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Cheat Codes and Gaming Culture with Robert Maroschik and HipHopGamer

  • from PLITCH
  • 13.04.2023

Spring is almost here and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with a brand new interview with MegaDev and PLITCH CEO Robert Maroschik? Once again, Rob has gone out into the world to spread the good word of PLITCH.

This time, he hung out with the one and only HipHopGamer to talk about what inspired the creation of PLITCH, how they’re overcoming the stigma associated with cheats in video games, and much more! 

HipHopGamer grew up loving cheat programs like the Game Genie and GameShark and opened the discussion by asking what inspired Rob and his co-founder Christian Jänicke to resurrect that cheat legacy with PLITCH. 

“I was newly married and time was something I didn’t have,” said Rob. “Chris came up to me and he asked me to try one of his cheat codes and me being a gamer I said sure, I’ll give it a shot.”

Suddenly, Rob was able to play the Witcher 2 and Metro all the way through and found that he could make use of the limited free time he had and still play through the latest and greatest single-player games. Cheats were back in Rob’s life and he realized that if they could turn this cheat software into an app, then there could be a real business behind it. 

“There’s just so many people stuck in their lives who really want to game and enjoy new titles but don’t have the time to do so,” said Rob. “Why don’t we give them back time?”

According to Rob, the main point of PLITCH is to provide gamers who don’t have enough time, have a disability, or simply want to experience games from a whole new perspective, with the best gaming experience possible. 

After getting a brief history of how PLITCH came to be, HipHopGamer brought up how in today’s gaming culture using cheat codes are frowned upon, and that gamers are in the Get Good-era of gaming. 

“It’s the biggest obstacle we have to overcome,” said Rob. “We try to overcome that with humor and educate people and be like, ‘Hey you know what? If you don’t like cheats, that’s totally fine, maybe you’re too good of a gamer, but there are so many people who are not good.’”

In Rob’s eyes, PLITCH has taken a different stance and direction with their product compared to their competition. They are the all-in-one premium package and focus heavily on adding new games on release day and updating old games to keep them fun and playable. Rob also noted that they’re the only third-party cheat software that can make a game harder. 

They also touched on multiplayer vs. single player cheats and Rob’s message regarding multiplayer is a simple one:

“PLITCH does not work for multiplayer.”

That being said, he noted that it can be used as a tool for esports teams and aspiring pros to further develop their skills. By enabling hardcore cheats, players can increase the movement speed of AI, limit their ammo capacity, or place a cap on the number of gears they can use while racing. 

So much more was discussed in the interview, but we won’t spoil it for you. Go and watch the rest of Rob and HipHopGamer’s discussion for yourself!