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Hades 2 Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 10.05.2024

Hades was a surprise hit about four years ago. No wonder Supergiant Games is back with a sequel to the roguelite dungeon crawler. Repeatedly dying is part of the gameplay. However, we have put together some handy Hades 2 tips and tricks to help you avoid hitting the “Game Over” screen more often than necessary.

1) Avoid taking damage

Defense is the best offense or something like that. Unfortunately, healing items are very rare in Hades 2. So your goal should be to take as little damage as possible. This is especially true at the beginning of the game. After all, only certain upgrades will give you additional regeneration points. Until then, you need to be on your guard.

Hades 2 tips: Avoid taking damage

At the beginning of your run, focus on the rooms that reward you with the blue patterned hearts. These will give you an instant +25 health and a permanent HP boost. Avoid the elite rooms if you’re low on health. If you see a skull on the door, there is a mid-level boss behind it. If you’re unfamiliar with their attack pattern, your run will be quickly over.

We also recommend that you don’t neglect the sprint upgrades in Hades 2. The Poseidon upgrade gives you a knockback that will save you if you’re surrounded by a group of smaller enemies. With the Apollo upgrade, you’ll be able to run faster and dodge quick attacks better.

2) Hades 2 tips on the new Magick mechanic

Let’s take a look at the biggest difference from the previous game. The Magick mechanic in Hades 2 allows you to boost your attack, special, and spell abilities and use them to perform Omega (or Ω) moves. The nice thing about this is that the Magick meter recharges between battles. So you can use it without hesitation in any confrontation.

 Omega Attacks

  • Witch’s Staff and Descura: Melinoe casts two waves of Magick before and behind her.
  • The Sister Blades, Lim & Oros: Melinoe grabs a nearby enemy and chases them.
  • Umbral Flames of Ygnium: Melinoe shoots ever-increasing ghosts that cost five mana each.
  • Zorephet and the Moonstone Axe: Melinoe spins around with her axe outstretched.
  • Argent Skull and Revaal: Melinoe sends three grenades crashing into a specific location.

Omega Specials

  • Witch’s Staff and Descura: Melinoe hurls a large ball of Magick energy forward.
  • The Sister Blades, Lim & Oros: Melinoe throws a series of daggers that spread out like a fan.
  • Umbral Flames of Ygnium: Melinoe summons two spectral flames that circle her for some time.
  • Zorephet and the Moonstone Axe: Melinoe spins the axe and blocks attacks. She then throws the axe down, creating three shockwaves.
  • Argent Skull and Revaal: Melinoe loads energy into the skull, thrusts forward, and releases the collected energy on both sides.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the different weapon abilities on the training ground. During a run, divine boons will give you the ability to recharge your magic energy in battle.

3) The best keepsakes to start with

Keepsakes give Melinoe various bonuses in Hades 2. Most of them are temporary and each one is useful in its own way. We’ll show you which ones are the most useful to start with so you don’t waste your nectar.

Hecate gives you the Silver Wheel. This will automatically restore your magic in battle. This allows you to perform more Omega Moves and fight more strategically and dynamically.

Arachne gives you the Silken Sash as a keepsake. This means that you start your run with some armor, and when you leave a room, your armor will passively increase. If you manage to keep the armor on for as long as possible, it can renew your run a decent amount.

Nemesis’ keepsake in Hades 2 is the Evil Eye. Are you having trouble with a particular boss who keeps proving to be a run-killer? Grab Evil Eye for a damage boost against them. The keepsake will always make you more powerful against the opponent who defeated you on your last run.

Want to go on a shopping spree right at the start of your run? Then Charon’s keepsake is for you. Gold Purse lets you start with a certain amount of money, so you can upgrade right away.

The last keepsake we recommend is the Luckier Tooth from Schelemeus. It allows you to come back from the dead once per run with a small amount of HP. So, your run isn’t over when your health goes to zero and you get a second chance.

You can change your keepsakes in the transition areas between bosses. So, you’re not limited to just one and can use the power of several. It’s best to choose the ones that suit your build.

4) Unlock new weapons

Of course, we also want to show you all the unlockable weapons in our Hades 2 Tips and Tricks. To get a new one, you’ll need to get the necessary materials and select them in the Training Room. Your first weapon is the Witch’s Staff. It’s your standard weapon.

You can get the Sister Blades for just one piece of silver. The two swords are fast, and if you use the special ability, you can throw daggers around. For three embers and three silver, you can own the Umbral Flames. The torches’ projectiles automatically target your opponents.

For 15 silver, you can carry the Moonstone Axe in Hades 2. It’s a powerful two-handed weapon that can even block with its special ability. The Argent Skull is the most difficult to obtain. To get it, you have to go to the second region and pay bronze and two pieces of obsidian. However, you’ll then be able to use powerful AoE attacks.

5) The best boons in Hades 2

As in the first installment, there are the boons of the gods in Hades 2. The blessings given to you by the members of Olympus make you more powerful. In our experience, three of them have proven to be particularly useful. While it will ultimately depend on your personal play style and luck (or misfortune) during your run, it’s worth taking a look at the following boons.

In our beginner’s tip on avoiding damage, we recommended upgrading Poseidon. We would like to repeat that advice here. Especially when a room is filled with large groups of enemies, the Water God’s Wave effects are most effective. The boon is less useful against single enemies or bosses.

Enemies can be scorched with the boon of Hestia. It’s best to use fast weapons like the Witch’s Staff or the Sister Blades. Try to get as many hits in a row as possible and then dodge. Afterward, scorching will make sure that your opponent’s HP bar continues to drop.

Our third recommendation is the explosive effects of Hephaestus. If you can get one of these effects with a high rarity, you should definitely go for it. The advantage is the great power and the short cooldown.

6) Get the boons of Chaos

If you played the first part of Hades, then you know Chaos. Enter the gates with the intense colors that appear from time to time during a run and use them to enter her realm. This will require you to sacrifice some of your health, but it’s well worth it.

Although the boon comes with a temporary debuff, the boons you receive usually more than make up for it. Some resources and items that are important to the plot and story of the game can only be obtained from Chaos and nowhere else.

7) Talk to everyone

Talk is golden, silence is silver. Or something like that. In any case, you should talk to every character with an exclamation mark over their head in Hades 2. This will help you get to know the plot of the game and learn about the characters’ backstories.

In addition, the NPCs will give you their perspective on what has happened so far and can help you if you get stuck. Even if you haven’t talked to a character in a while, it can be useful to chat with them again.

8) Gather resources at the beginning

In your first few runs in Hades 2, you won’t have many opportunities to unlock new weapons or cast spells. Think of your first few runs as a resource supplier and collect as much as you can. This is even easier than in the previous game. Thanks to the pickaxe and shovel, you can quickly uncover minerals, and fortunately, the animations are fast as well.

Some items, such as flowers, are already lying on the ground. All you have to do is pick them up. The more resources you collect, the more options you have in the game.

9) Give nectar to everyone

To get the best keepsake in Hades 2, you should focus most of your nectar on Arachne, Nemesis, Charon, and Schelemeus. However, we recommend that you give the precious amber liquid to every character at least once. Doing so will improve your reputation and provide you with a variety of additional bonuses.

A total of 26 keepsakes can be unlocked this way. The nectar itself can be obtained by completing rooms or by purchasing it from the Wretched Broker once it’s unlocked at the crossroads.

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