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Hades Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The roguelike Hades demands a lot from you. Whether you’re wondering how much Nectar you need for the gods, which talents will help you with the final boss, or how to make the best progress: Our PLITCH Hades tips and tricks provide you with the most important info about the game so that you’re off to a good start

1) Combat

Activate God Mode

Besides the Hell Mode, which makes your escape from the Underworld much harder, you will also find a God Mode. With this, your journey through the battle arenas becomes a bit easier. You’ll get a 20 % damage resistance along the way. This also increases by 2 % if you don’t manage to escape, but pay for the attempt with death. The whole thing increases up to a maximum of 80 % damage resistance.

Improve weapons with Titan Blood

Until you successfully manage to leave Hades and take Zagreus to the surface, you will fail. But whenever that happens, you’ll unlock both new options and abilities. With these, your protagonist will get steadily stronger and manage to make his way a bit further again.

One helpful option is to improve your weapons with Titan Blood. This allows you to use a new weapon variant. Each of these variants has a 5-step system. If you want to maximize a weapon, you’ll need 15 Titan Blood. Each of the weapons also has special attacks. In addition, all variants also have a hidden type.

If you use the bow, sword, spear, shield, twin fists or gun particularly intensively, you will get the variants Rama, Artur, Guan Yu, Beowulf, Demeter and Lucifer. For more info, check out our post dedicated entirely to Titan Blood.

Weapons have different strengths

Another important PLITCH Hades tip is that you should use all weapons to battle your enemies. This also applies to the fact that you may have a favorite weapon that you really enjoy using. However, the bosses in Hades drop the best loot when you defeat them with a weapon for the first time.

Also, before each run, you have a weapon that carries a purple aura. With it, you’ll collect more Darkness on the path ahead of you which will enable you to skill your talents faster.

Beware of traps: Use them to your advantage

On your way through Tartarus, there are quite a few things that want to take your life. Besides the enemies, these are mainly traps. You should never underestimate them because the mechanisms, which are often inconspicuous in the midst of battle, cause you to take instant damage.

However, you can also use them to your advantage by luring enemies near them and then triggering them. If you’re fast enough, you’ll give yourself a significant combat advantage.

Rooms: Making the right choice

Which room holds the best reward is crucial depending on your playstyle. Depending on what you plan to do in the next run, you should choose your rooms. Consequently, if you need more resources, you’ll choose different ones than if you want to make it as far as possible up through the game world.

On the Hades run you’ll get to keep Gemstones, Darkness, and keys. On the other hand, gods’ gifts, hammers, hearts, coins, and Poms of Power are only valid for this one life. If you get out of the blood lake after your demise, you won’t be able to use them again.

The Gemstone rooms are the least important. Since you’ll need diamonds from bosses later in the game anyway, you can usually skip them.

The appropriate gifts

The gifts of the respective gods provide great advantages for your playstyle and the weapon you use. It is important to know that only one bonus for one of the 4 skills (Dash, Attack, Throw, and Special Attack) can be equipped at a time. You get them from the corresponding god or goddess. To increase your chance of getting a rare buff, you need to give them Nectar beforehand.

In general, you should take the time to read the enhancements well. This way, you can perfectly customize your individual Hades build to your playstyle. If you’d like more info on this topic, feel free to check out our Hades Build Guide

Buy gifts from Charon

Buying from the merchant Charon is always only worthwhile if you bring 200 gold and can take at least two items with you. Otherwise, it makes more sense to play the normal room for a free item and save the gold.

Exception: If you urgently need healing, Charon will help and restore your battered body for 50 gold.

2) Hades tips and tricks: House of Hades

The House of Hades is nestled in the depths of the Underworld. Here rules Hades, the father of Zagreus. Designed by Daedalus, the drifting shadows lamenting their deaths are part of the constant image. Here, among many characters, are the great hall, the west wing as well as the east wing, a lounge, an administrative chamber, and finally a garden.

Talk to everyone

After each death, you must face your father. This will remove divine gifts, Charon’s Obols, and weapon enhancements you’ve earned during your run. However, you will also meet various NPCs here. You can talk to them, give them gifts like Nectar or Ambrosia, and even start a liaison with certain deities. The important thing is to at least talk to all of the NPCs that have an exclamation mark.

The House Contractor

In the great hall, you will find the House Contractor. This is a shadow who has been given the task by Hades to repair and restore the Underworld. Besides the Mirror of Night, the most important thing is the meta-progression system that can be used here. The House Contractor can be paid with Gemstones and diamonds. In return, he equips the Underworld with various things that provide you with valuable help.

The upgrades you can get are clearly listed and explained. Often you have to buy other upgrades first to unlock a desired one.

The Wretched Broker

You can find this NPC in the lounge. He is an alternative for rare rewards that you can otherwise only get by defeating bosses. He has different offers after each run. Also, trading with him is limited, so you can only make a deal with him once following your death. Likewise, not every trade is profitable for you. In any case, you should take a look at limited offers. These can be very useful sometimes.

Unlock the Fated List of Minor Prophecies for more rewards

An order from the House Contractor unlocks the Fated List of Minor Prophecies in your room. The cost is 20 Gemstones. Make sure you unlock this upgrade as soon as possible. Because afterwards your protagonist Zagreus will find 55 tasks here. There are rewards for completing each of these tasks.

Give gifts to the Gods

Ambrosia as well as Nectar are artifact currencies that you earn in the Underworld. You use Nectar to increase your relationship with some NPCs and receive favors from them in return. However, you won’t be able to impress Bouldy and Hades with them. Eventually, however, the effectiveness of Nectar will wear off and you’ll need Ambrosia to create a closer connection with the character.

First, you need to give 5 to 6 Nectar to the NPCs whenever possible. For the first Nectar, you will receive a keepsake. You can equip it before a run in the display cabinet in the courtyard. You can’t remove it anymore, only swap it. With all the others you will earn their trust until you receive a quest. If you fulfill this quest, the remaining hearts will be unlocked, which can be filled with Ambrosia.

3) Mirror of Night

Besides the House Contractor, the Mirror of Night is the other important meta-progression system in Hades. You’ll find it in your chamber and it mirrors your talent tree. Talents can be learned and improved here via the darkness received during Hades runs. Thanks to Nyx, you will later get equally higher quality mirrors that will provide you with more talents.

The Chthonic Keys

In the game, you’ll receive the Chthonic Keys as artifact currency. They give you access to additional upgrades to the Mirror of Night, as well as special Hell weapons. You can get them as a reward for clearing a room, through the Fate List of Minor Prophecies, at Charon’s shop, at the Wretched Broker, or while fishing.

For permanent unlocks, you can spend a total of 89 Chthonic Keys. 24 for the weapons of hell and 65 for the mirror of night. If you reset talents, it will cost you 1 Chthonic Key. You will also need them for trading with the Wretched Broker and for some other things. You should always spend them well distributed.

Death Defiance

A useful talent is the defiance of death. You can unlock it at the Mirror of Night and it works kind of like an “extra life”. If your protagonist takes lethal damage, this talent is triggered instead. You become invulnerable for a short time afterward and get 50 % of your health back. However, you must first charge this talent. You can unlock a maximum of 3 charges via the mirror.

Boiling Blood

When fighting, it can easily happen that you forget your throw attack. However, it is very effective in combination with status-changing gifts. It gets even better with Boiling Blood, which you can unlock via the Mirror of Night. Then, if a blood stone from the attack gets stuck in the opponent, you get +10 % damage on both normal and special attacks.

Thick skin

The Thick Skin talent also helps you tremendously in your Hades run. It increases your base health by +5 each up to a maximum of +50 HP. However, you should not lose sight of the talent Greater Reflex. After all, it allows you to get into the fight faster, dodge better, and it allows you to sprint.

How to customize your Hades gaming experience

We at PLITCH love gaming and know how exhausting and frustrating it can be to play games like Hades that challenge you to the extreme. Especially when there simply isn’t always time to spend hours on one playthrough alongside school, uni, job, family, and friends. For this reason, PLITCH not only provides you with these Hades tips and tricks but also Hades cheats.

Here you can find Gemstones or keys as well as Talent points, Titan Blood, or the God Mode. This will not only let you play Hades the way it suits you. Thanks to the simple activation and deactivation of the PLITCH Hades cheats via the PLITCH app, you can also simply train because, besides the ones already mentioned, you’ll also get an AI mode with one-hit kills from us.

Happy Gaming!