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Raft Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 14.12.2023

Like many others, you got carried away by the Raft hype train? Are you perhaps looking for tips and tricks to help you survive and succeed on the high seas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we at PLITCH will show you some important Raft tips and tricks that will help you get started with the adventure game.

1) Survival tips and tricks

Use the hook or fish with your hands

Use the hook or your hands to collect as many items from the sea as quickly as possible. Barrels are especially profitable because they contain a lot of useful materials. However, if you’re going right past the loot, it’s better to grab it with your hands.

Build a spear to repel sharks

As soon as the shark attacks the raft, the first thing to do is build a spear. This way you can repel it when it attacks the raft. The normal spear requires three hits, but the metal spear only requires two. If you let it get too close, it will tear a plank of the raft into pieces (including everything on it).

Craft a construction hammer and enlarge your raft

Build the construction hammer and add some foundations to your raft to make it bigger. This is done with planks and plastic material. In addition, you’ll need some space for items like cleaners and grills. You’ll also need to build these as soon as possible so you can get food and water.

Make a fishing rod and grill fishes

Fish can be caught with the fishing hook. By keeping the left mouse button pressed, it will be thrown out. The longer you hold the button down, the farther the hook flies.

It can take some time until the fish bites. When the fish bites, the rod tilts to the side. By clicking the right mouse button, the fish is taken out of the sea.

Build a kedge anchor

If your materials allow it, build a kedge anchor to stop in front of a deserted island. There you can find and collect valuable resources like sand and metal ore. Without a kedge anchor, you run the risk of the raft being effortlessly swept away by ocean currents during your shore leave.

Build a purifier for seawater

To avoid dying of thirst surrounded by salt water, build a simple purifier and fill its water tanks with seawater. Purifiers turn salt water into fresh water. There are three types of water purifiers: Simple Purifiers, Advanced Purifiers, and Electric Purifiers.

Fish directly after shark attacks

It’s best to fish directly after shark attacks in hopes of catching a wide variety of species. Your goal is to grill the medium-sized ones. If you find small fish, use them as shark bait, and store the large ones until you can build a big grill.

Make the raft shark-proof

It’s insanely annoying when the raft has to be repaired over and over again. It’s easy to avoid these problems by simply getting what you need to make your raft sturdy. To do this, build another floor on the outside of all four raft floors, including the corners, and then improve the floors built on the outside with Foundation Armor.

Dealing with Bruce the shark

Don’t worry about Bruce, he seems strong and dangerous, but he’s not, as long as you pay attention to the following:

Just before he attacks you, jump out of the water. This way he won’t catch you but will turn his back on you – that’s your chance. From this position, you can easily attack. You may have to jump out of the water several times, but once you grab him, you can live in peace again.

2) Raft tips and tricks on crafting and research

Upgrade your raft including a research table

If you’ve followed all the tips so far, your survival at sea is guaranteed and you can continue to upgrade the raft. This will require a research table, where you’ll need to look at the blueprints you’ve received and figure out how to create new items.

Always make two items

Make a habit of crafting each item twice (e.g. the purifier) as soon as possible to counteract shortages in emergencies. Especially in the early hours of the game, a night’s rest doesn’t do much good but fishing urgently needed resources out of the sea does. Concentrate up front on wood and leaves, which you can use to make ropes.

Research nets

We also advise you to use or research nets. Floating on the raft, they will collect items for you while you work on other, more important things.

Create a large camp

We also recommend that you make large camps so that you don’t have to throw away even the smallest item. You may need most of the items you find later on, so it is advisable to make a big stockpile.

3) Raft tips and tricks on diving and exploring islands

Build your raft higher

Usually, items are destroyed after the ground plate they stand on is damaged. Therefore, build your raft higher, preferably with several floors. If you’ve placed your item on two different floor plates and only one of the plates is broken, the item will not break but stay in place.

Underwater treasures are waiting for you!

Probably the most valuable items of an island are underwater. If you enter an underwater area on an island, you will discover rare metals or treasure chests with especially rare raw materials.

Don’t dive at night

We advise you not to dive at night, because you can hardly find anything underwater at night, apart from that you can hardly see anything. Besides, you are easy prey for Bruce at night.

Put shark decoys in the water before your dive

Also, make sure to throw some shark decoys into the water before your swim to try and distract the monster for as long as possible. Whether you can make a bow and arrow or not, the distraction technique will help you. However, should you already know how to make a bow and arrow, you can easily shoot the shark and collect extremely nutritious shark fillets.

Remove all items from your inventory

If for some reason you run out of oxygen or are about to die, remove all items from your inventory as soon as possible.

But don’t worry, the items won’t disappear immediately. You’ll have about a minute and a half from the time you get back up to pick up the items again before they disappear forever.

4) Tips on beehives

How to get the maximum honeycomb production

Honeycombs in Raft are an excellent resource, and you can use them in several ways. For honeycombs, you need hives and flowers. 12 flowers can provide a maximum of 3 honeycombs for harvesting.

Place four flower beds, each with three flowers, as close together as possible. Then place the hives as close as possible around the flower beds.

The following materials are needed for one hive:

  • 20x planks
  • 8x plastic
  • 4x clay
  • 2x hinge
  • 15x bee jar

For the small flowerbed you need:

  • 6x planks
  • 4x ropes

5) How to craft net launchers & ammunition

Unlock the crafting recipes

To make the items, you need to research both of them first. For this, you will need some specific items. Once you have the items, bring them to the research table and then unlock the crafting recipes.

Which items are needed?

Do you want to research the net launcher? Then you need the following items:

  • Scrap
  • Plastic
  • Iron ingots
  • Bolts

You will need the listed items to research the Net Canister (= ammo for the Net Launcher):

  • Explosive Powder
  • Stone
  • Rope

Throughout the game, most of the items are pretty easy to find. Thus, after you have carefully researched the Net Launcher and the ammunition, you will be able to craft both.

Net Launcher Crafting:

  • 2x Scrap
  • 4x plastic
  • 1x iron ingot
  • 2x bolts

Net Launcher Ammo Crafting:

  • 1x Explosive powder
  • 4x Stone
  • 4x Rope

6) Further tips and tricks

Continue using used batteries

If you don’t have access to a charging station yet, you can reuse used batteries that you already own to create items. For example, you can create the following items:

The Metal Detector: With the Metal Detector you can search for treasures buried deep in the ground. To make the metal detector you need:

  • 1x used battery
  • 12x plastic
  • 6x scrap

You can also make a headlamp with a used battery. This will allow you to see in the dark while keeping your hands free. This is an important consideration for caves or dark corners. For a headlamp you will need:

  • 1x used battery
  • 2x rope
  • 2x scrap

Kill a bear to get a lot of resources

When you kill a bear, you get its leather, meat, and whole head – all of which you can use to make fuel. Here’s one way you can farm a lot of it at once:

  • Type the coordinates of Balboa Island into your raft’s navigator.
  • Then you should see a blue dot (Balboa Island) and two green dots (smaller islands) on the navigator.
  • Go to the dots in the green area until you arrive at Balboa Island.
  • Now it’s time to park your raft, take your weapons, and find a bear.
  • Kill the bear and collect its loot.
  • Once you’ve killed the bear you can do something else in the meantime, come back after 3 minutes (real-time) and kill the bear again.
  • You can repeat the process as many times as you like.

Use goat milk as fuel

Once you’ve caught goats and brought them to your raft, you can milk them with buckets every 5 minutes. For maximum efficiency, make as many buckets as you have goats.

To make one bucket you will need:

  • 3x planks
  • 1x scrap
  • 1x rope

What’s great about the whole thing is that you can milk the goats as many times as you want with the buckets without breaking the bucket.

You now need honey to make fuel from the goat’s milk. The corresponding equation is the following:

1x fuel = 2x buckets of goat milk + 1x honey.

Produce water bottles

To explore the largest island freely and without getting thirsty, you need to make and fill enough water bottles.

To make one empty water bottle you need:

  • 6x plastic
  • 4x Vine goo

To have enough water on hand, you must or should also create a water tank. This is made from:

  • 30x plastic
  • 10x planks
  • 5x ropes
  • 3x titanium bars

After you’ve made both, you can fill the bottles with water and go exploring. Just make sure that you always create enough drinking water.

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