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10 Nightingale Tips and Tricks | Beginner’s Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 28.02.2024

Even the trailers looked extremely promising and ensured that the first game from Inflexion Games became one of the most anticipated titles of 2024. In our Nightingale tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to win battles, how crafting works, and how the biomes and realm cards affect the survival elements.

1) Tips for different biomes

At the start of Nightingale’s Early Access period, there are three different biomes in the game that you can choose to use as the basis for a new realm. By inserting the appropriate card into the portal, the new world will be generated as either a forest, desert, or swamp. The generation itself is random.

As part of the tutorial, Puck will guide you through all three of them, giving you a few small tasks to complete in each. Where you choose to build your base is up to you.

The Forest

The forest is the most beginner-friendly biome in Nightingale and the first one you’ll visit in the tutorial. It offers plenty of food and a wide variety of plants.

You’ll also find an abundance of wood and stones. Frequent rain and hail are a disadvantage. Wild boars and wolves are hostile to you and will attack you as soon as they see you.


There are hardly any mountains or hills in the desert. The flat terrain makes it easier for you to navigate and allows you to see potential enemies, resources, and points of interest early on.

Due to the hot climate, you’ll be forced to seek shade or use an umbrella regularly. The biggest disadvantage is that you’ll find less of the materials that are important in the beginning, such as wood and fiber.


The swamp in Nightingale provides an abundant supply of food. You can also find a lot of ore and stones here.

Another advantage is that the enemies are less aggressive and some of the creatures will leave you alone if you ignore them. However, the water is polluted and there is frequent rain and hail.

2) Build a base

After you’ve completed Puck’s last task in the swamp, you can choose which realm you want to use as your “Abeyance”. Once you’ve chosen between forest, desert, and swamp, and have assembled the realm cards, the realm will be generated and you can go through the portal. Once you arrive in the new world, you’ll need to find a suitable place to set up your hub.

The Abeyance realm in Nightingale is more peaceful than others and serves as a safe haven. We recommend that you set up your camp so that the distance between the portal and the Essence Trader is about the same. Once you’ve found a good location, you’ll need to build a cairn. This will determine the permanent location of your settlement. After that, the actual construction of the base is on the agenda.

To start with, it’s enough to build about three foundations that are one story high and one story wide. Your house should be completely enclosed to prevent enemies from attacking you. It should also have a door so you can get in and out. Roof tiles are definitely important for your survival. Rain and hail can come down at any time and slowly but surely kill you. Protect yourself from them!

As the game progresses, you’ll expand your base. The first additions should be a campfire and bedding to cover the basic aspects of survival. Next, you’ll need a simple workbench for crafting and improvements.

3) Resource tips

There are more than 20 different resources in Nightingale. The most important ones to start with are wood and stone. Wood and loose stone can be found almost everywhere on the ground in the form of bundles and clusters. You can simply pick them up with your hands in your inventory. To get the wood from the trees, you have to cut them down with an axe. Stone blocks can be removed from their formations with a pickaxe.

Other important resources are plant fibers and meat. Fiber is harvested from tall grasses and meadows, and predators such as wolves and wild boars are killed for food. Animals are also a source of furs and bones, which you’ll need for equipment.

In addition to meat, you should also gather berries from the bushes for food. There are several types of berries, all of which are edible. Use the pickaxe to process not only rocks but also veins of ore to extract quartz and tin. If you find a dark vein, it’s valuable nickel.

If you harvest a lot of wood in Nightingale, you may end up cutting large bare patches into the landscape. To regrow the resource, you have two options: the Carnute creature or a regrowth spell. Carnute uses his golden breath to make trees grow. You can purchase the regrowth spell from the Forest Herbarium Essence Trader.

4) How to get essences fast

Speaking of Essence Traders. To buy anything from them, such as potions, blueprints, or even spells, you need essences. The good thing about this currency is that you can find it in everything in a realm. You can get it by killing animals or destroying other components of a biome. However, the quickest way to get essence is to collect resources.

nightingale tips: how to get essences

Gather as many low-level items as you can by running through meadows and forests, then go to your inventory. Right-click on the resources and select Extract. This will convert the resources into essence and fill your wallet.

If you’re worried that you’ll eventually run out of collectibles on a Nightingale world, we can reassure you: If a world is depleted, you can simply reset it to its original state by leaving it through the portal and using the same realm cards later.

5) Get a companion

Even if you’re playing Nightingale in single-player rather than co-op mode, you can still travel the worlds with a companion to make one or two mechanics easier. Our next Nightingale tips and tricks will therefore deal with the game’s companions.

All survivors can be recruited by you. The only requirement is that you complete their quest. This can be anything from upgrading your base to protecting them from enemies. Once an NPC has joined your party, they will automatically follow you everywhere and even fight alongside you against enemy creatures.

To stay close to you, companions in Nightingale can teleport to you. Not only will they help you in battle, but they will also help you gather resources. To avoid overloading your own character, you can give them heavy loads to carry. NPCs can also mine resources themselves. The weapon they use must be selected manually and can be changed at any time.

Of course, you can also use your companion’s equipment on yourself, but we recommend that you use them as active companions in the beginning. You can find your first one near the Essence Trader.

6) Nightingale hunting tips

Let’s talk about hunting in Nightingale. It will be a big part of the game along with gathering resources. After all, one of your main goals is to level up your equipment to at least 20. You’ll need a lot of essence and fur to make leather goods.

Both active and passive creatures are available for hunting. The difference is that some will become aggressive and attack you, while others will run away cowardly. We recommend that you focus on the active animals so that you don’t have to run around the entire realm and waste time.

Kill boars and wolves and collect meat and fur. Don’t stop hunting until you’ve killed at least three of them. Then return to your base and start crafting. Make a sling bow as your first ranged weapon. You can make it from the materials of three slain animals. To have enough ammunition, you’ll also need to craft at least 99 stone marbles.

7) Nightingale tips for battles

Your main enemies in the game are the Bounds. They appear almost everywhere and can vary in size and strength. Some appear when you activate a portal, others can be found in the Fae Towers and at landmarks. Don’t underestimate how dangerous they can be, especially in large groups. Be sure to upgrade your equipment constantly.

Before you go into your first boss fight in Nightingale, we want to give you a checklist of everything you should have crafted by then. You don’t stand a chance without these items, and you don’t even need to try. All of the following items can be crafted using the simple workbench.

  • simple boots
  • simple gloves
  • simple breeches
  • simple shirt
  • simple pack
  • simple headwrap
  • simple capelet

You’ll need a total of 11 units of leather, which can be obtained from 22 skins. For ammunition, we recommend 500 stone marbles. You should also have enough healing potions or ointments on hand.

8) Use your umbrella for dashing

The umbrella is one of the most useful pieces of equipment in Nightingale and should be crafted early in the game. Since there are no mounts in the realms yet, it’s a good idea to use it as a glider to speed up your exploration. An interesting mechanic is the Umbrella Dash.

By stabbing with your hunting knife while gliding, you can sprint and increase your movement speed. Keep in mind that your stamina is limited. Each of these actions will consume a portion of it, and when it reaches zero, you’ll go into free fall.

Umbrella Dash works like this: You jump off a hill or ledge and begin to glide. Once you’re airborne, press the spacebar to stop gliding, swing your knife, and then right-click to sprint. Repeat this until you either reach your destination or run out of stamina.

9) Crafting tips

The crafting system in Nightingale is very extensive and complex. Several different blueprints can be purchased from each Essence Trader, and we recommend that you purchase them all as quickly as possible. You’ll often need to craft items at one workbench that you’ll need in other places for further crafting. The more you craft, the more powerful your character will become.

Some items can be crafted using multiple resources. For example, you can choose to use the bones of a simple prey or a predator. Your choice will have a direct effect on the stats of the item, and it’s best to choose the higher quality of the two. So don’t always use the automatic resource usage feature, but select them manually.

The environment of a workspace is also important. For example, making sure it’s covered will speed up production. Some workstations also need light sources to function efficiently. A campfire near a workbench will also give you a protection bonus.

10) Nightingale realm cards guide

A new world is created by combining a Biome Card with Major and Minor cards to determine their properties. You can also set the difficulty level, which affects the strength of your opponents. Minor cards can be found in chests, for example. You can also buy them from essence merchants or earn them by solving puzzles.

Minor cards can be used to increase your movement speed or jump height. They can also affect the hostility of animals or the position of the sun. Some quests and tasks are easier to complete when you use transmuters, which increase the number of item drops or improve gameplay.

Collect as many realm cards as possible and decide which ones best suit your goals in each world.

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With our Nightingale tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared for your journey through the realms. You can also customize your experience with PLITCH’s Nightingale cheats. For example, you can get an item stack directly from an item drop or set an item stack at the touch of a button.

Our single-player trainer provides you with convenience features that make the survival game even more enjoyable.

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