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Muck Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The free survival roguelike Muck hit like a bomb when it was released and 94% of positive reviews on Steam speak for themselves: You have to play this PC game. Our article will give you the best Muck tips and tricks for the perfect start. We’ll show you the best way to farm, how enemies can’t harm you, and how to explore the island in no time.

1) Getting started

At the beginning of the game, the first thing you do is select the difficulty level. The choices are Easy, Normal and Gamer. If you already have experience playing survival games, there is nothing wrong with selecting Normal mode. However, we only recommend the Gamer level to players who have already played one or two rounds in Muck. For everyone else, it’s best to start on Easy.

Next, we’ll take a look at the “Player Damage” selection. This one raises false expectations because with it you can’t set whether you take damage, but only whether you can damage other players. However, since the goal is survival, we recommend that you turn it off. Otherwise, you run the risk of accidentally killing your team members.

The third thing, before the actual game begins, is the selection of the Game Mode.Versus” means nothing more than a PvP and “Creative” lets you explore and shape the game world without any dangers. However, the real adventure is the “Survival” mode. That’s what Muck was developed for. So, for the most fun, we recommend you click here.

Now you’re ready to go. Very important: At the bottom right, you can see your status. The upper bar shows how much health or life you have left. The middle bar tells you how hungry you are and the bottom bar lets you know how much stamina you have. You should always keep an eye on these three.

Your first task in Muck is to find a stone and pick it up. With it, you’ll be able to mine wood.

2) Muck Tips and Tricks on Tools

When you’re all set and able to mine wood, the real adventure begins. We want to give you the best tips for beginners so that your start will be as pleasant and fun as possible.

The first question in Muck is: How do you get tools? It’s simple: you hit your stone against trees to get wood. Once you have five pieces, you go to a workbench and craft a Wooden Axe. This entry-level tool not only allows you to better cut wood but also to do other cool things. But more about that later.

In the course of the game, you can upgrade your weapon and tool repertoire. For certain trees, you need special axes. In addition, there are also the mobs – your opponents. So that you can best defend yourself against them, various weapons are needed to do the highest possible attack damage.

Our tip is to collect everything you can get your hands on. All resources are useful in their way. Then go to the workbench every now and then and see if you can make something new. If you hover your mouse over the item, you can see exactly what you need to craft it.

3) Tips on food

Let’s move on to a delicious topic. In Muck, you don’t just gather resources and craft, you also eat. In the beginning, we told you to keep an eye on your status indicators. When it comes to food, the middle one now plays a role – it gets a little smaller with every minute you play. But with our survival tips, you won’t die of hunger.

For example, you’ll find apples everywhere on the island. Collect some and if you need energy fast, you can refill your bar by consuming them. However, as in real life, they are only good as snacks. They do not make a sumptuous meal.

Yellow mushrooms and other fruits also satisfy your hunger. The same applies to wheat. The good thing about it is that it grows back after every night. So, you can use it without hesitation, especially if you make dough and bread from it later. For this, however, you need an appropriate workbench. Five kinds of wheat will later make one unit of dough. This then only needs to be heated in a kettle to become bread.

Of course, as a non-vegetarian, you’re also looking for meat. It gives you a lot of energy and satisfies your hunger particularly well. However, you will need some stamina to produce it. So, you always have to weigh up if producing it makes sense for you or if an apple might be the better choice.

4) Weapons

We have already mentioned that there are enemies in Muck, the so-called mobs. You need proper weapons to stand your ground against them and not die prematurely. Your wooden axe can be used as a weapon, but it doesn’t do much damage. The solution is to craft more powerful weapons.

Of course, you’ll need some raw materials to do so and the right recipes or blueprints. It makes the most sense to concentrate on a bow first. To unlock the recipe for it, you’ll first need to craft a string. Once you’ve done that, you’ll automatically get the bow plan. The furnace, in turn, can be crafted at a workbench once you have wheat in your inventory.

The bow itself can then be assembled with wood and string. To be well-equipped for close combat, we recommend that you craft a sword next. For this, you need a furnace to melt iron ore later. You craft the furnace – as well as the cord – at your workbench.

The locations where you can find iron ore in Muck can vary since the world is procedurally generated. It’s best to always look for dark minerals and as soon as you find some, collect them with a wooden pickaxe. When you melt the ore in your furnace, you will automatically receive the recipe for an anvil. As a penultimate step, get yourself some birch wood with the help of a steel axe (which you can also make now, by the way).

With five birch planks of wood and seven iron rods in your inventory, you’ll finally be able to make the long-awaited and powerful sword. Later in the game, when you find new minerals such as gold, etc., you will also be able to make a corresponding gold sword, an obamium sword, various daggers, spears, and much more.

As a rule, you will need five pieces of refined mineral and five special kinds of wood each to craft a better weapon.

5) Open Chests

Of course, all of our Muck tips and tricks are helpful, but now we’re slowly getting to the real pro tips. There are chests with valuable content everywhere in the world. However, it costs money to open the chests. The range goes from 25 gold for the cheapest to 150 or even 200 coins for the most valuable and therefore most expensive.

And here we already have the first tip for you: If you don’t have enough money to open a rare chest, just leave some wood on the spot. Just like Hansel and Gretel, this trick will help you find the chest later. But unlike the breadcrumbs in Grimm’s fairy tale, your trail won’t be eaten away by nasty birds.

In the chests themselves, you will find so-called Muck buffs. The rarity of the chest is indicated by its color. The more special the color, the more valuable the content. In total there are 11 different attack power-ups, 4 life power-ups, and 3 movement power-ups. In addition, you will also find power-ups that either increase your stamina or damage to resources or improve your chest drops.

6) The battle against your enemies

At night, things get dangerous in Muck. Because that’s when your enemies spawn. So be well prepared and organize your first weapons already on the first day – as described above. The mean thing is that mobs attack not only you but also the objects you have built. So, you have to defend yourself.

The type of enemies that can spawn depends on how long you’ve been playing. In the beginning, the standard Dave and Goblins can already spawn. Both of them are still very weak and not a real threat. Besides, you can simply run away from them. The following list shows you from which point on more enemies will appear:

  • Day 1: Wolf and Golem
  • Day 4: Fire Dave
  • Day 5: Lightning Dave
  • Day 6: Water Dave
  • Day 7: Wyvern
  • Day 8: Big Chunk, Gronk, Guardian, and Chief

The enemies from Day 8 are also the bosses in the game. However, there is one more. This one appears as soon as the ship sails. His name is Bob. He is a large and powerful dragon. The combat system is relatively simple. You dodge to avoid attacks and attack by pressing the left mouse button. Over time, you’ll get a feel for the timing of the enemies.

7) More Survival Tips

Before we get to the conclusion, we’d like to give you a few more Muck tips and tricks that will be enormously useful to you and ensure your survival.

  • Run as fast as you can and keep moving. After all, you have to use your days wisely, flee from strong enemies and explore the island as fast as you can to get resources. Also, you should take every speed power-up you can get.
  • Be the shield of your base and defend it. As mentioned earlier, monsters spawn at night and attack not only you but also your base. So that you don’t build your furnace, workbench, etc. in vain, and most importantly, you don’t lose the valuable resources you put into them, you need to protect them. So, prepare well for the night and run control rounds to keep an eye on everything.
  • Gain a height advantage by building a sky base. Due to its location above the ground, mobs can’t reach it and your equipment and yourself are protected.
  • When you defeat an enemy, he drops loot. You should always collect it. You never know what you can use the items for later and from experience, we can tell you: With every new recipe you will be glad about all the items you have saved.
  • Mine Mithril as early as possible. As soon as you have a steel pickaxe, you can farm this valuable mineral. If you refine your equipment with mithril, you can cut down oak trees, which gives your crafting options a huge boost.
  • Gold ores are potential coins. All over the island, you will find small ore deposits that you can mine with the pickaxe. You can then melt the collected ore in your furnace and make cash from the resulting ingots.
  • Last but not least: Save coins for higher goals. If you can, you should always have at least 150 gold pieces in your pocket, so that when you discover a particularly rare chest, you don’t have to wait, but can open it immediately.

How can PLITCH enhance your Muck gaming experience?

One thing is obvious: the survival game from developer Dani is a lot of fun. Thanks to our Muck tips and tricks, you should be able to get started easily and be prepared for most challenges. If only there weren’t three things that could ruin your gaming experience. But don’t worry, we already have the solution!

The distribution of items and enemies in Muck is procedurally generated. This makes planning difficult, and most importantly, it can sometimes make the game unfair. To compensate for this, we at PLITCH offer you handy Muck cheats. With their help, you’ll be able to play the game exactly the way you want.

Besides, intensive crafting takes time which you sometimes simply don’t have. Also, us players often get impatient when we know what’s possible in a game but don’t get it right away. So, do you have to bite the bullet and give up the Wyvern Dagger or the Ancient Bow? Not with us! Just grab one of our cheat codes and make your life easier. After all, PLITCH is there for your convenience!

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Happy Gaming!