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IXION Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In the space survival city builder IXION, you’re the administrator of the space station Tiqqun, which is constantly facing new threats. Protect your station from outside influences and guard inwardly against mutinies and strikes by your workers and crew members. The following article will provide you with important IXION tips and tricks to make your work as effective and time-saving as possible.

1) Store your resources in warehouses

The resources you collect are used to supply the workers, colonists, and the station in IXION. The resources are produced or brought to the station from space. However, you can only use them after they’ve been successfully transported to a suitable warehouse in the same sector. Once you’ve placed them in a warehouse, you can move them to other sectors. To efficiently store resources after production or harvesting, you should always make sure you have enough storage space available.

2) Distributing resources between sectors

The correct distribution of resources between sectors in IXION is very important because it guarantees the most effective supply of the station. Especially specialized sectors need this measure. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the resources needed in each sector and their current availability.

3) Make good use of your science points

Science points are a rare commodity, as they are especially useful for the successful development of your station after you’ve used them in the technology tree. Because of this scarcity, you should think carefully about where to spend your points and which technologies to improve.

To passively gain more science points in IXION, you can invest in the technology lab. Technologies that increase resource management and storage capacity are especially recommended. To extract important resources, invest your points in the Steel Mill or the Polymer Refinery.

4) Always have a supply of polymers

You should always have a large stock of polymers, as you will need them to build solar cells and generate energy. You can use them in the refineries. In the beginning, you can’t use the polymers because you don’t have any refineries, but you should start collecting them as soon as possible.

5) Place monuments in the right places

Monuments in IXION, when placed correctly, increase the stability points in sectors without using energy or manpower. You can explore monuments early in the game. If you’ve placed a monument in the appropriate sector specialization, you’ll receive a bonus. Available bonuses include Genetic Conatus (Food), Lunaclysm (Population), and Marduk (Industry). Theoretically, you can get a 200+ stability bonus with these.

6) Take care of your station hull

The hull loses more and more integrity over time, and the station’s protection against external threats decreases. Keep an eye on the hull gauge and activate the hull repair, which will automatically repair all damaged parts. To use this repair, you must have a constant supply of alloy. VOHLE jumps damage the hull, so you should avoid them if you have low hull integrity.

7) Ixion tips and tricks: Send out enough ships

Mining, research, and transport ships provide your basic supplies, so you should send them out in sufficient numbers. It’s also recommended to build storage facilities for your supplies and refineries to supply your resources.

8) Pay attention to the cycles

All possible operations in IXION require a certain number of cycles. This includes the preparation of meals as well as the extraction of resources. The respective number of cycles is almost always displayed so that you can plan optimally. For example, you can prepare for a possible worker strike in five cycles and respond by hiring new workers. You can also fast-forward or speed up the cycles if selected events last 60 or more cycles.

9) Crew Tips

Choose the best location for housing

Your primary goal should always be to keep your crew happy, because if they aren’t, they may start to strike, disrupting production or even a complete breakdown. So keep them fed and make sure your crew members have a decent place to sleep. Later in the game, you’ll be able to use optimized quarters that provide a higher level of comfort for your crew members.

Be sure to avoid living in cells, as they are made of inferior materials and will cause your crew to suffer in the long run. However, optimal accommodations don’t guarantee that crew members will always be happy and won’t start strikes or the like. When morale hits zero, the game is over for you.

Don’t spend too much time in the systems

Spending too much time in the same system will result in a drop in stability. This will hurt crew satisfaction in the long run.

Take care of your storage batteries

When you set the ship in motion, the Tiqqun sectors won’t be supplied with power during the journey, which in turn lowers morale. Therefore, build storage batteries to successfully bridge the gap.

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With these numerous IXION tips and tricks, getting started in the game should no longer be difficult. Exploring the game on your own is also a lot of fun. If you don’t have enough time to play at the moment, if the game is too hard for you, or if you’re too impatient, then use our PLITCH IXION cheats!

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Happy Gaming!