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How to Earn Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

From farmer to millionaire: Even in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need money in many places, including making progress and completing certain quests. We’ll tell you how to become Scrooge McDuck’s fiercest competitor and earn money in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

1) How can you earn money in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

A central feature of Disney Dreamlight Valley is growing various fruits and vegetables. As in similar titles such as Animal Crossing and Cozy Grove, you’ll get money by selling your crops. Therefore, it’s advisable to harvest as much as you can.

To save time and increase your earnings, this should be done as effectively as possible. Therefore, always take the right companion with you when you plant, tend or harvest fruits and vegetables. The right companion is the character for whom you selected the gardening bonus when you first leveled up.

It’s also important to choose the perfect soil for the different fruits and vegetables. This is located in their respective home biomes, where you also get the corresponding seeds.

How much profit you make always depends on the fruits and vegetables you sell. So, choose the most lucrative crops. In the first biome, these are carrots, in the further course of the game you have access to tomatoes and colza, which earn you significantly more money. However, pumpkins count as the most lucrative vegetable.

Greetings from Jack O’Lantern: Specialize in pumpkin farming

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, pumpkins aren’t only popular on Halloween but are a beloved evergreen. Pumpkins yield by far the most profit of all fruits and vegetables. This is 389 coins per pumpkin when you factor in the cost of the seed.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you don’t get this promising seed right away. First, you need to overcome some obstacles. At first, you must unlock the Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands. This will cost you a total of 22,000 Dreamlight. You can get the seeds in the Forgotten Lands at Goofy’s booth. You get permanent access to this for an additional 5000 Dreamlight.

The key to a million-dollar empire in Disney Dreamlight Valley is reinvestment – just as in the real economy. Buy new pumpkin seeds from the profits of your first pumpkin harvest and continue doing so.

Ideally, you should plant 99 fields at a time. This is equal to the amount you can buy from Goofy in one go. Your pumpkin empire will gradually expand; therefore, a good overview is enormously important for the success of your farming.

As mentioned before, you should always make sure to have the right soil for your seeds. Since the Forgotten Lands are the home of the pumpkins in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they thrive especially well in its soil. About four hours after planting, your pumpkin will be ready for harvest. Adequate watering is important for this. You should therefore water your pumpkins once or twice per harvest.

To make your harvest as productive as possible, you should take the right companion with you. Because for this you get a corresponding bonus – additional pumpkins. The right companion is the one you have equipped with a bonus for “gardening.”

The higher your friendship level with your Disney sidekick, the better the bonus will be. There are several villagers that you’ve equipped with the bonus and whose friendship level you’ve raised? All the better, because this will earn you even more pumpkins!

Nice extra income: catching and selling fish

If you fancy a bit of variety when it comes to earning money, you can try your hand at fishing and selling fish. The enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is equipped with plenty of ponds and even seashores in some places.

You’ll have especially high chances of catching fish at fish holes marked by water bubbles. White bubbles indicate common catches, and blue and orange bubbles indicate rare catches. More fish are available if you take your fishing companion along on your trip.

In search of rarities: Sell gems

You have to unearth gems by mining. To do this in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you won’t have to go into deep rock caves. Along the edges of the area, you’ll find dark rocks that you can mine with a pickaxe. If you’re lucky, you’ll get gems from them, which you can sell at Goofy’s stall. Take your companion with a mining bonus with you to maximize your yield.

2) How to enlarge your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the beginning, you’ll start with a more than manageable house, which you can gradually enlarge. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can only do this with the help of Scrooge McDuck. As the game progresses, he’ll give you the option of enlarging your house in exchange for coins. To do this, you’ll first have to unlock the mission “Dreamlight Valley Economy 101.”

You can do this by completing a series of missions for Scrooge McDuck until you reach the mission. As a reward for completing the quests, you’ll get an elevator in the house that will let you customize your main room.

To add more rooms to your house, you need to upgrade your house. Upgrades are made by clicking on the orange Scrooge sign by the house entrance. Scrooge McDuck, the cunning business guru of Duckburg, is not known to be a benefactor guided by the noblest motives. The shrewd enteric with a top hat and walking stick primarily speaks the language of money.

So, for the Disney Dreamlight Valley house upgrades, you’ll have to be ready to dig deeper and deeper into your pocket. The first upgrade comes quite cheaply at 2000 coins. The second upgrade costs 20,000 coins, and the third upgrade will cost you 75,000 coins. Each additional floor will cost you 3000 coins.

Through the upgrades, you can add more rooms to your house, refurbish your house, and expand your storage space. At max level, you’ll get 48 storage spaces. You can name the different rooms to your liking.

How can you earn money even faster with PLITCH?

The magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley invites you to explore it for hours. It’s fun to fathom the wondrous story behind which lies the secret of the enchanting little village. This gradually comes together like a puzzle from the memories of the different characters from the colorful Disney world. The game is perfect for all those who long for a piece of childhood and want to wallow in nostalgia.

With our tips, your path to becoming a Dreamlight Valley millionaire should be paved, and enlarging your house should be a piece of cake. However, the game takes a lot of time and patience until you reach several milestones.

You don’t have the time to farm or you are just too impatient and want to reap the fruits of your labor right away? Then try out the PLITCH Disney Dreamlight Valley cheats! With them, you can boost your money earnings many times over.

Simply multiply your money: five or ten thousand times – it’s up to you! With the cheats, you can also multiply your Dreamlight up to a thousand times. Let others do the hard work and become a Dreamlight Valley mogul now!

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Happy Gaming!