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Homeworld 3 Tips and Tricks | Beginner’s Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 21.05.2024

Nearly 21 years have passed since the last Homeworld main game. But the wait was worth it. Once again, one of the most complex space simulations on the market awaits you. In our Homeworld 3 Tips and Tricks, we’ll show you how the combat system works and what you need to know if you’re new to the series to lead your fleet to victory.

1) Protect the mothership

There is nothing more important in your Homeworld 3 fleet than the Khar Kushan mothership. It’s your most important unit and you must protect it at all costs. You’ll need its ability to design and build ships and defense systems throughout the game. On the one hand, it has a lot of hit points and can take a beating. On the other hand, it is very slow and difficult to maneuver.

If your mothership is surrounded by a large number of enemy attackers, it has no chance and is effectively defeated. It’s best to avoid combat confrontations and use interceptors to counter attacks against your mothership before they reach it.

2) Use tactical pauses

A tactical pause allows you to slow down the game and plan your next move. This can save your skin, especially in hectic situations. Homeworld 3 is, after all, a space strategy game, and the word strategy is key. Don’t act hastily, but take enough time to think through the effects of your tactical maneuvers.

Think about what resources you can gather, what ships you need, what lines you need to secure, and where to expect enemy contact. You have to keep track of many things at once. Without regular breaks to think, you’ll quickly lose track.

3) Take care of your resources

Resource Collector

Let’s take a closer look at the resources in the game. Experience shows that the player who collects the most resources in a game usually wins. And that’s no surprise. After all, you use them to finance the construction and research of new units. Your military strength is therefore directly related to the amount of money you have.

We recommend that you invest all of your initial resources in building resource collectors from the start. This will ensure that you have a constant supply and won’t run out of resources in combat situations. Maximize resource gathering as much as possible and keep building new units.

Standing still in Homeworld 3 means you’ll lose. The cycle of gathering and producing must never stop. This is the only way to keep the upper hand in the games. After all, resources in most missions aren’t infinite but limited.

4) Use stances and formations

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really explain the following point. So we’ll do it for you! Use formations and stances to adapt the behavior of your Homeworld 3 units to combat situations. Formations also receive bonuses that result in increased combat power and reduced casualties.

The Delta Formation allows your ships to form a chevron. This is ideal for attack runs with the Strikecraft. The ships stay spread out, minimizing damage in the area of effect (AoE).

The Wall Formation keeps your missiles at the same distance from each other. They form a bulwark. Use this formation against slow ships or frigates to gain an advantage. Your firepower in the wall formation is optimal when you use it against capital ships.

As the name suggests, the Sphere Formation makes your units form a sphere. Use it to protect resource collectors or AI ships. It is a defensive formation. If, on the other hand, you want to be aggressive and offensive, then the Claw Formation is the way to go. Preferably place the larger ships in the center and place smaller fighters on the flanks.

5) Avoid aggressive ships

If there is one mechanic that we strongly discourage in our Homeworld 3 tips and tricks, it’s the aggressive stance. For every ship in the game, you can set how the AI should behave when it comes into contact with the enemy. If you set it to passive, your units won’t attack on their own and will avoid confrontation.

If you use the neutral setting, combat may occur, but your ships will focus on survival. The situation is different with an aggressive stance. If you switch to this setting, your ships will attack anyone who gets too close, and won’t be afraid to risk their own lives to continue the fight. It’s best to leave this setting off.

6) Upgrade your ships

Once you’ve researched and unlocked a ship in Homeworld 3, you can start developing upgrades to improve it. This will give you skills that you can use manually in combat. These skills have advantages and disadvantages for most ships, but the advantages usually outweigh the disadvantages.

In the beginning, it’s recommended that you upgrade the Strikecraft skill. This can be done very early on and will result in a ship type with a higher hull strength. Although each upgrade costs resources, it doesn’t affect the production time of your units. So it makes sense to keep researching in parallel.

Don’t be afraid to research and develop turrets. They are considered their own ship type and are a solid defense. Also, upgrade your large units to make frigates and other large ships more defensible.

7) Homeworld 3 tips for combat

Combat is, of course, the heart of Homeworld 3, so we wanted to give you some beginner’s tips to give you an advantage in skirmishes. Basically, the effectiveness of your units is based on the rock-paper-scissors principle. In other words, some units are good against certain enemies and less effective against others.

For example, fighters do a lot of damage against bombers, and bombers are very effective against capital ships. In most battles, however, you won’t be fighting one type of unit against another. Rather, your units and the enemy’s units will be mixed. Tactics are required.

Homeworld 3 tips for combat

For example, you may want to lure destroyers with frigates and then attack them from behind with your bombers. Attacking from the rear isn’t only tactically smart but also gives you a damage bonus.

You can also use obstacles, tunnels, and fog to avoid enemies and regroup your fleet. You remain undetected in nebulae, and as long as an obstacle prevents visual contact, enemy targeting systems can’t lock on to you.

8) Get different ship types

You won’t be able to successfully complete the campaign in Homeworld 3 with a homogeneous fleet. Diversification is the key to success. Research and develop different unit types and mix your squadrons. Take advantage of each type’s strengths and compensate for its weaknesses by combining them.

In addition, each type has an upper limit, so you’ll be forced to produce different ships anyway. Make sure you have interceptors and turrets for defense, healers to support your frigates, and destroyers for attacks.

9) Repair your units regularly

There are two ways to replenish the HP of your ships. The first is to build Support Frigates. These ships fire green lasers at your own units to repair them. The second method is the docking command. When you give this command, the unit in question will leave the battle and dock with the carrier or mothership.

You should also dock all your fighters and corvettes to cruisers or your mothership after the battle. This will ensure that they are fully repaired and ready for the next battle with full health.

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