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High on Life Tips, Tricks, and Weapons Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

To become a successful alien bounty hunter in the FPS single-player game High on Life, you need some know-how. With our High on Life tips, tricks, and weapons guide, you’ll be perfectly prepared for the start of the game. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

1) Weapons have unlimited ammo

In the intergalactic world of High on Life, you’re a recent high school graduate pitted against an alien drug cartel bent on destroying humanity. Your mission: As a bounty hunter, you must shoot as many aliens as possible and save the Earth.

high on life tips

So it should be clear that you’ll have to deal with all sorts of problems – but not enough ammunition is definitely not one of them. The talking weapons in the game are called Gatlians. They have the advantage of infinite ammunition. Their mouths are as busy as their rate of fire. The weapons differ in character, dialogue, and abilities.

2) Don’t worry about taking fall damage

The comedic shooter from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roland contains numerous platforming elements. As a result, the gameplay doesn’t just take place on the ground. With the help of your Gatlians, you’ll also move along zip lines and shimmy through the colorful alien world. After you’ve completed the main campaign, you’ll have the chance to unlock a jetpack.

What about the fall damage in High on Life? That’s an easy question to answer: it doesn’t exist. As long as you fall and hit the ground, there’s nothing to worry about. Just start your intergalactic parkour all over again.

You’ll only be harmed if your fall maneuvers you into water or harmful substances. You can explore the strange and funny game world as much as you like. You’re also welcome to take a shortcut or two.

3) Use the info scanner to find loot

Use the tools the game gives you! First and foremost is the Info Scanner, which gives you all sorts of helpful hints about objectives. An extremely valuable tool, the Info Scanner will accompany you on your journey as an intergalactic bounty hunter. It will help you navigate the confusing world of High on Life. If you get lost, it will show you the next waypoint.

Want to get lost? No problem, the scanner will show you all nearby chests. These will give you Pesos to make your life in High on Life easier. The chests will also occasionally hold a treasure or two for you. These can include rare upgrades and collectibles.

4) Collect Warp Crystals for faster travel

As much fun as it is to move around the alien game world manually, it makes sense to upgrade to fast travel from time to time. This is where the Warp Crystals come in. You can collect them early in the game, but they don’t really do anything until after the third boss fight.

After you’ve killed Douglas and received the bounty, you can take the Warp Crystals to Blorto in Blim. You won’t be able to access this shop before the boss fight, as it will be closed until then. At Blorto’s, you can exchange the crystals for Warp Disks. These are the fast travel points in the game.

5) Look for Luglox Chests

During your playthrough of High on Life, you’ll quickly become familiar with Luglox. Lugloxes are an asset that you should be looking for, especially early in the game. Especially in the beginning, when your arsenal is limited, it’s worth opening the crates.

Lugloxes are one of the main sources of Pesos you can spend in the Pawn Shop. You can also often find upgrades and collectibles in them. Your Info Scanner can help you locate Luglox locations.

6) High on Life tips and tricks: Explore the worlds

To explore the worlds you’ve unlocked, you must first defeat either the boss Krubis or Douglas. Of course, you won’t be able to unlock everything until you have the necessary weapons. However, you’ll be able to access new areas by using Kenny and Knifey’s abilities.

You’ll get the most out of the game if you take your time to explore the environment and take advantage of all the interactions. High on Life is one of the funniest and most creative games of 2022.

7) Visit the pawnshop often

Life as a bounty hunter is fast-paced. So there’s no point in saving up for your retirement. The best place to spend your hard-earned Pesos is at Mr. Keep’s Pawnshop in Blip City.

So whenever you’re in town, be sure to make time for a visit to the local pawnshop. Mr. Keep, the grim pawnshop owner, will always have new items for you to pawn. There are other pawnshops, but Mr. Keep has by far the largest selection. As the game progresses, new goodies will be added to the pawnshop inventory.

8) All Weapons in High on Life


high on life all weapons

The first weapon you get in High on Life is Kenny. Kenny is a regular pistol and is voiced by Justin Roiland himself. His special ability is the Glob Shot. This allows you to fire an explosive shot that sends your enemies flying.


Knifey is, as the name suggests, a knife. It’s your main melee weapon in the game and proves to be extremely useful in various situations. The character of this psychotic little knife can be described as: talkative, obscene, and extremely bloodthirsty. Knifey loves to kill and will let you know it at every opportunity.

high on life weapons guide

However, he’s as helpful as he is murderous. For example, you can use Knifey to open Luglox chests. Since they usually contain a lot of Pesos, Knifey is not just a weapon, but one of the most useful tools in the game. You can also use it to attach yourself to objects and swing around like Spiderman. With Knifey, you’ll be able to easily deflect hard blows. You can chain attacks with it.


Sweezy isn’t the friendliest of weapons, as both her mouth and her ability are highly explosive. She is voiced by Betsy Sodaro. Sweezy can fire projectiles that then explode. She can also shoot time bubbles that slow down the time around her. This feature makes her one of the most valuable weapons in the game, despite her comparatively low damage output.

The smart Sweezy is perfect for solving puzzles, helping you with platforming, and generally giving you a massive boost to your gameplay. In hectic battles, Sweezy can give you a few seconds of peace and quiet. Use them to adjust your tactics and launch new attacks.


Gus is one of the friendliest of the Gatlians. He’s a kind of shotgun and can fire several projectiles at once. Gus is voiced by JB Smoove.


Creature deals primarily CC damage. According to it, Creature is the result of a scientific experiment. It gives birth to small, hungry creatures that can be unleashed on enemies. The damage is multiplied when you fire Creature’s children directly at your enemies. They will then be gnawed and crushed by the small, biting creatures. The Creature’s Children can also knock out electrical boxes and open doors for you.


You’ll meet Lezduit at the end of the game. When you find him, he’s not necessarily in the best condition and needs to be repaired by Gene. You can recharge Lezduit to perform an extremely powerful attack on multiple enemies at once. With it, you’ll easily laser away anything that gets in your way. Lezduit is one thing: extremely OP, so it’s understandable that you won’t be able to use it until the final mission.

PLITCH makes High on Life even more fun!

High on Life is definitely one of the funniest game releases of 2022, and you’ll have a lot of fun exploring the creatively designed environment of this humorous sci-fi shooter. With our High on Life tips, tricks, and weapons guide, you should have no problem getting into the game.

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Happy Gaming!