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PLITCH supports the German charity event “Loot für die Welt 9”

  • from PLITCH
  • 15.12.2023

The German charity event Loot für die Welt 9 was a complete success! Despite the current situation over 9000 generous people participated in the great fundraiser on November 12-13 and thus a total of 334,710€ was collected for various charitable projects. PLITCH actively supported LFDW9 in various ways.

Loot für die Welt 9 Website

What is Loot für die Welt?

Loot für die Welt, which could be translated as “Loot for the World”, is a motley crew of German content creators and friends who get together once a year and put on a 32-hour program to raise money for a good cause.

There is the main stream on Twitch, where the LFDW team provides entertainment with different shows and challenges, and a gaming stream on YouTube, where different video games are indulged in together.

Loot für die Welt Game Mode by PLITCH

We had the great honor to co-sponsor Loot für die Welt 9 this year and also came up with something extra special to make the LFDW9 booth rattle even more. On the weekend of the fundraiser, we added the LFDW Game Mode to our Dying Light 2 trainer, which was available to all PLITCHers for free.

Of course, the LFDW Game Mode was put to the test live on the YouTube Gaming Stream. With the increased difficulty due to constant low HP, a higher infection rate and low stamina, the brave gamers ventured into this extra crispy challenge.

For added thrills, they set the rule that only the bow could be used as a weapon for their zombie hunt. PLITCH provided the infinite ammunition needed for this.

Check out the full LFDW9 Dying Light 2 Challenge on YouTube.

Kudos and many thanks to the entire LFDW9 team for a super entertaining show and the extremely successful fundraiser! We are really proud to have been part of such a great campaign!