in the activities in a diary. For example, they can always be found in power plants when following the handover to one of the parties in the conflict.

There are also 26 GRE boxes dropped by the military over the city. These don’t always contain the coveted resource, but you have a good chance of finding some in them. However, some of the crates can be found on top of tall buildings and are difficult to reach.

In addition, there’s a container with an inhibitor at the GRE anomalies following the defeat of the revenant, as well as in subway stations. In the latter, however, it takes luck to find an inhibitor box. There are four each at GRE and THV facilities.

7) Don’t hesitate to spend money

One thing you can count on in Villedor is the supply of money. You’ll have almost no money problems in Dying Light 2 since you’ll find valuables everywhere, which you can sell well. Accordingly, you don’t have to save money at the merchant but can cheerfully buy all the materials or new weapons and equipment after leveling up.

8) Avoid noise

During missions or side quests, it’s generally important to be attentive and always keep an eye on your surroundings. This also includes avoiding excessive noise. This quickly attracts large hordes of infected people. Especially Molotov cocktails should be used with caution. Likewise, detonations of gas containers can attract dangers that are greater than the current ones. Such means should therefore only be used in exceptional situations.

9) Tips on fighting

Vary attacks against human opponents

Humans are the cleverer opponents in Dying Light 2. Accordingly, you’ll have to adjust your combat tactics a bit. Because unlike the Infected, it doesn’t help to stubbornly punch your opponent. You’ll have to vary a bit and quickly switch between blocks and attacks. It also helps to dodge to the side or to surprise your opponent from behind. Parrying, like a strong kick, is a good way to get out of sticky situations.

Fighting isn’t always the best solution

Infected don’t act quite as versatile as their human counterparts. However, the bosses in particular are quite challenging. In any case, you should use your stamina despite the heated melee fights. Because in the fight against a mob you’re quickly outnumbered. Accordingly, you have to dodge and strike quickly. With enough stamina, however, you’ll be able to hold your own against an increasing number of opponents.

Stay human in Dying Light 2 with PLITCH!

Developer Techland delivers the long-awaited sequel to the internationally acclaimed first part with Dying Light 2. Even though not everything that was announced is part of the gaming experience, the game offers you a great experience – not least because of the way the story is told. However, the first hours in Villedor in particular are very grind-heavy and daunting due to your lack of stamina.

If you find it difficult to get started or you simply don’t have the time or desire for the first challenges, then we’ll not only provide you with our Dying Light 2 tips and tricks but also with suitable Dying Light 2 cheats.

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