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RimWorld Guide | 11 Important Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 16.05.2024

The game actually came out of Early Access in 2018. However, an incredible number of new features have been added over the past few years. That’s why our RimWorld guide will show you how to manage your crew, resources, and survival mechanics in the latest version.

1) Pick the right storyteller

Before the game gets going, you have to make a decision that will greatly impact what lies ahead. By choosing one of the three AI game masters, you determine the difficulty level. As a beginner, we recommend that you don’t go too high. When RimWorld tells you that you have to fight for your survival, this isn’t an exaggeration, as in other games, but the harsh reality.

RimWorld Guide: Cassandra

With Cassandra, you get a classic experience in which the difficulty increases bit by bit. Things start off pretty easy, so you can get used to the mechanics and build up your skills. There are also one or two pauses between events.

Phoebe is probably the best choice to start with in RimWorld. The pauses between events are longer than with Cassandra, and the difficulty doesn’t increase until relatively late in the game. Before that, the events are easy to master.

Randy Random is only for you if you’ve already played several rounds and are familiar with the game. The AI narrator is unpredictable and may present you with events early in the game that put your crew to the test.

2) Select your world and climate zone

The next step in RimWorld is to create your individual scenario. You can choose the seed at random, and a planet coverage of 30 percent is sufficient by default. To start with, we recommend that you keep the temperature and rainfall at an average level. However, you can experiment a bit in your later games.

The choice of climate zone is crucial for the start. Before you start, you can choose the landing site for the escape pod. It’s best to choose a temperate forest or a coniferous forest. You’re not allowed to land on the fields of other factions, and you’ll only explore a fraction of the vast world during the game. Therefore, it’s best to choose a location that is close to other communities so that you can trade later.

3) RimWorld Guide: Assemble your crew

Before you set off, you should assemble your crew. This point is extremely important, because only if you have people with the right skills will you survive the first hours in RimWorld. It’s best to keep generating new members until you have three people whose skills complement each other.

The most important skills to start with in RimWorld are farming and mining, so you can gather resources and food. You will also need medicine to treat illnesses and injuries, building for construction, and shooting for defense.

4) Take care of basic needs

Once the game starts, your job is to take care of your crew’s basic needs so they don’t go crazy. Make sure they have food and a roof over their heads.

You must also keep them safe. Keeping your crew happy is extremely important. This includes, for example, equipping the dwellings with beds for sleeping and building a small prison.

5) Distribute the work properly

Let’s move on to one of the most important points in our RimWorld guide. The division of labor. When you click on the Work tab, you’ll be taken to the prioritization of activities. You can manually set this so that the AI automatically works on the things you consider important first. The 1 stands for very important and the 4 for unimportant.

This is where your crew’s initial skills come into play. If they have mining skills, you should prioritize mining activities. Make your medical expert a doctor and a person who is good at shooting a soldier. According to your classifications, the doctor will always treat injuries before doing anything else, and a farmer will primarily take care of the food supply.

You fill levels 2 through 4 with activities that are generally always good and useful. Cooking, hauling, building, etc. This will keep your people busy even when their main task isn’t required.

6) Build in a safe place

In addition to meeting the needs of your characters in RimWorld, the location of your settlement is crucial to their happiness. Build in a place that is well protected from attack. For example, if your area is largely surrounded by mountains, potential enemies will be forced to take predictable routes to get to you. A completely open area, on the other hand, runs the risk of being attacked from all sides.

It’s also important to settle where there is fertile soil. There should also be enough space for all your buildings and solar panels.

7) Recruit prisoners

As mentioned earlier, you should have at least one room reserved for prisoners. This room must contain a bed, which you’ll assign to the prisoner.

By talking to the prisoner, your citizens can ensure that they join you and become part of your society. This form of recruitment is a useful way to gain capable people.

8) Grow food

At the beginning of RimWorld, you’ll find some food in your environment. However, this will be used up in five days at the latest. Until then, you’ll need a stable food supply. Train a colonist to be a hunter and set up a slaughter table to gut animals. Cultivate and farm fields.

A kitchen, a refrigerator, and a stove are also very important so that your cook can prepare food properly. Make sure plants only grow outside of winter. If you want to farm in the cold, you’ll need to research hydroponics. Each type of plant requires a different level of skill. This will increase as your people work in the field and gain experience.

9) What should you build first?

The order in which you build depends entirely on your play style. There is no right or wrong way to build. However, we would like to give you some tips to help you get started in RimWorld.

You’ll definitely need a warehouse and a garbage dump. The camp should be roofed and surrounded by walls to prevent food from spoiling. Speaking of food, we recommend that you build five medium-sized fields to start. Two of them can be used to grow cotton or healing items, and the other three are for food (corn, potatoes, and rice).

Next on the plan, of course, are dwellings with sleeping areas. Include enough space for a holding cell and a sick room. Then build at least two solar panels (including batteries) to power your buildings. Once you have power, it’s advisable to build a cold storage house to keep supplies fresh.

Next to the cold storage house, build the kitchen and install a stove and a butcher’s bench. In everything you do, you must always keep the production chains in mind and follow them. For example, you process cotton on a sewing table, and so on. It’s important that you keep an eye on the satisfaction of your people and give them what they want.

10) Use the trash zone

The appearance of your settlement is another area of satisfaction. Your settlers don’t like garbage lying around. You should have it transported to the trash zone. This includes stones, for example. To have your characters remove them, double-click on them and press P. To speed up the removal process, adjust the removal priority in the Work tab.

11) Don’t ignore injuries

The dead are not easily revived. And when it comes to permanent death, valuable skills and experience are also lost.

So don’t take injuries lightly. Your medical expert should always treat them as quickly as possible, before gangrene or worse sets in.

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