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Tekken 8 Tips and Tricks: Beginner’s Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 05.02.2024

The first Tekken made with Unreal Engine 5 not only sets new standards visually. The content is also much more aggressive and action-packed than the seventh installment in the series. In our Tekken 8 tips and tricks, we show you what changes have been made to the combat system and how the new game mechanics work.

1) Tekken 8 tips: The new Heat mechanic

For its latest game, Bandai Namco has come up with a mechanic that has never been seen before in Tekken. In addition to the Rage mode, the Heat phase is an additional damage boost that provides more dynamic combat. While Rage, as in Tekken 8’s predecessor, is activated when your character is low on health, Heat is available throughout the fight. However, you can only use it once per round.

tekken 8 tips: heat mechanic

The Heat mechanic in Tekken 8 is designed to reward offensive and aggressive play. In particular, if your opponent is playing defensively and blocking your attacks, you can use Heat to throw them off balance. This is because you are dealing chip damage during this phase. This means that you deal damage even if your opponent blocks successfully.

For example, Heat is triggered when you combine R1 or RB with a heavy strike. Each character also has different heat-engager attacks that you can use to enter the new mechanic. It’s best to combine them with other combos to get the most out of the Heat phase. Heat can be ended early with a Smash attack for extra damage.

2) These stats are on your screen

Let’s take a look at the Tekken 8 HUD. As always, the timer for the current round is located in the middle of the top of the screen. To the left and right of it, your and your opponent’s health bars are displayed in red. The bar below is new. It’s for the heat phase and shows how many seconds of increased damage you have left.

Above your health, three dots show how many rounds you’ve won. There is a small area for the Recoverable Gauge on your HP bar itself. Whenever one of your attacks hits or a block is successful, a small amount of your health will be restored.

3) How the Rage System works

When the deck is stacked against you and your character is about to be knocked out, Rage Mode will automatically activate. During this time, you take less damage from Heat and special attacks that cause Recoverable Gauge, and you’re generally more immune to smash damage. At the same time, your attacks are slightly more powerful. The amount of this boost depends on how much HP you have left. The lower the number, the more powerful your attacks will be.

During the Rage Phase, you can absorb enemy punches and kicks and then counter them. This allows you to turn the tide and win a battle you thought you had lost.

4) Use the Special Style

Now we come to one of the Tekken 8 tips and tricks that is especially interesting for beginners. Pressing the left shoulder button (either L1 or LB) opens up a new interface feature. Called Special Style, this game mechanic presents you with a list at the bottom of the screen of the inputs you need to make to pull off a killer combo.

Previously, you had to memorize the special attack combinations for each character. Now all you have to do is press a button and they will be displayed during the match. This is a great help, especially for complex attacks, and saves you from having to look at the move list. The special style includes air combos as well as special attacks and throws.

5) Fight against your ghost

Now we come to a mechanic that you may be familiar with from racing simulations but have certainly never experienced in a fighting game: Ghost Mode. Using artificial intelligence, Tekken 8 can analyze your play style and create an opponent that fights just like you.

There was a similar principle in the online version of Tekken 6, but it was nowhere near as sophisticated as in the latest installment. What’s more, your fighting style can now be applied to all 32 selectable characters. The AI copies the way you move, your favorite combos and attacks, your timing, and other nuances of your game.

This feature is especially fun when you have it mimic the style of a friend. Then you can play against them when you’re alone at home. It makes every single-player tournament feel like you’re playing against a real person.

6) Train, train, train

The developers of Tekken 8 have put a lot of work into the story mode this time, and it’s definitely worth playing through to the end. But to really enjoy the fate of Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama and not get demotivated by the constant on-screen deaths, we recommend that you don’t neglect the training mode.

Familiarize yourself with the characters’ traits and combos, and get the timing down. After all, practice makes perfect. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or a Tekken pro. You should set aside a few hours for training. After all, there are five new characters, each with their own set of moves, and the 27 familiar characters also have different combos.

The eighth installment also plays much faster than its predecessor, and a defensive play style often leads to unexpected punishment. Fast and merciless attacks are often rewarded in the new Tekken.

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