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Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 23.05.2024

The playable psychosis in a Celtic setting finally has a sequel. Once again you’ll enter the mental depths of Senua and fight massive battles. In our Hellblade 2 Tips and Tricks, we show you everything you need to know about the combat system and how to master the game’s six chapters successfully.

1) Avoid the red light

In the visions in Hellblade 2, you’ll encounter your father in a bright red light. You must not approach it under any circumstances. If you don’t turn around and avert your eyes, Senua will die and you’ll have to reload the last savegame. But there are other situations where the color red is a warning signal.

Your enemies’ attacks follow a certain color gradient. This allows you to know how best to react. If the attack is white, Senua can block or even parry it. If an attack is red, it will always cause damage. The key here is to dodge and run before you get hit.

2) Look for white markings

Keep an eye out for white markings around the area as you explore. If you find a crevice with white stone around the edges in Hellblade 2, it means you can walk through it.

This will help you find ways out of areas, as well as areas with puzzles or collectibles.

3) Listen to the voices when solving puzzles

The next Hellblade 2 beginner’s tip may sound strange, but it will always help you in the game: Listen to the voices in your head. They will tell you how to solve certain puzzles, as well as what to do in certain situations.

One of the most important voices is the one telling you to focus. As soon as you hear this instruction, you should follow it. But even if you get stuck, the voices can help you find the right path.

4) Hellblade 2 tips: Use your focus

Let’s talk about focus for a moment. It’s necessary for each puzzle and is an important mechanic in the game. Senua uses it for different purposes depending on the context. You activate switches and runes with it and use it in battle. The latter is unlocked relatively early in the game and determines the dynamics of confrontations with enemies.

Hellblade 2 tips: Use your focus

The focus slows down time and increases your attack speed. This allows you to hit your opponent several times in a row without them being able to defend themselves. We also recommend that you use focus on any items in the game world that look interesting or special. Sometimes your voices will have something to say about them, and sometimes you’ll discover new puzzles.

5) Dodging is easier than parrying

As mentioned in our Hellblade 2 tips and tricks, you should always dodge red attacks. However, white attacks, which can actually be parried, can also be harmful to Senua. If you miss the time window, your parry will be a block at best, but an unpleasant hit at worst.

The tight timing makes it difficult to parry successfully. You’ll certainly take damage on your first few attempts. Our advice is to dodge and play it safe.

6) Use heavy attacks

When facing opponents in Hellblade 2 who can carry a shield or block, you must rely on heavy attacks. By striking slowly but powerfully, Senua breaks through her opponent’s defenses. This will allow you to deal damage with faster strikes afterward.

You must time your heavy attacks correctly. The animation takes a while to complete, so it’s best to use it when your opponent has just finished their attack pattern.

7) Other combat tips

We would like to give you a few more Hellblade 2 tips for the fights, which will make them easier for you and can save Senua from death in dangerous situations:

  • When parrying, the time window will often open later than you expect.
  • Enemy combos can be interrupted by parrying, but not by blocking.
  • Smaller enemies can be killed with a parry.
  • You can tell if your focus is ready in combat by the level of the mirror on Senua’s hip.
  • Focus slows time, but doesn’t stop it completely. Also, be aware of any attacks your opponent has already launched when you activate focus.
  • Deflect your opponent’s killing blow by activating the focus. This will keep you alive even if you’re already down.
  • Even if the hordes of enemies seem overwhelming, keep pushing forward. In Hellblade 2, offense is the best defense.

8) Check the side paths

Exploration is almost always worthwhile in the game. If you find a side path that branches off the main path, don’t be afraid to follow it. There are usually collectibles, puzzles, or other rewards waiting for you at the end.

If you don’t find everything on one of your runs, that’s no problem. Just reload a previous chapter and continue your search for hidden secrets.

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