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Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In the life sim adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll explore a world full of magic. Discover captivating stories and build your optimal neighborhood of Disney as well as Pixar heroes and villains.

The following article provides you with various important Disney Dreamlight Valley tips and tricks to help you get started with the game.

1) Make friends with the villagers

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you should always maintain friendships with the villagers. Each character in the game has a friendship level, which is represented on a scale from one to ten.

If you increase the friendship level with a character, you’ll receive different items as rewards. In addition, some story missions are only unlocked when you reach a certain friendship level.

Cosmic items and furniture are among the most lucrative rewards from friendship level increases. You can use them to remodel your house. The friendship level is increased by talking and generally interacting with the corresponding villager every day.

Thus, the friendship level will automatically increase when you’ve played for a while, as long as you play actively and interact diligently. When you talk to a character, you’ll see what items they wish for.

Every day, each villager wishes for a total of three items, which you can get for them. These gifts will earn you the most points on the friendship level scale. However, you should keep in mind that these wishes change every day.

They often vary between ingredients, resources, or even complete dishes. In addition to the previous methods of making friends with the residents, there is also the possibility of hanging out with the characters in the village.

In this case, the resident follows you throughout the day in the various activities that you perform. Thus, this function also increases the friendship level.

When you reach level two with a friend, you can assign them a role. This is an improvement of a specific activity. There are the following roles: gardening, fishing, mining, foraging, and digging.

With gardening your harvest will increase, fishing will help you catch more fish and with the mining role, you’ll mine a larger number of raw materials. Foraging leads to finding more items and digging allows you to get more items while digging. However, the improvement of the roles is only activated when you hang out with the corresponding character.

2) Where do you find clay?

You can find clay in three places in the game. You need clay for some of the quests in the game and to craft or build. There is no merchant for clay, instead, you have to search for the raw material.

The three places where you can find it are the Glade of Trust, the Sunlit Plateau, and the Forgotten Lands. The Glade of Trust is the cheapest to unlock, requiring only 5000 Dreamlight.

In the individual areas, there are no special places where you can always find clay. So you have to look for the resource again and again. To do this, use the shovel and dig in the ground for the item. You should also keep in mind that clay is not indicated by conspicuous clues such as sparkles.

Also, dug-up soil needs a rest. The most realistic place to find it is near the river in the Glade of Trust. To farm clay, apply the wishing well trick. The mushrooms in the Glade of Trust massively limit the area where you can find clay.

If you can’t remove the mushrooms yet, simply unlock the wishing well for 5000 star coins, place it on the other side of the river, and you can place or teleport your character across the map to the other side of the well. This way you don’t have to remove the mushrooms and you can collect more clay.

3) How can you remove mushrooms?

Generally, you remove mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley with your watering can. Especially new sections are often blocked by many mushrooms. You can upgrade the watering can over time to be able to remove medium and large mushrooms. With the first upgrade, you can remove small and medium-sized mushrooms, with the second upgrade large mushrooms.

To do this, the first upgrade requires completing the Merlin quest titled “A Dark Experiment.” For the second upgrade, you need to complete the quest “The Final Trial.” To perform the first upgrade, you need to reach friendship level eight with Merlin. To increase the level, bring the character flowers, his desired items as well as cooked items, and assign him a role.

Once level eight is reached, you can start the previously mentioned quest. To complete it, you’ll need to gather a total of 20 mushrooms, five emeralds, and three Purified Night Shards. Note that the mushrooms can be found in the Glade of Trust.

Emeralds are collectible in the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust. To obtain emeralds, you mine the ore. You can find emeralds more easily through a friend with mining skills.

You can make a Purified Night Shard at a workbench with a total of five Night Shards and one Dream Shard. So, to get three of them, you need to find 15 Night Shards and three Dream Shards. Once you have all the items you need, simply take them to the wizard Merlin and he’ll upgrade your watering can.

For the second upgrade to level three, you first must reach friendship level ten with Merlin. As mentioned before, you then start the quest “The Final Trial.” To complete it, talk to Wall-E, who will make the required Night Shard Powder from the previously collected five Purified Night Shards, 25 Night Shards, and five Dream Shards.

This powder must be brought to Merlin, who will then publish a book. After that, you collect another 25 mushrooms, one Falling Water, and an Ice Heart. You can find the mushrooms as usual in the Glade of Trust.

Falling Water can be collected at the end of the river in the Glade of Trust. Merlin’s Ice Tear Seed is needed for the Ice Heart. After planting, it only needs to be watered, and harvesting the heart is possible.

Once all the items have been collected, the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment can be produced. Take this to Merlin and he’ll improve the watering can to the final level. Now you can also remove large mushrooms.

4) Tips on cooking and Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes

General tips

Cooking and discovering dishes play a big role in the game, as they are important for selected quests. In total, you can find 164 recipes in the game. Besides, they are desired by some residents and you can, by gifting them, increase the friendship level with them.

There is not only the possibility of preparing main dishes but also appetizers as well as desserts. If you discover the game with Mickey and follow the missions, you can unlock cooking right from the start. Right in the house, you’ll be able to prepare dishes on the stove.

Different dishes have different star ratings from one to five. These always correspond to the number of ingredients needed for the recipe. Generally, the more stars, the better.

 You get the recipes after completing quests or even directly while cooking by trying out new ingredients. There is also the possibility to find scattered cookbooks with different recipes. The individual ingredients are all classified into different categories.

These are:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Cereals
  • Milk/Oil
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Spices
  • Sweet

How to get ingredients

You can get the ingredients you need for various recipes by collecting them from trees or the ground, by harvesting them yourself, by buying them from market stalls, or Remy, if he has already opened Chez Remy.

Special ingredients can be searched for via the “Collection” tab in the “Ingredients” menu. After clicking on the ingredient, it will be shown exactly where you can find it or whether it even needs to be bought.

Once you have enough ingredients, find an oven, either the one at home or Chez Remy, throw them in the pot, and start cooking. Up to five ingredients can be thrown into the pot at a time. Cooking also requires coal ore, which is available in almost all locations in the game.

5) Other Disney Dreamlight Valley tips

For tool upgrades, as well as to make friends with new characters, you must complete the various missions. When doing so, you’ll constantly explore new dimensions of Disney movies, such as Vaiana or Wall-E. The upgrades for the tools include, for example, the shovel or the pickaxe, which you’ll even get as a gift after completing the missions.

In the beginning, only 21 items can be stored and carried in the backpack. Due to this rather limited storage space, a backpack upgrade is extremely worthwhile. With the upgrade, you unlock seven more slots. A total of 21 slots can with purchased for star coins.

You need your stamina mainly for work that you have to do very often, such as digging up the ground in search of clay or the like. The energy or stamina can be replenished by eating.

If you go inside your house, your stamina bar will be completely recharged in a relatively short time. If you eat exceptionally high-energy food, you can even overload the stamina bar. However, as you level up your character, your stamina bar will automatically increase. Through story missions, you’ll easily collect points for level improvement.

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With the given tips, it should no longer be difficult for you to successfully get started in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s especially fun to explore the game on your own and improve over the course of the game as well as discover new places.

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Happy Gaming!