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The 10 Best V Rising Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 10.05.2024

Can’t get enough of Stunlock Studios’ vampire game V Rising? Check out our guide for important V Rising tips and tricks to help you navigate the dark world of vampires.

1) Avoid sunlight

As a vampire, you know that sunlight is a nasty way to die. This is no different in V Rising. However, the sun’s rays, which tickle the skin so gently, aren’t immediately fatal to bloodsuckers. Still, it’s important to quickly hide in the shadows at dawn and avoid the sun’s direct light.

However, the developers of Stunlock Studio are merciful and give you some time before you’re damaged by the light rays. So that the unexpected death doesn’t hit you spontaneously, there are some warning signs you should pay attention to. By the way, it’s nice that there isn’t just one, but four warning signs.

An orange film forms on the surface of your character and you start spraying sparks. Also, a ray of light points down from the sky at the leech. As the screen gets brighter and brighter, and the warning sound gets louder and louder, you can hardly “miss” the impending damage from the sun.

So move into the shade and from one shady spot to the next. Since it takes a few seconds before you are damaged, you can use the time to run from one darker place to another during the day.

2) Build your castle in a suitable location

The beauty of today’s survival and crafting games is that you can create your own sanctuary. In V Rising, this takes the form of a castle. Once built, you can devote yourself to crafting or just sorting, categorizing, or simply storing your possessions. However, it’s not possible to build your castle just anywhere.

To claim a suitable area, you must place a Castle Heart. Whether you start with one or two Castle Hearts depends on the server you choose. Therefore, it’s important to choose the region where you want to build your castle. Take enough time to explore the area around the construction site.

Important criteria for a suitable location are, for example, an elevated position for better defense or the occurrence of raw materials in the vicinity. Also, properties near a vampire waygate are usually interesting. This gives you shorter, safer routes to get to other points on the map quickly.

PLITCH V Rising bonus tip: Bandit camps are a reliable source of blood essence. This is because bandits will spawn again and again. So it makes sense to have a castle nearby. The middle of the map is a good starting point.

3) How to get new recipes and blueprints

To pursue your affinity for crafting, you’ll need resources. You’ll find plenty of these in V Rising. However, it’s also common that there are different values of resources and materials. You can find extremely rare things and others you have to make yourself. For the latter, you’ll need recipes.

To get a recipe, you’ll have to fight a boss enemy, a V-Blood. To do so, you must build a blood altar early in the game as part of a quest. Not only will you be able to decide which boss you want to take down, but you’ll also be able to see what recipes or blueprints they drop. As a bonus, you’ll also gain access to new castle buildings and a magical vampire ability.

4) You can move buildings

Once you’ve found your first building site for your castle with enough farmland, you set the boundaries and rooms. As time goes by, you’ll expand your castle and more rooms and buildings will be added. Especially production facilities need space. Sooner or later, you’ll have to rebuild.

Usually, this is done by demolishing old structures, production furniture, and so on. In V Rising, however, the developers have given you a bit more “quality of life” features. For example, you can simply move everything around via the construction menu. This applies not only to your interiors and chests but also to everything else. This even works over long distances.

What’s interesting is that you can still freely move around the room you’ve selected. It’s even possible to interact with various other things like doors and such. And if you really want to disassemble the room completely, that’s also possible. You can get up to three-quarters of your originally paid resources back.

5) Your equipment must be up to the task

V Rising can be a real challenge. You’ll make your life a lot easier by tailoring your gear to the task at hand when hunting the bosses, the V-Blood Carriers. You can access the hunting option from the Blood Altar. However, there is a game mechanic here that isn’t really well explained.

Which of the targets you can hunt depends on your items. V Rising isn’t about leveling up yourself, it’s about leveling up your equipment. So, to hunt a higher-level boss, you’re going to need higher-level equipment. The best equipment and the best weapons must always be used for the Blood Altar. The latter, by the way, is independent of whether or not you want to use the parts.

When hunting for bloodsuckers, you should leave everything you don’t need for battle in your castle. This will save you the trouble of having to retrieve your immortal remains if you’re killed in battle.

6) Pay attention to blood types

Sure, what would a vampire survival game be without the typical blood thirst? Your blood reservoir is an important resource to survive in the world of V Rising. The elixir of life gives you unexpected strength, but can also heal you. However, there are several different types of blood in the open world, each with different bonuses. It’s important to note that the more blood you drink of each type, the stronger the bonuses will be.

So, if you drink the blood of one of your opponents, you’ll get some of their trait benefits. For example, worker blood is good for improving resource extraction. Accordingly, you can use different types of blood to get reliable advantages in tasks.

We’ve already mentioned the Worker in our PLITCH V Rising Tips and Tricks. If you drink from these weak people, you’ll get a better resource yield and some damage reduction.

Sucking the blood of warriors will give you a bonus to your stats, and your skills will be ready for use more quickly.

Consuming animal essence increases your movement speed. Your character will also gain the ability to regenerate health.

On the other hand, if you feed on bandits, you’ll be able to attack faster and heal better.

If you “herd” rogues, you can also benefit from increased attack speed. You’ll also have a better chance of getting a critical hit.

7) V Rising tips: Always sleep in a coffin

Of course, the bloodsucker sleeps in a coffin. However, there’s an important reason for this in V Rising. Your character stays in the game even if you log out.

V Rising tips: Always sleep in a coffin

If you’re not sleeping in your coffin, other players can drag you around even on a PVE-only server. So if a player drags you out in the sun, your character will die. Sleeping in your coffin will protect you from this mechanic.

8) Big fights must be well prepared

Combat is a fundamental aspect of V Rising. Therefore, you should prepare well for the big battles. This means optimizing your equipment, but also choosing the right blood type for the job. As mentioned in our PLITCH V Rising Tips and Tricks, these will give you various bonuses.

Also, while you can start hunting bosses during the day, it’s best to fight them at night. That way, you only have to focus on the hard fighting and not on the light and shadows as well.

9) Try different ways to travel

What would a survival game be without different ways of getting around? As a vampire, V Rising gives you a few different options right off the bat, and all of them are helpful. Typically, you get around the world simply by walking. This is slow but effective. Alternatively, you can use a horse. But be careful and take good care of it, because it’s not essential. So you have to keep it alive.

You can also use the vampire waygates. They teleport you over long distances. If you build your castle near one of these teleportation points, as shown in our PLITCH V Rising Tips and Tricks, you’ll never be far from one.

Of course, as a vampire, you can also choose between the animal forms wolf and bat. You have several advantages over them. As a bat, you don’t have to worry about the terrain. As a wolf, on the other hand, you’re very fast. Therefore, it makes sense to explore all travel options and then decide which one to use depending on the situation.

10) Teleport horses?!

Since you can teleport long distances at the Vampire Waygates, but you’re not allowed to carry any resources, it’s good to know that you can take horses with you. On the back of your nag, you’ll be allowed to carry weapons such as maces, armor, and some consumables when you step on one of the teleporters. After that, jumping long distances is no problem.

The horse will then teleport you to the desired location. This will not only get you from your castle to the portal quickly but will also allow you to continue your journey on your horse.

Note: Make sure your mount is well-supplied. To see the values, simply press the tab key.

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