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8 Sonic Frontiers Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Sonic Frontiers is the latest title in the game series and is convincing all along the line. The world of the open-world game is extensive and has one or two challenges in store for you. Don’t worry, our Sonic Frontiers tips and tricks will make it easy for you to get started with the game.

1) The Map

In Sonic Frontiers, you land on one of five islands at the beginning of the game. In the beginning, not all areas of the map are unlocked. These are obscured by fog. To make progress in the game at the beginning, it’s not necessary to have the entire map uncovered, but it’s still useful. Because this way you can better navigate through the game. Besides, it helps you collect items.

Unlocking the map also brings other advantages. Because each point on the map that you unlock brings with it certain challenges. These are unique and specific to each location and important for the gameplay. Furthermore, you also unlock fast travel by exploring the map.

Fast travel is very convenient in the game, as it allows you to easily travel between the different cyberspace portals. This allows you to quickly transfer from all corners of the map and accelerate your overall progress.

Even though the map is very large and there are a lot of icons that will attract your attention, you shouldn’t let them overwhelm you. After all, you need your energy for battles and more.

It can be tempting to work through all the symbols one by one, but we don’t recommend it. Because overall it would hurt the flow of the gameplay and the game experience.

If you’re a big collector and completist, don’t worry: you can work through many of the symbols naturally as you follow the gameplay. There are also some tips, tricks, and strategies on how to unlock collectibles in a particularly effective way. These are much less time-consuming.

What do the icons mean?

The large number and range of symbols in Sonic Frontiers can be very confusing, especially at the beginning. So, it’s useful to know what each icon is actually about.

  • The question mark icons outlined in red indicate puzzles that will help you unlock the map.
  • The swords are mini-bosses that you have to face to fight.
  • Green hearts are important for the main story.
  • Heads indicate side quests that are not essential to the main quest.
  • Portals mark the cyberspace area.
  • Finally, there are the hermit and elder kocos. These are also important, as the former help you improve your defense and strength levels. The latter allow you to increase your speed and ring level.

2) Collect tokens and vault keys

As with most games, Sonic Frontiers has a currency that allows you to unlock certain items. In the platformer, it’s not gold or gems, but mainly so-called memory tokens and vault keys. There are also other types of currency, but these two should definitely be prioritized.

Memory tokens allow you to interact with the characters. This is essential for further progress in the game. Besides, this way you’ll also get access to side quests.

Vault keys unlock Chaos Emeralds which are scattered all over the map. You must collect all the emeralds on an island to face the respective titan guarding the island for battle.

With this info at hand, all you need to know is where to find memory tokens and vault keys. You can get them through a series of activities, so you should quickly be able to accumulate a considerable amount of currency units little by little.

From these activities you will get the memory tokens and vault keys:

  • Defeating enemies
  • Fighting guards
  • Cyclops
  • Completing certain challenges
  • From containers and chests

3) Why you should fish

When you think of platformers and the Sonic series as a whole, you don’t necessarily have fishing in mind. However, this is exactly a gameplay mechanic in the game that carries a key role.

If you think about it more carefully, it comes as no surprise. After all, fishing is a game activity that is becoming more and more common in games. Think of Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Disney Dreamlight Valley, and many other games from a wide variety of genres.

In Sonic Frontiers, there’s a specific fishing space on each of the five islands. Sonic fans will be happy to meet the big cat there. The purple character is one of the iconic characters of the game series. Fittingly, in this minigame, you’ll have to use the purple coins that you’ve previously collected on the map. Because you’ll pay for each fishing move with this currency.

Even though fishing, unlike in most games, is not free, it’s worth it. Because through a successful catch you get several important items. These include lost Koco, memory tokens, vault keys, and red and blue seeds.

In addition, fast travel points are sometimes unlocked, giving you access to Elder and Hermit Kocos.

Here it becomes clear why fishing plays such an important role in Sonic Frontiers. Because through this you can save yourself hours of grinding and get the items pretty quickly.

4) Tips on the Cyberloop

In Sonic Frontiers, the Cyberloop plays a key role. The ability is one of the first ones you learn in the game. The ability allows you to create a lightning trail that is extremely useful in battles as well as in exploring the map.

The Cyberloop will help you uncover secrets and solve puzzles hidden behind the question mark symbols. It also allows you to break through enemies’ defenses.

The Cyberloop also comes into its own when farming. Because through it you’ll be able to generate an infinite number of rings and thus replenish your supply. This way you’ll be able to farm memory tokens, red and blue seeds, and other items that will gradually allow you to unlock more abilities.

To activate the Cyberloop, you’ll have to run in a small circle. Once the circle is complete, resources will pop up explosively and float toward you.

5) Familiarize yourself with your enemies

Sonic Frontiers comes up with numerous enemies that couldn’t be more different. The first enemies will hardly pose a challenge for you – no matter what your personal experience level is with games of this type. Most enemies are defeated in a one-hit kill, without you having to think much about it.

But as the game progresses, this changes quickly. Defeating far more dangerous enemies later in the game requires different strategies. Thus, you should be well prepared for encounters with these opponents.

There’s no need to rush. If you proceed too hastily, it can be rather a hindrance to you. So, approach the fights calmly and analyze the enemy first: what are their attack patterns? What possibilities do they have for defense and attack? And what’s the best way to counter them? Only when you’re clear about this, you should plan your attack.

Now, why not just run into battle and gradually figure out the best way to defeat the enemy? Learning by doing, right? In Sonic Frontiers you’ll pay with rings for each battle since you’ll use them there.

Knowing your enemy beforehand will save you time. Because this way you won’t waste rings and you won’t have to spend more time renewing the resource.

6) Sonic Frontiers Tips on fighting

When fighting, keep in mind the mantra you learned in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t panic! No matter how many enemies you encounter, always keep calm. Especially in the beginning, enemies are easy to defeat, even if they outnumber you. You have access to the Cyberloop early in the game. This allows you to quickly gain the upper hand.

Also, you should be aware that you don’t necessarily have to fight every enemy. Even if it’s heroic – sometimes you simply have better things to do. Especially when you’re on a gathering hunt, farming, or simply on your way to the next main quest, fighting isn’t always the right thing to do.

Likewise, you should rather avoid fighting if you don’t have enough rings. In that case, just get out of the way before the opponent gets too close. After all, you’re Sonic and therefore on nimble feet!

If you do decide to fight, it’s important to know that you’ll get better combos the more often you hit an enemy. Parrying is also always useful in fights.

7) Complete all level challenges

You should complete all the level challenges during your gameplay. For one thing, the cyberspace levels and challenges will make Sonic fans’ hearts beat faster, because they are nostalgically reminiscent of the old games and the levels are also beautifully designed.

On the other hand, completing the challenges also has a strategic purpose. Because through this you get vault keys, which you can use to unlock Chaos Emeralds. By mastering one challenge at a time, you’ll receive a vault key. In total, you have to face four challenges for each level. To do this you must:

  1. successfully complete the level.
  2. complete the level in a certain amount of time.
  3. complete the level while collecting all five red star rings.
  4. finish the level with a certain number of rings.

If you complete all the challenges, you’ll get an additional three vault keys on top. This will allow you to access the next Chaos Emerald.

8) Collect Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are the icing on the cake in Sonic Frontiers, adding something special to the game. Not only are they nice to look at in the cutscene, but they magically make collectibles appear in the game.

When you collect the shooting stars, a mini-game – Starfall – begins. The more stars you collect, the more chances you have to succeed in the mini-game. For this, you have to use a kind of slot machine and receive purple coins. As mentioned above, you can use them for fishing.

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Sonic Frontiers is a title in the legendary game series that is crowned with success like its predecessors haven’t been for a long time. It’s incredible fun to gradually explore the game world of the open-world game in all its colors.

At the same time, the game has many challenges and exciting battles in store for you. With our tips and information about the game, getting started shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

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Happy Gaming!