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Beyond the Mainstream: The 10 Best Indie Games

  • from PLITCH
  • 24.04.2024

Welcome to our roundup of the 10 best indie games for PC! From the chilling depths of DREDGE to the mythological realm of Hades, immerse yourself in captivating worlds filled with mystery, adventure, and unforgettable gameplay. Explore our curated selection and don’t miss out on these gems!


The horror-esque fishing adventure DREDGE was one of the biggest indie hits of 2023. Not only did it end up on our list of the best games of 2023, but it was also nominated in two categories at The Game Awards 2023.

If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s about more than catching fish, there’s a dark and mysterious atmosphere to the otherwise very relaxing game. Get a ship and start exploring the secrets of the sea and the surrounding land!


What if you mixed a dungeon crawler with mythology and made it queer? You get Hades, which is one of those games we can’t rave about enough. In this roguelike action game, you play the bisexual, immortal protagonist Zagreus, the prince of the underworld, and must fight your way out of hell.

The battle system is amazing! You’ll never get bored because you’ll always be facing a wide variety of enemies. And unlike other roguelikes, Hades doesn’t reset you to zero when you die. Instead, you come back stronger every time.

Hollow Knight

best indie games: hollow knight

You may have seen us talk about Hollow Knight in our blog about the best soulslikes for PC, but we just had to mention it again. Team Cherry’s 2D metroidvania is one of the best indie games we’ve ever played and we can’t recommend it enough to fans of the genre.

Set in a vast, insect-filled kingdom, you traverse twisted caverns, battle tainted creatures, and forge alliances with strange bugs, all in a beautifully hand-drawn world. Hollow Knight is a captivating exploration of a ruined realm that blends classic style with intricate storytelling, and we can’t wait for the sequel!


The next game on our list of best indie games is Wartales, a compelling open-world RPG that puts you in the role of a mercenary leader navigating a vast medieval universe in search of wealth and adventure.

One of the game’s strengths lies in its light RPG elements and turn-based combat, which adds an element of strategy to the overall experience. In addition, Wartales offers a wide variety of professions, mini-games, and activities within its vibrant world.

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Seven years after the release of its predecessor, developer Lazy Bear Games brought us the fighter management sim Punch Club 2 in 2023. Confined to your mother’s garage for two decades and haunted by the mysterious disappearance of your father, you’ve found solace in relentless training.

Uncover the truth behind the enigmatic “Dark Fist” and become a hero or stay in the garage, it’s up to you. Punch Club 2 takes the strengths of the first game and builds on them, delivering witty and engaging banter and a story that’s an emotional rollercoaster!


Another 2023 release that deserves its place on our list of best indie games is the open-world survival game Sunkenland, which can be played in Early Access.

It also made our list of the best survival games, but that doesn’t stop us from gushing about it again. The Earth has been hit by a watery apocalypse and you must find resources and build a base to survive!

Have a Nice Death

2023 consistently delivered fantastic game releases, and the indie action roguelike Have a Nice Death is no exception. The beautiful 2D cartoon art style fits the tone of this witty hack-and-slash game. You take on the unenviable role of an overworked Death who must keep his employees under control.

The game takes place in the darkly charming and procedurally generated departments of Death Inc. Each playthrough offers a unique experience thanks to dynamically designed levels and a cast of characters including your pumpkin-headed assistant, Pump Quinn.


Next up on our list of the best indie games is SOMA, a chilling sci-fi horror odyssey by the minds behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Set in the eerie confines of an underwater research facility named PATHOS-II, this game is all about grappling with existential questions that gnaw at the core of your being.

Every decision you make weighs heavily on the fate of not just yourself, but the remnants of humanity struggling to endure. The gameplay leans towards a more linear experience and the atmosphere paired with the detailed graphics is absolutely haunting. To this day, we still think about the ending of this masterpiece.


If you love pastel hues, lo-fi music, and rhythm games, you should try Melatonin! In this mesmerizing world, dreams and reality converge in a harmony of rhythm and color. You’ll embark on a journey through the subconscious, exploring the intricate relationship between dreams and waking life.

As you sway to the beat of the music, you’ll unravel the mysteries of the protagonist’s life, piecing together fragments of their story with every dreamy step. Despite its simplicity, Melatonin offers a satisfying gameplay experience that keeps you engaged without frustration.

Chained Echoes

The last game on our list of the best indie games is none other than Chained Echoes, the 16-bit style RPG that won the German PC Gaming Award (DCP) in 2023 in the category “Best German Game”. The game also won our hearts and made it into our top 4 games of 2022.

A tribute to the SNES JRPG classics, Chained Echoes weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of wonder and peril. Join a band of brave heroes as they crisscross the sprawling continent of Valandis, driven by a noble quest to quell the flames of war engulfing its three kingdoms.

Honorable Mentions

Are there any games missing that you expected to see on a list of the best indie games? Fear not, we have a few more recommendations that we have covered extensively in other blogs.

Check out our relaxing games blog for more on the adventure management game Spiritfarer, and our best 2D games blog for more on Sea of Stars and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about Dave the Diver, which we’ve already covered in two blogs, one about casual games and the other about the best pixel games for PC.

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Happy Gaming!