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10 Important Jagged Alliance 3 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 06.02.2024

24 years after the epic second part, the eagerly awaited sequel to the legendary tactical RPG finally arrives in 2023. In our Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks, we’ll show you the best strategies, how the RPG elements and combat work, and how to build powerful squads.

1) Jagged Alliance 3 mercenary guide

The maximum number of mercenaries you can have in Jagged Alliance 3 is limited. There can only be a total of 16, and that includes yours truly as well as allies who join you without regular pay. Although almost all of them have decent stats, you should think carefully about who you recruit and who you don’t. You can create the mercenary you embody by taking the Psycho Test.

Jagged Alliance 3 tips: mercenaries

At the very beginning of Jagged Alliance 3, go to the I.M.P. Web and set your stats. Technology can be set to zero at the bottom. We recommend setting Explosives and Medicine to five each. Accuracy, Leadership, and Health should be set to 70, Intelligence and Dexterity to 80, and Power and Agility to their highest values. We recommend 85 for each.

Next, choose your personal stats. This depends on your playstyle, but experience has shown that it’s best to give your alter ego the Negotiator advantage. The entire mercenary creation process will cost you $6,999 but will ensure that your mercenary doesn’t have to pay you anymore. As for your recruits, their unique abilities are important. You can identify them by their blue icons.

2) Meaning of the mercenary stats

  • Agility determines the amount of your AP (action points), your movement points, and the efficiency of your stealth.
  • Strength determines the size of your inventory, your melee attacks, and your throwing range.
  • Intelligence makes you better at spotting enemy troops and items
  • Dexterity determines your aiming bonus and the efficiency of sneak attacks.
  • Health determines your HP
  • Leadership determines how long militia and mercenaries train as well as any morale events
  • Accuracy determines the probability of hitting the target
  • Medicine determines your knowledge of medicine and supplies
  • Explosives help you detect and defuse bombs and booby traps, and use grenades.
  • Mechanic allows you to pick locks and detect and disarm traps.

3) How to build a good team

As a beginner, you should make sure that you put together squads of 6 as follows. It’s important to have a scout with a high Intelligence rating. They will discover traps and collectibles. You’ll also need a technician to disarm traps and a medic. You’ll also need a good sniper with high accuracy and dexterity.

Rounding out your Jagged Alliance 3 team is a bomb disposal expert who can locate and disable explosive hazards. If you have an explosives expert with a high Strength rating, he will also serve as a grenade launcher. An assassin with high agility and strength would also be useful. He can eliminate enemies on the battlefield through sneak attacks.

Specifically, your squad could consist of Grizzly, Kalyna, MD, Barry, and Igor at the normal difficulty level and at the slightly higher level (Commando). In addition, of course, there will be the mercenary you impersonate. If not all of the above units are available, Livewire as a mechanic would be a good addition. All in all, you won’t spend all of your starting capital, and you still have $8,300 to spend on other things.

On the high difficulty level of Mission Impossible, you’ll have less money to spend on hiring. So you will have to do without some of your team members for a while. However, you should still get Grunty, Igor, Livewire, and MD, as well as your alter ego. If you get into financial trouble during the game and can’t pay all of your mercenaries, you have the option of firing some of them. You can easily add them back to your squad later.

4) Change your tactics

If you keep using the same tactics with your squad, the AI in Jagged Alliance 3 will get used to it. For example, if you always stay in cover and fight your enemies from a distance, sooner or later they will anticipate your sneaky fire and surprise your outpost. It’s better to experiment in the game.

For example, change weapons and equipment and give your people a chance to learn. Besides, variety makes the game more fun, and you’ll learn the most effective options as you go. Some strategies are more rewarding than others. Be creative to get the most out of them.

5) How to get medicine

Medicine is extremely important, but unfortunately very scarce at the beginning. Therefore, one of our most important Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks is to reload the game if the first few battles went badly and your medics used up all the medicine. If you can’t heal all of your wounds during breaks because you’re out of medicine, you may not be able to make up the health shortfall.

To increase your supply of healing options, a unit with a high Intelligence score should scout the area. Use it to carefully search each settlement and area to discover all the loot.

6) Jagged Alliance 3 tips: Collect scrap

Scrap is an important resource for making ammunition, for example. You can get it by dismantling one explosive charge after another in a heavily mined area. Use your explosives expert to do this. They will turn the silent hazards into valuable inventory items.

Weapons you find in Jagged Alliance 3 and don’t use can also be scrapped. Lost items that you don’t need aren’t worth repairing. Simply convert them. By the way, you can sell valuables from crates by right-clicking on them in your inventory.

7) Using stealth mode and the silencer

Stealth is a powerful skill in Jagged Alliance 3, but it must be used properly to be effective. When one of your mercenaries has this skill, he can hide on the battlefield and move around fairly freely without being detected. To keep it that way, be sure to equip his weapons with a silencer.

Without a silencer, your enemies will notice him and engage him in combat. Using your stealth unit then works like this: Switch to the tactical view and enter stealth mode. Next, select your target. It’s best to find enemies that are standing alone and have no other guards nearby. Then, from as close a distance as possible, take them out with a precise headshot.

If the external factors are favorable, your sneak attacks will be even more effective and the chance of being detected will be lower. These include darkness and rain.

8) How to get ammunition

There is no real merchant in the Jagged Alliance 3. So ammunition can’t be bought easily, you have to organize it yourself. In sectors that have a repair shop, you can make cartridges and bullets from scrap metal and black powder. If you want to make 40mm HE grenades, you will need C4 explosives in addition to scrap.

C4 is a rare commodity. When your explosives expert finds one of the explosives, combine it with the pincers to extract the C4. It will then be available in your inventory.

9) Use of surveillance zones

Choosing your hot spots wisely can turn the tide of battle in Jagged Alliance 3 very quickly, or make it unnecessarily difficult and protracted. MGs have a very large range. When an enemy enters the area under their control, they will fire shots that can penetrate your opponent’s armor from a great distance. They are an effective way to eliminate threats from a distance.

However, the AI will try to run past the surveillance cones. You should also be careful not to place them too far away. After all, they will fire as soon as something moves inside the zone. If you’re dealing with melee fighters or soldiers with short-range weapons (like shotguns), it’s better to let them get to you first.

10) Use indirect effects

As in most good tactical RPGs, you can take advantage of indirect effects in Jagged Alliance 3. So include your surroundings in the battle and manipulate them beforehand. For example, if you set fire to barrels with your weapons, they will explode a few turns later. Make sure enemies are nearby and taking damage at the right time.

Also, if enemies are on a roof or higher, you can give them a nasty surprise: Destroy the floor with a well-aimed grenade, causing them to fall. Look carefully around you for such opportunities. Add to that clever placement of proximity fuses and pipe bombs.

Lead your squad to victory with PLITCH!

With our Jagged Alliance 3 tips and tricks, you’ll have a good base from which to build a strong starting squad and prove yourself in battle. However, the game remains challenging even on a lower difficulty level.

With the help of PLITCH’s Jagged Alliance 3 cheats, you can either increase the challenge or make it easier for yourself. Increase your money supply if you want to recruit a particular – expensive – mercenary, or give a unit extra action points to keep it in play longer.

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Happy Gaming!