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Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Things often get a little heated in the Wild West. And so the impressive world in RDR 2 is repeatedly torn apart by the blast of smoking guns. One of the central combat mechanics is the Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye.

It’s an ingenious feature, though many wonder how Dead Eye works exactly. Unfortunately, you can’t use this powerful slow-motion feature indefinitely. In this guide, you’ll learn what’s behind the Dead Eye system and how to activate it to better control hits on the PC. We’ll also show you how to get more Dead Eye.

1) What is Dead Eye?

Dead Eye is a fire mode that you can use to take out your enemies or even animals on the hunt more easily. By unlocking and using Red Dead 2 Deadeye correctly, you can fire quick shots one after another very precisely.

This game mechanic can not only be used in the console version of RDR2 but of course, targets can be marked in the mode on the PC as well.

How to use it best

The Red Dead 2 Deadeye can be found at the beginning of your adventure as one of Arthur Morgan’s abilities. First of all, you have 3 markers at your disposal on the display.

If you get into a dicey situation, you can simply activate the RDR2 Dead Eye and the slow-motion function brings you the bonus of being able to aim and shoot relatively calmly.

Where to see when it’s available

How much Dead Eye you have available is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. At the beginning, as mentioned, it only has 3 markers. As the game progresses, the scope of this fire mode expands for you.

Thus, more of the Dead Eye technique is available during firefights. This means that Arthur Morgan will be able to quickly take out a whole truckload of enemies just by using the slow-motion technique.

How do you activate Deadeye?

When fighting enemies or hunting animals, the Dead Eye is your most powerful weapon in the game. On a controller with standard bindings, you activate the bullet time by pressing the right analog stick. This puts the current scene into slow motion.

In addition, a crosshair appears, which can be used to conveniently mark targets. By the way, this also works when throwing knives. And the fire mode also helps you with the Quickdraw. Simply pay attention to the eye symbol at the bottom right.

How does Dead Eye regenerate and which items regenerate it?

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye regenerates over time, as it does with other stats like stamina. Besides, the Dead Eye can be filled faster if you distribute headshots and eliminate players. Besides, in RDR2 you’ll find many tonics as well as elixirs.

In terms of the Deadeye, Valerian Root will give you a 25% experience bonus to the slow-motion feature. You can get 10% more XP for your Dead Eye with the help of the Coyote Fang Amulet.

2) The different levels of Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye

How to level up Dead Eye quickly

The bullet time function is a fundamental part of Arthur Morgan’s abilities. In this respect, you only have to worry about the Red Dead 2 Dead Eye in between.

For one thing, you automatically level up the available amount as you progress through the campaign. On the other hand, there is the possibility to boost the bullet time in terms of quantity and duration by using it frequently with experience points.

Effects of each level of Dead Eye explained

Dead Eye Level 1

You start at the first level once you receive Dead Eye during the mission “Old Friends”. From the moment you receive it, you’ll be able to activate the slow-motion function and mark your enemies in real-time.

At this level, however, you can’t influence where the markers are placed. Consequently, you’ll have to wait a bit for precise headshots.

Dead Eye Level 2

Level two is unlocked in the mission “Oil Spill”. It empowers you to freely mark the enemies and decide which of your shots will be distributed to which opponent. Thus, you’ll have the option of pumping all the bullets into just one enemy or distributing them on different people.

Dead Eye Level 3

You get the 3rd Dead Eye level in the mission “Banking, the old American art form”. What’s interesting about the new level is that you now remain in fire mode after firing shots. So you still have the option to fire at enemies that are still standing after your first action.

You can then mark them again and shoot them down for good. Especially with large crowds of enemies, this feature is extremely helpful.

Dead Eye Level 4

Level 4 Dead Eye is unlocked after completing the mission “Transient Friends”. From this point on, bullet time provides you with the perfect foundation for deadly shots. Once the 4th level is accessible, the hearts and heads of the opponents will be highlighted after activating the deadeye ability.

However, this not only works on human opponents, but also on animals. As a hunter, the hunt thus becomes a lot easier.

Dead Eye Level 5

On the last level, which you unlock after the mission “Goodbye, dear friend”, there is another marking of body parts. If you activate the RDR2 Dead Eye, you will not only see the heads and hearts highlighted but also the stomachs and lungs of your opponents.

This function also offers you advantages not only with humans but also with animals – especially when hunting the legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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