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How to earn money in Fallout 4

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Money always stays the same, at least in the Fallout universe. Apart from the original Fallout 2, bottlecaps are the dollars of the wasteland. The nuclear-ravaged Boston and its surroundings offer you a lot of easy ways to earn money in Fallout 4. In this guide on how to make money in Fallout 4, we’ll show you different ways to earn bottlecaps quickly.

1) What are bottlecaps and why do you need them?

We don’t recommend drinking an ice-cold Nuka Cola regularly because of the radiation. But the stylish bottles have a much bigger advantage than quenching thirst: On their necks are lids called bottlecaps. And they just happen to be the means of payment in Fallout 4.

You can buy new equipment, clothes, weapons, items, ammunition, and much more from merchants. You can also use bottlecaps to expand your settlement, invest in companions, or simply fulfill your dream of becoming a wasteland or vault millionaire.

You can even influence the outcome of some quests with the help of a few bottlecaps, which strategically move from one wallet to the other. Only your roleplaying stats like your charisma, oratory, strength, etc. can only be increased by EXP and not by money.

2) Loot, loot, loot

The easiest way to get money is to loot. However, as a loot hunter, your biggest enemy is the weight limit of your inventory. Nevertheless, you should always collect certain items, because they can increase the contents of your wallet considerably. These include rings, weapons, drugs, pre-war money, armor, alcohol, and anything that can be sold at a high price later.

Go into every house, open every chest and pick every lock to get precious loot. Chests that are locked often contain valuable treasure, and the inhabitants certainly won’t mind if you put everything they store into your pockets.

Kill animals, enemies, or NPCs that are no longer relevant to you. But make sure you don’t kill any important quest-givers just to get a few bottlecaps. There are more elegant ways.

In the Open World itself, there are additional items hidden alongside wiggle dolls and comics. If you walk around with your eyes open, you’ll find many useful items that can be converted into bottlecaps.

3) How your settlement makes you rich

Building a settlement costs money, that’s for sure. But your settlement can also put bottlecaps in your pocket – and that regularly. Here are several tips on how to make money with your settlement. The first one is water treatment. This method requires little investment and is relatively quick.

First, you place water purifiers in the rivers and lakes in and around your settlement and supply them with electricity using a generator. As a result, the amount of treated water at your disposal increases and you can sell each of them with a value of 20.

The second method is to grow certain fruits. Or more precisely, a certain fruit. The Mutfruit is the plant in Fallout 4 that will give you the greatest yield. So you should specialize in growing it.

The Mutfruit weighs only 0.1 and has a base value of 8. To grow it, you need nothing more than dirty terrain and a workshop. In Diamond City, you can find 21 wild mutfruit trees and at the Warwick homestead 11 more.

If you’re wondering where the plant got its name: The background is simply that it is “mut”ated by radiation. That is why it has a rad value. So you should not eat it but at least it brings you a lot of money.

4) Good money for good deals

To turn loot and other items into ringing coins, you rattle off the Boston merchants. Each of them has a certain amount of bottlecaps and items in their inventory. You can only sell as much per transaction as the merchant has in his pocket as an equivalent.

Every 24 hours their inventory of scrap and ammunition regenerates, and every 48 hours the rest of their inventory. To avoid exceeding your weight limit and thus leaving valuable loot lying around, you should regularly visit different merchants and get rid of your stuff.

At the beginning of Fallout 4, there was a glitch that allowed you to cheat the merchants in a particularly nasty way. The trick worked like this: You would go to some store in Diamond City or Goodneighbour and buy all the units he had from an ammo guy. Then you sold him back exactly one shot of the ammunition you had just bought.

In the next step, you made another transaction and sold the rest of the bullets back to the merchant as well. But here the glitch came into play. Namely, one bullet remained permanently in the player’s inventory and could be “sold” an infinite number of times. This made it possible to deprive the trader of their entire fortune.

In the meantime, however, this exploit no longer exists. Bethesda had fixed the bug quietly and secretly, without saying a word about it in the patch notes.

Nevertheless, we still have a tip for you: If you free the synth character Nick Valentine and find the voice bobble doll, you will permanently increase the budget of the merchants so that more can be sold to them.

To complete the story around Valentine and get him as a companion, you’ll have to complete the main quests “Be My Valentine,” “Dangerous Minds,” “Getting a Clue,” and “Reunions.”

5) Increase your income with the right skills

To earn money in Fallout 4 without feeling ripped off by the merchants, you need the right skills. Otherwise, you’ll only get a few bottlecaps for your items.

First of all, there are the two skills Treasure Hunter and Scrounger. If you level up the first one, you will find more bottlecaps in containers, in the remains of your enemies, and many other places, and with the second one more ammunition. These, in turn, you can convert into money at merchants.

If you have skilled treasure hunter to rank 4, it becomes especially profitable because then there is a chance that an enemy will explode in a shower of bottlecaps when you finish him off. You don’t have to collect the 15 to 30 bottlecaps you get individually. They go into your inventory at the same time.

The Master Trader skill is also indispensable for good business. Thanks to it, your purchase prices will be lower and your sales revenue will be higher. Rank 1 changes both by 10% and rank 2 by 20%. Additionally, your Charisma value determines how much a merchant will give you for an item. So to get rich, it should be as high as possible.

6) How to earn money in Fallout 4 through quests

Some quests are not very rewarding, but others will bring you bottlecaps, valuable armor or a powerful weapon. In general, the completion of main and side quests is a meaningful occupation. Apart from the money, there are always experience points that you can put into useful skills.

Here’s a small list of quests that will help you earn bottlecaps quickly and easily in Fallout 4:

  • “Underground Undercover” (by Desdemona): 500 bottlecaps
  • “Operation Ticonderoga” (by Desdemona): 500 bottlecaps
  • “Caretaker” (from Caretaker): 300 bottlecaps
  • “Shelter Randolph” (by Drummer Boy): 300 bottlecaps
  • “To the mattresses” (by Desdemona): 450 bottlecaps
  • “The Battle of Bunker Hill” (by Father): 500 bottlecaps
  • “Plugging a leak” (by Justin Ayo): 1,000 bottlecaps
  • “The Secret of Cabot House” (by Jack Cabot): 500 bottlecaps
  • “The Silver Shroud” (by Kent Connolly): 750 bottlecaps

The quests of the “Steel Brotherhood” faction are especially lucrative. Basically, you regularly get a lot of bottlecaps for main missions. You can also influence the amount of the reward by the decisions you make. For example, in the “Marowski Raid” you can get between 400 and 900 bottlecaps depending on the outcome.

7) Become a pickpocket

Get other people’s money without them noticing. Pickpocketing is a handy way to relieve NPCs of their stash of items and will earn you a lot of bottlecaps provided you don’t get caught. If you get caught, you’ll be in big trouble.

For the pickpocket to succeed, your Perception score should be as high as possible. Each point increases your chance of success by about 2%. Even more important is the skill pickpocket. Pickpocketing becomes 25% easier per rank. You can upgrade the skill up to rank 4, which gives you double the chance of being a successful pickpocket.

By the way, you can pickpocket uniforms and armor worn by NPCs several times. Their outfit will be reset. However, it is important that you are not seen during the pickpocketing process and that you are a rank 4 Pickpocket.

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