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11 Fae Farm Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.02.2024

What happens when you cross Stardew Valley with Animal Crossing and add a dash of magic? You guessed it! You get the new game from Phoenix Labs. In our Fae Farm tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to organize yourself and your farm to have the most fun on Azoria Island.

1) Furnish your house

A rug isn’t the only thing that makes a living room feel cozy, furniture does too. And if you get the reference, you have both good taste in games and excellent taste in movies. But back to the Fae Farm tips: By setting up relaxing furniture, you’ll start your days with extra energy and stamina so you can do more activities.

Keep checking the cozy furniture to see if a new item can be crafted and placed in your home. You can also permanently increase your health and mana with your furniture. You’ll also be able to add a personal touch to your home.

There are ten comforting furniture items that increase your maximum health, ten relaxing furniture items that increase your energy/stamina, and ten inspiring furniture items that increase your mana. Some require a lumberyard or loom. Others can be made from unprocessed items.

2) Fae Farm Fishing Tips

Fishing in Fae Farm is similar to Animal Crossing. There are two types of movement for the little sea creatures. They either swim in a circle or from one point to another and back again. If it’s a circular movement, your bait must land within its radius. If it’s a straight swim, it should land on the line of the start and end points.

Once the fish has eyes on your decoy, start wiggling it. If the fish doesn’t bite right away, just wait for it to turn its eyes back to your hook. As soon as it puts its mouth around your lure, reel in your rod. Be careful though. When the line turns red, the fish is building up too much resistance and you need to stop the retrieve.

When the line turns white again, pull the fish toward you. Keep doing this until you have the fish in your hands. Certain meals will improve your fishing skills so that your line doesn’t turn red so quickly.

3) This is what seals and pedestals are all about

On the surface, the fast travel system in Fae Farm works through pedestals. They act as teleporters that allow you to move around the game world. The prerequisite for this is that you activate them. Similar to other open-world games, you have to discover a waypoint by exploring it before you can use it.

There are also activation conditions. This means that you have to have a certain seal item in the socket for it to work. In the mine, teleportation works a little differently. You need iron- or bronze-based stones. But you need to have discovered the levels first.

4) Expand your inventory and sales area

As your farm grows and your exploration expands, you’ll want to carry more items with you. In the beginning, your backpack will only hold 16 items. In addition to flooring and decorations, inventory upgrades can be purchased from Skye in the town center. Each of the two upgrades will give you eight additional slots.

Fae Farm tips: expand your inventory

You can also increase the size of your selling area in Fae Farm, allowing you to sell more products. In addition to your four Market Tables, Pearl will allow you to purchase Fruit and Vegetable Stands, each of which will allow you to sell eight additional crops.

5) Keep 10 of every item

Azoria Island is full of resources and other items worth collecting. These include special ores and gems, as well as fruits. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you that many of them will be important later on and that you’ll need them for crafting, side quests, and main quests. It would be annoying if you sold them all in the meantime.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep ten of each type of item at all times. Especially as a newcomer to the game, you never know what might be important later on, and the temptation to trade an item for jingling coins and coins for seeds is great. You will need items like Peridot, Topaz, Aquamarine, Sand Dollars, Citrine, Sand, Silt, and Coral.

6) Fae Farm tips: Improve your house

The amount of furniture and decoration you can add to your house is limited. But our Fae Farm tips and tricks have a solution for that: enlarge and expand it. The process is relatively expensive but well worth it. Go to the center of town and find Aspen. He’ll also give you a side quest. Ask him about his carpentry services and then choose “Improve House.”

In addition to your starting building, there are other houses that you can buy and improve with the help of Aspen. These include Misty Harbor and Fae Acres. Your house can be upgraded a total of five times, with the first upgrade costing 2,000 gold coins and the fifth upgrade costing 10,000. Each upgrade also requires a certain number of different materials.

7) Watch the seasons

Like Stardew Valley, Fae Farm is based on seasons. They are divided into spring, summer, fall, and winter, just like in the real world. As the seasons change, not only does the environment change but so do the animals you encounter. The same goes for the crops you can grow. You should keep an eye on their growing season. This is because any plants that haven’t been harvested will wither as you move into a new season.

But there is one big difference between Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley: you can get the same seeds from vendors all year round: Cabbage, Turnips, and Beans. Only with a transformation fertilizer can you turn them into plants adapted to the season. You can either buy the fertilizer from the seed vendor or make it yourself.

If you have grown and harvested seasonal fruits, you can get special seeds from a planting table, so you won’t need the special fertilizer in the second generation.

8) Make friends with NPCs

You can make friends with the townspeople in Fae Farm. In fact, this is your main task in Frida’s “Do you like me (Yes/No)?” quest. For a friendship to develop, you must talk and interact with the person regularly. In the beginning, you don’t have a relationship. Over time, this status will change to acquaintances and finally to friends.

You can tell if an NPC is your friend by the emoji that appears above their head when you talk to them. To get an overview of your friends and loved ones, click on Relationships in the main menu. Potential friends are listed on the left, and potential romances are listed on the right.

9) Breed your own animals

The farms in the west of the city have animals for sale. However, it’s best to breed your own. A self-bred animal in Fae Farm has better stats than a bought one and will give you more resources. Breeding an animal takes time, but is worth it in the end.

To purchase the necessary items for breeding, go to either Patel or Loretta. They will teach you the mechanics and sell you the necessary equipment.

10) Upgrade tools, fishing rod, and brailer

Your tools can be upgraded by the blacksmith Cinder at the port. For example, a better watering can will allow you to irrigate more fields, and an improved pickaxe will allow you to mine more efficiently. For Cinder to perform the upgrade, you’ll need to give her a certain amount of gold florins, as well as bars of various materials.

In the beginning, you’ll need copper for upgrades. Later on, you’ll need iron and finally feyrite. To get the raw materials for the ingots, you need to reach the deep levels of the mine or go to the new ruins.

The upgrades for your fishing rod can be obtained from Eddy. You’ll need to have a certain level of skill, depending on the level. Your fishing net can be upgraded by Mel, who can be found in the western town. Your skill level is also important here. Also, they both want a few coins from you for each upgrade.

11) How to make money in Fae Farm

There are many ways to earn gold coins in Fae Farm. It’s up to you what you want to focus on. Do you want to focus on growing plants or do you prefer working with animals? Are you drawn to fishing or mining, or are you more interested in the game’s story?

No matter what you choose to do, it’ll all earn you money in its own way. We have listed the most efficient ways for you below:

  • Gems: Process rough gems from the saltwater mine into polished gems and sell them.
  • Contracts: From the third chapter on, use contracts on the sales board in the town center to get more Florin for each item you sell.
  • Bugs and Fish: Catch fish with your fishing rod, collect bugs in the area, and sell them at your market tables.
  • Main Quest: Follow the game’s storyline to unlock all the money-making mechanics and collect quest rewards.
  • Plants and Flowers: Grow both crops and flowers; the latter can be picked over and over again, providing a steady source of income.

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