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Satisfactory Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In Satisfactory, you’re the first human to land on an alien planet, where you’ll have to build a factory from scratch. Explore the planet, mine resources, and defend yourself against alien life forms.

In our Satisfactory tips and tricks, you’ll learn everything about milestones, resources, efficient building, and more!

1) What happens after the tutorial? – The most important milestones

After the tutorial in Satisfactory taught you all the gameplay basics, it’s time to complete milestones. Milestones are the main method by which you make progress in the game. They allow you to unlock new buildings, recipes, equipment, and other content.

Logistics Milestone

The first milestone you should unlock after the tutorial is called “Logistics” and is one of the most important ones in the game. This is because it unlocks the conveyor splitter, conveyor merger, and productivity display. These items and logistics allow you to produce more quickly and efficiently, which accelerates your overall game progress.

Through the production from the tutorial, you’ve already taken care of most of the materials you’ll need for this: 150 iron plates and iron rods each. In addition, you’ll need to produce 300 wires.

Milestone “Obstacle Removal”

The next milestone you should focus on is tier 2 Obstacle Removal” because this unlocks solid biofuel and also creates another inventory slot. The advantage of this over simple biomass is that solid biofuel is much more efficient at delivering electricity. This in turn means less work for you, better workflows, and thus one less obstacle standing in your way.

Milestone “Logistics Mk.2”

Another milestone that will let you advance enormously at the beginning of the game is “Logistics Mk. 2“. With this milestone, your production will increase once again, as your conveyor merger will now work at double speed. But you need reinforced iron plates for that. To be able to produce them, you need a manufactory, which you can unlock by completing tier 2 “Part Assembly”.

2) What is the best starting position in Satisfactory?

When you start the game, you have the option to choose between different worlds in which you want to build your factory. Each of the worlds has its advantages, but one map, in particular, is the ideal starting position: the Grass Fields.

This is because there is more available biomass, but on the other hand, the world is larger and thus has more area to cover. While the “Northern” forest also has heaps of biomass, the surrounding area is much smaller and harder to cultivate.

The Grass Fields are located not far from where you land. After you have mined your capsule, you have the necessary materials for your HUB. Since this is your base, the place where you build it should be chosen with care. A resource-rich world like the Grass Fields is ideal for this.

To find the best place for your HUB, use your scanner. It’s best to build your base near mineral resources such as iron and copper.

In the Grass Fields, you’ll find everything you need for the first 20 hours of the game. The different resources are nearby, so your paths will be optimized. In addition, the resources are of high quality, which in turn allows you to mine them faster. If you set up your base here, you’ll start with a particularly efficient production right from the beginning.

3) Satisfactory tips: Always keep an overview

To excel in the world of Satisfactory, you need efficient gameplay. You can only succeed if you always keep track of everything. The more manufactories and game content you unlock, the more complex the game becomes.

It’s therefore all the more important to proceed in an organized manner. If your factory is well structured, you’ll be able to navigate through it faster and get the resources you need more easily. In short, it makes your virtual life on the planet of choice much easier.

Make it colorful: Bring color to your factory

A good color system makes everything more manageable. A color gun is a useful tool in Satisfactory when it comes to organizing production branches. You can color-categorize them by marking production buildings and conveyor splitters to your liking.

Tactical advantage: Keep the High Ground

The “High Ground” always proves to be useful. Good old Obi-Wan already knew this in Star Wars – Episode III, but the gaming world also knows about the power of high ground. Because from here you can see everything – be it enemies or buildings.

In Satisfactory, this is achieved with the observation tower. This allows you to better plan the expansion of your factory and optimize existing structures. Plus, it’s cheaper than you think – you only need five iron plates and three iron rods.

Order is a must: Create an efficient system

You first need a structured system to visually highlight different production branches in different colors. Therefore, always arrange the different types of production and resources in distinct areas separated from each other.

Use what you have: Build to the heights

Make the most of the space available to you in Satisfactory and always build upwards. To do this, you can stack conveyor splitters and conveyor mergers to create intersections. It’s advisable to use foundations and split the production buildings into several floors.

For even more perspective: Use the photo mode

Another handy organizational tool is the photo mode, which allows you to zoom in and out to get a better overview.

4) What resources can you never have enough of?

The most important resources in Satisfactory are iron, copper, limestone, and coal. While iron and limestone are the most important basics from the beginning, copper gains importance later in the game. Coal is used in many places and is needed for the power grid and steel production.

5) The most important tips on surviving in alien worlds

In Satisfactory you should always be on the lookout because on the alien worlds, you will always encounter hostile alien beings. Therefore, you should always carry healing food with you to be prepared for any case of battle and to heal yourself after hostile encounters. After all, after the battle often means before the battle.

You should research the medical inhaler, one of the most important items for healing. To make it, you’ll need ten mycelia, five alien organs, and 100 modular frames.

6) From fans for fans: use the production planner

The production planner is a fan project with interactive maps and the coordinates of all hard drives. It compensates for current weaknesses in the game and helps you optimize production. The production planner can be used online.

To start planning, you need to enter the items you want to produce and your desired parameters. The network graph is a handy feature that allows you to get an even better overview of your entire production. In addition, the production planner gives you a detailed list of all the materials you need for each production.

7) 8 tips for efficient building – base building and more

  • In Satisfactory, you need enough space for construction and should always take this into account when planning your factory. The production chains are mostly 9 by 9 foundations. With the help of walls, you can get an even better overview of your material transport.
  • You shouldn’t only build upwards but also plan a kind of “cellar” for each building. This will allow you to transport goods easily. Your production chain won’t be disturbed and there won’t be unnecessary detours.
  • At the edge of your factory, you should build a large warehouse. Make sure that there’s enough distance to the other buildings and enough space for the various containers. With the help of the smart splitter, which you get from the Caterium Ore research, you can sort the obtained materials.
  • Automation is the basis of productivity. In Satisfactory this is no different. Therefore, try to automate as many repetitive tasks and processes and “mass production” as possible. However, this is not possible for all areas since you have to obtain biomass from different materials. Even equipment items are still produced “by hand.”
  • The bus system proves to be more than just useful in many ways. It allows you to scale up your factory later in the game. The bus system is a system of branches from individual assembly lines and, vice versa, a system of leading the output of the various branches to an assembly line.
  • It’s important to always keep a watchful eye on power consumption. After all, without electricity, the entire production process ceases to function. The key here is to make consumption as efficient as possible because everything depends on it. A game-changer is to partially automate the production of biomass. Biomass lasts a relatively long time and proves to be a lifesaver until you get access to a better power source.
  • Not everything is close to the factory. Therefore, you need to build highways to connect them to your base. You can do this by building foundations high enough so that there are no obstacles in the way.
  • You can make your transportation routes more efficient by building high conveyor poles. Then, you can build conveyors and lifts that will shorten your routes through the factory.

8) What are alternate recipes and how do you find them?

It’s always worth looking at alternate recipes. They cost fewer resources and aren’t always less efficient. On the contrary, sometimes the cheapest offer is the best. The only drawback is that the search takes time. But it’s worth it in more ways than one: because alternate recipes reduce the time it takes to make items.

To get alternate recipes, you need to find hard drives that are scattered all over the world (on so-called crash sites). To gain access to some hard drives, you need to explore the locations. You will also need certain items (which often differ from the original recipe) or electricity. You get three alternate recipes from each hard drive. The selection is always random and depends on the current milestone.

To make the search a little less time-consuming, you can use the production planner, which navigates you to the different hard drives.

9) Afraid of spiders? No problem!

Even in the world of Satisfactory, you can’t miss the spider scare. Arachnoid creatures can be found in caves and jungles. But arachnophobes can breathe a sigh of relief: the developers of the construction game take into account all those who get the creeps at the thought of the animals.

There is an arachnophobia mode in the game – an explosive detail of the game. When this is activated, the spiders are replaced with images of domestic cats. But this is less cute than it sounds: because they seem rather strange when they imitate the movements and sounds of the actual spiders.

How can PLITCH help you build your dream factory?

The world of Satisfactory is diverse and always holds new exciting details that make the gameplay interesting. Thus, even after hours of playing, the fun of exploring the different planets and their uniqueness is not lost. With our tips, starting the game shouldn’t be too difficult for you. However, Satisfactory is a game in which you’ll have to invest many hours to advance.

Do you love the game, but you’re just too impatient to wait long for progress, or do you find the game too difficult? Or are there other commitments that keep you from becoming an explorer of worlds? No problem: just use PLITCH’s Satisfactory cheats!

With them, you can easily add items after a little preparation, generate as much fuel as you want, and massively shorten the times of ship return. Even tough enemies won’t cause you any problems – you can one-hit kill even the strongest creatures. In Godmode, you become unapproachable and can pursue your activities in the game world of Satisfactory undisturbed.

Happy Gaming!