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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Religion Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Build the most powerful civilization in the world and secure world domination through wars and challenges in the latest installment of the hit Civilization series – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Establish your own religion and maintain diplomatic relations to achieve your goals. To help you get started, we have a Civilization VI religion guide for you with important tips and tricks on establishing your religion.

1) General information

A religion or faith helps you lead your people to religious victory in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. Faith points are earned through buildings, trade, your districts, and world wonders. Faith can be compared to other items or elements such as gold, production, culture, and science. In your own district, for example, you can replenish your Faith by building holy sites.

They also allow you to store relics. These relics have another positive side effect. They attract pilgrims to your city or country to see the holy items, which in turn increases your tourism points.

You can use these points to purchase new buildings and units. Note, however, that Faith doesn’t give you access to all items, buildings, or even units, and you must constantly expand your district to regain Faith. You can also use the points to buy city walls to protect your cities from attacks.

2) What do I need to start a religion in Civ 6?

First of all, you need a Pantheon before you can start your own religion in Civilization VI. This will allow you to choose your first faith bonuses, and you’ll also need to choose a trait that will remain the same throughout the game. So the Pantheon can be thought of as a precursor to your own religion.

A real religion can only be founded with the Great Prophet. This is also where you select your bonuses, which you can now upgrade. The maximum number of bonuses you can choose is four, and once you’ve founded a religion, you’ll receive a religious building and some faith points.

3) Civilization VI religion guide: How do you establish a religion?

As mentioned above, you need the Great Prophet to start a religion in Civilization VI. You can get the Great Prophet by building the Stonehenge Wonder, which is also the perfect place to activate it.

In addition, the Great Prophet, like the other great personalities in the game, can be recruited with points or bought with money or faith. However, you’ll always need a holy site, such as Stonehenge, to activate them. You should keep this in mind when using the second method.

4) Religious units in Civ 6

Missionaries and Apostles help you spread and regenerate your religion, and can also help you in religious wars against other faiths by training Inquisitors. Religious units can be purchased with Faith.

Missionaries can be sent to your own cities as well as to foreign cities to spread your religion. Like craftsmen, they can’t be used as often as you’d like, so you’ll want to weigh each mission carefully.

Apostles have essentially the same function in Civilization VI but are much more expensive than missionaries. An additional function is that they can proselytize your religion, which gives you more bonuses.

The inquisitors trained by apostles can weaken your opponents in religious wars and give you a decisive advantage. For regeneration, send the units back to the Holy Sites.

5) How can I convert cities to my religion?

To convert other cities to your religion, the most important thing is to apply religious pressure. First of all, you should know that the followers of your religion, i.e. some inhabitants of your cities, are already building up pressure on other settlements around.

Trade routes also play an important role, as there is a constant exchange between cities and they influence each other independently. The most effective way to build up pressure, however, is to send missionaries and apostles to spread your religion in neighboring cities, as well as in your own settlements.

A town is considered converted when you’ve managed to get more than half of its inhabitants to join your religion. If this value is less than 50% and you only have more followers than other religions, you’re only the majority religion in a city. The same is true for whole civilizations, so you need to convince more than half of the cities to join your religion.

6) How do you spread your faith quickly?

Apostles aren’t available from the beginning of the game, but only after you’ve built a temple. Although they are more expensive than missionaries, they have many useful abilities.

Among their abilities is the ability to attack other enemy religious units, thus helping you in your religious war. That’s why it’s not useful to use Apostles only to spread religion until their charges are used up but to use them as religious warriors until the penultimate charge.

In this case, you can use the Disputant promotion to increase the strength of your apostles by 20%. Good diplomatic relations with your neighbors will also increase this value. If you win the religious war against another denomination, you’ll increase the spread of your faith much more effectively than by simply spreading it through missionaries.

Therefore, you should use your faith points to purchase and build new buildings, rather than constantly hiring new missionaries who may not be very successful. Instead, you should never use up your last batch of apostles, and you can use them in your religious units throughout the game to spread your religion by winning religious wars.

7) Fighting a religious war in Civ 6

Religious wars in Civilization VI are fought by religious units of different denominations. The outcome of these wars determines which religion will spread, because a victory for the winner means a strengthening of their faith in the cities, but for the loser the exact opposite, namely the loss of some members of their denomination.

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These tips should help you find your way around Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and the topic of founding religions, and get you off to an optimal start in the game. Exploring the game on your own is also a lot of fun. But are you too impatient, do you not have enough time to play or is the game too difficult for you? Then use PLITCH’s Sid Meier’s Civilization VI cheats for your next single-player session!

For example, to strengthen your faith, you can secure +1.000 Faith or add +3 religious spreads to your units. To support your apostles, you might want to add 100 religious strength.

Happy Gaming!