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The Ultimate Dying Light 2 Weapons Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is the second installment of the popular action-packed zombie game. You’ll have to prove yourself against the zombies and other countless challenges. Our Dying Light 2 weapons guide will show you how to fight for survival and stay human after the zombie apocalypse.

1) Opportunity weapons

Opportunity weapons in Dying Light 2 include throwing spears, bricks, bottles, and propane tanks. Thus, the casual weapons are usually throwing projectiles, all of which can’t be placed in your inventory. You can only hold them in your hands until you drop them or trade them in for another weapon.

Also note that throwing spears can be deadly with a single hit to the head, and bricks can stagger your opponents. Broken bottles can be used as a distraction and propane tanks can be detonated by twisting them open and throwing them.

2) Ranged weapons in Dying Light 2

Which ones are there?

The first thing to mention is that you won’t find any conventional guns or ranged weapons in Dying Light 2. However, this only means that weapons such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. aren’t available, but instead some unusual variants such as the Boomstick or the Left Finger of gloVa.

The Boomstick is a self-made weapon, but it doesn’t have a very long life or durability and becomes useless after a few shots, but it still does a lot of damage. You should save this weapon for special situations, rather than just using it in a battle.

The Left Finger of gloVa is an Easter Egg that lets you use your left index finger as a long-range weapon. First of all, however, you’ll have to find the blueprint for the Finger Gun in the Garrison district after completing the “Broadcast” mission, and in general, the production of the special weapon is not cheap. However, in return, you’ll have more ammunition and shots than if you resort to the Boomstickick.

The bow is another effective method of ranged combat.

Which one is the best?

Probably the most powerful weapon in the game is the Peacekeeper Crossbow (PK Crossbow). You get it by conquering the lands of the Peacekeeper faction, and it subsequently improves with each of your level-ups. In addition, the fourth reward level earns you the “Crossbow Pack,” which includes a semi-automatic crossbow that can fire exceptionally fast.

3) How do you get a bow?

The bows and the matching arrows as ammunition are available at selected merchants from level three. You can often acquire them from merchants in the Bazaar, Fish Eye, or Floating Fortress. Unfortunately, you can’t pick up dropped bows from your opponents, as they disappear shortly after.

If you’ve successfully completed the story quest “Let’s Waltz!”, you can build your first bow yourself. In the shoe mission, you have the chance to get hold of an incredibly strong bow. You can find it in Lawan’s apartment.

4) What melee weapons are there and where can you find them?

Compared to the small number of ranged weapons, there are a lot more melee weapons available in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. They are divided into axes, hammers, maces, machetes, swords, and sticks.

Melee weapons are very easy to find and you should have a lot of them in stock at all times. You can often find these weapons in your immediate surroundings or in places you visit through quests.

Furthermore, you can get them from bandits that you often meet on the street. Note, however, that the weapons appear randomly in different places, so there are no safe locations that you can always target.

Since the weapons also level up in crates, they constantly improve with your game progress. Therefore, it’s not necessary to use a certain weapon for too long, because you’ll regularly find stronger weapons.

5) What does the color-coding mean?

The rarity as well as the quality of a weapon is represented by a color scale. Rarer weapons have additional effects and more mod slots, which allow for upgrades. Common weapons are displayed in white, uncommon ones in green, rare ones in blue, unique ones in purple, and artifacts in gold.

As the rarity level increases, so does the durability of the weapon. For example, an ordinary weapon has a durability of 40, while a unique one already has a durability of 174.

6) How can you improve weapons?

In Dying Light 2, all weapons except those with the rarity levels “Common” and “Uncommon” can be improved. These don’t have mod slots, which precludes upgrading them. In the inventory, you can see how many mod slots each weapon has by looking at the small circles to the right of it.

As mentioned above, the number of mod slots increases with the rarity level of a weapon. You upgrade a weapon by selecting it with the cursor and then clicking on the slot from the mod menu.

If your desired item is a melee weapon, these slots are the tip, shaft, grip as well as charm. Each socket requires special mods and these are not applicable to other sockets and are not interchangeable.

In order to install the mods, you’ll again need crafting parts, such as resin, wires, or electrical parts. These are displayed next to the mod field. New weapon mods are available from the crafting masters.

7) Dying Light 2 weapons guide: Element upgrades

The upgrades related to the element of fire will help you to burn your opponents in order to inflict as much damage as possible. If you fight against larger groups of enemies, the fire can also spread and set many of your opponents on fire. This approach is especially effective with zombies since they also get paralyzed when they burn.

  • Through shocks, you’ll be able to do great damage to individually selected single targets. Spreading the effect is also possible, but electric shocks are still rather less effective than fire.
  • The Toxic upgrade only does minor damage but also staggers your human enemies.
  • The Freeze element only immobilizes single enemies, which is thus very useless in fights against groups of enemies.
  • The Blast upgrade knocks your opponents back, buying you time in combat against large units, and bleeding does minor damage to enemies over time.

8) Dying Light 2 weapon repair

There is no explicit repair function in Dying Light 2, but your weapons regenerate through improvements. For each mod inserted, durability is increased by 50 points.

So, before you perform an improvement, wait until the corresponding weapon is already significantly damaged and then apply a mod. Legendary weapons can get up to 150 extra durability points this way. In addition, a grip mod is available that reduces durability and wear even further with each use.

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With the tips you received on the weapons in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you should now be able to find your way around the game. Besides, exploring it on your own will be a lot of fun. However, you simply don’t have enough time to play, are too impatient, or want to customize the game to spice it up a bit? Then use our Dying Light 2 cheats!

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If you need more help to be off to a good start, check out our Dying Light 2 tips and tricks.

Happy Gaming!