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10 Frostpunk Tips and Tricks to Survive the Cold

  • from PLITCH
  • 03.04.2024

The surprise hit from 11 bit studios is a survival game with a new and innovative approach. As the last bastion of humanity, it is your task to brave the merciless cold. In our Frostpunk Tips and Tricks, we’ll show you how to help your colony survive the Ice Age and grow into a formidable city.

1) Build camps

The world in Frostpunk is cold, and if you have to send your people long distances to gather materials, they will freeze very quickly. This in turn makes them sick and can put your civilization in danger. It’s best to build storage and gathering areas in strategic locations so that your products don’t end up in piles of raw materials. This is especially important near your coal mine and coal generator.

2) Resource tips

In the middle of snow and ice, resources are scarce. You need to make sure you have a steady supply of wood, coal, and steel in Frostpunk while not wasting resources. If you conduct research that requires large quantities of a certain material or construct an expensive building, your civilization must be able to handle it without running out of resources.

At the beginning of the game, it’s crucial that you focus your workers on harvesting wood. To combat the cold, you’ll need to heat a lot of things. This should be your priority in the beginning. Coal mining is a close second, and metal conservation is a distant third.

If there are houses in your town in Frostpunk that you no longer need, you can sell them. For example, if the sawmill has shut down because the trees in its area have been cut down, some of its material can be recycled. Also, if houses or huts are empty due to illness or death and will not be occupied soon, it’s advisable to demolish them.

The same goes for roads. If roads are no longer used (for example, to a sawmill that has been shut down), they can also be turned back into resources.

3) Frostpunk tips: Don’t take on every task

In hard times, hope and satisfaction are the engine that drives your people and makes them believe in a better future. To increase this value, they will keep asking you to take on projects and tasks. However, we recommend that you don’t take them all and that you occasionally say no to something you can’t afford at the moment.

If you try to please everyone, you’ll run your town into the ground and yourself into Game Over. There will be plenty of opportunities to increase the satisfaction level. Keep a close eye on it so you can decide when to listen to your people and when to deny them.

4) Increase satisfaction and hope

In addition to the tasks you can do for your people, there are other factors that influence happiness and hope in the city-building game. In the beginning of Frostpunk, your people are homeless. Make sure that everyone has a roof over their head as the game progresses.

Not only does a lack of housing cause higher discontent, but it also causes your citizens to freeze. When they freeze, they get sick, and sick citizens lower your stats even more. Counteract this by building housing and a hospital ward, as well as heating your people’s homes to keep them warm.

5) Skill tips

Laws and rules unlock new skills in Frostpunk. For example, extra food rations are a good way to speed up the recovery of the sick. You can also have priests deliver sermons. These will increase your people’s faith and hope.

Unlock the Prayer House first, then the Temple. This will give you the ability to build new – clerical – buildings. Later, you can add the Evening Prayers ability. The Field Kitchen is especially important for your outposts. To optimize your hospitals, the House of Healing is recommended so that you can build proper hospitals.

6) Build houses for your people

You’ve probably figured it out from the previous advice, but the most important point and the core of our Frostpunk tips and tricks for all scenarios is building housing. Homeless citizens cause problems in many ways. First, set up tents, and as soon as you get the chance, start researching barracks.

frostpunk tips: Build houses for your people

Once you unlock a building upgrade in Frostpunk, you don’t need to rebuild your settlement. Instead, you apply the new function directly to the old buildings and expand them. In the end, this is even cheaper than building from scratch. Be aware, however, that the rebuild will take some time, during which the houses will be uninhabitable. Plan for this and make sure all structures have adequate heating.

7) You make the rules!

You’re not only responsible for the organization of your city in Frostpunk but also for the legislation of your society. Before we look at these in detail, let us give you a basic principle for living in an Ice Age: Efficiency > Morality. In plain English, sometimes the ethically questionable decision is the one that ensures survival, while the morally sound action means death by cold.

One such decision is the use of child labor. By assigning minors to safe jobs, you increase your productivity. For example, let them work in a dining hall or in greenhouses. The risk of injury is low, but the benefits are great.

The next item in the code concerns shifts. By instituting an emergency shift in Frostpunk, workers can toil for up to 24 hours at a time. Sounds mean, but it will help you a lot in certain situations. The third thing we recommend is the soup law. This will allow you to get more out of raw food and give your people better meals.

8) Worker tips

You can’t afford to be lazy in Frostpunk. Therefore, the employment rate of your people should be as high as possible. In your hud, in the bottom right corner, there is an indicator that tells you how many workers have nothing to do at the moment. You put these lazy workers on your farms. Pay attention to the type of worker you need at each location and swap an engineer for a normal worker if necessary.

Most of the time you won’t have enough people to do all the jobs. Make sure the core positions are fully staffed. Some facilities will work even if they are running at half power. For example, the coal generator. In the beginning, it will produce more than can be collected from the coal pile anyway. So only put enough workers on it to keep production equal to extraction.

To increase the productivity of your shifts, the extended shift law is worth a look. It lets your workers start two hours earlier and finish two hours later. That’s four extra hours of service to the company.

One last tip about workers in Frostpunk: Scouts are essential. They give you access to distant resources, and they also collect refugees on their explorations. This in turn increases the number of workers you have.

9) What to research

In order for your town to run as efficiently as possible in Frostpunk, you need to do some good research. One of the first and most important things is the scouts. Once they are unlocked, you’ll need technologies to extract resources. To cut down trees, you need a sawmill. For coal, you need a coal generator, and for metals, you need a steel mill. All of these buildings must be researched first.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to upgrade the Steam Hub and the Raw Materials Depot. This will increase the number of your scouts, upgrade their sleds, and of course give you more capacity for your warehouses. Only when all this is done, will you take care of hospitals and greenhouses. In the meantime, hunters’ huts and hospital wards can do their job.

10) Automate properly

As mentioned above, you’ll often run into the problem of not having enough workers to complete all the tasks in Frostpunk. One solution to this problem can be automatons. These are mechanical creatures that you can put on a shift at any time of the day. They neither need food nor can they freeze. However, they do need to take a break at regular intervals to regenerate.

The automatons have some drawbacks, and there are more useful ways to automate your processes. If you find one of these mechanical workers, you can take it apart to extract steam cores. These can be used to build better resource extraction systems, which will ultimately make you more money than letting the automaton work.

However, if you decide to take automatons with you, or perhaps even build some yourself, it’s important to use them as wisely as possible. Do the necessary research to increase their efficiency from 70 to 100 percent, and replace as many workers as possible with one. Don’t use them in factories that only need a few workers. That would be a waste.

It’s best to use them in factories that are far away. After all, they can’t freeze or get sick. So you don’t need heating and living space for them. Instead of using them in the middle, they are better off in the coal pile.

Survive the cold with PLITCH!

If you follow our Frostpunk tips and tricks, you have a good chance of surviving the storm at the end of the main scenario. However, the Ice Age can be merciless and make you sweat on the screen despite its coldness. PLITCH’s Frostpunk cheats can help you. With them, you’ll be able to replenish your resources, adjust the temperatures, and set the satisfaction and hope of your people.

With the codes, you can make each scenario harder or easier. Increase or decrease the speed at which research is done, creating a game where you can get creative and build as you please. Or take your session into a hardcore or nightmare mode.

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Happy Gaming!