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Improve your gaming live stream with PLITCH

  • from PLITCH
  • 19.06.2024

PLITCH is there for you when you need help during your single-player adventures. Using the software makes it possible for you to easily modify video games to your exact needs, no matter if you are in need of a chill gaming session where you can relax from a stressful day or if you seek an extra tough challenge.

PLITCH gives you the tools to create the perfect gaming session but there are more benefits than these obvious ones.

Using PLITCH during your gaming live streams will immensely improve the viewer experience of your content. Especially still small variety streamers will profit from using the software because you know how it is with the viewers… when they drop into a stream for the first time, they want to be entertained immediately, otherwise, they will just leave without even following.

But you can counteract that! Avoid as much downtime as possible while you’re gaming and be able to put a higher focus on your viewers in chat without having to pause the game, thanks to PLITCH.

Playing and chatting at the same time made easy

When you want to grow your stream, you should pay attention to your chat all while playing the game without making any mistakes. Unavoidably, one or the other has to suffer. How fast can you really reply to messages while you’re focussing on a story-based game that keeps throwing countless enemies in your path?

The distractions from the stream make it hard to stay alive in the game and let’s face it, after the 5th death in the same section at the latest, you’ll see the viewer numbers dwindle. Well, with PLITCH, prioritizing chat while making progress in the game is no problem since you can simply apply codes like Godmode or set your health higher to clear levels without any setbacks. Your chat will thank you for it!

Minimize boring game sections to keep your viewers interested

Depending on the genre of game you’re playing, there might be quite a bit of time-consuming grinding required. It’s not unusual that you need to collect a big number of resources to craft certain objects or buildings which you need to progress. It goes without saying that those are not the most exciting sections of video games and therefore you might lose the interest of your viewers.

Instead of seeing their numbers diminish, activate PLITCH to multiply resources and items with one click. Doing so will enable you to skip the tedious grind and get right back into the fun parts of the game that your viewers want to see.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone made easy

Using a legal cheat software like PLITCH might also inspire you to play and stream games that you wouldn’t even have considered getting in the first place. Let’s take Soulslike games as an example since they are particularly crunchy when it comes to difficulty. Why not enable a few codes to help you reduce the number of “You died” screens?

The same goes for challenging platformers like Celeste. Even though certain games might not be inside your comfort zone, you can give them a try without reservation since PLITCH provides whatever you may need – health, stamina, speed, money, resources, you name it!

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your audience as they will enjoy the unexpected new content while you can indulge in discovering new genres and types of games. Who knows, you might find that games you were never interested in are actually right up your alley.

Get to where you want to be hassle-free

PLITCH will also come in handy whenever you lose your save-game due to file corruption or if you want to get through a certain part of a game as quickly as possible. Enable a few cheat codes and soar through the levels in no time until you are at the section where you left off or want to continue from.

This also goes for difficult or annoying game sections you get stuck on. Save yourself the frustration and prevent your viewers from getting bored by simply tweaking the game to your needs.

The issue might be that you don’t have enough ammo for the weapon you’re most comfortable with. Well, then simply grant yourself unlimited ammo. Or in case your patience ran out completely, nothing feels better than turning on the Easy-Kills code and mowing down your enemies one strike at a time. Afterall, games are there to be enjoyed, not to make you rage quit.

Spice up your content with interactive challenges

This could be an exciting interactive experience for your stream: Let your viewers take control over PLITCH! Set up rewards for channel points, bits, or donations to let your audience decide which way your game will be going. It’ll get particularly fun with the Hardcore cheats that set your health to low as well as your resources. One thing is for sure, you’ll find out who the devious viewers in your community are!

Even if you might not be having the most fun while torturing yourself through a game, your chat will surely get a laugh out of it and appreciate the entertainment. It’ll certainly be an event to remember and might inspire people to tune back into your channel. Give it a try and who knows, maybe the interactive PLITCH challenges will become a recurring event featuring new games every time.

It’s time for your stream to grow!

Tons of gaming and streaming fun are waiting for you and your audience! Use PLITCH during your future streams and not only get the most out of your game for yourself but also transform your stream into constant entertainment that viewers will look forward to tuning back into. Have fun building up your community and seeing your channel grow!

Happy Gaming!