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The 11 Best Lies of P Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 20.12.2023

FromSoftware has competition with the new game from NEOWIZ. The Soulslike game is reminiscent of titles like Sekiro or Elden Ring. In our Lies of P Tips and Tricks, we’ll show you how to master the combat system, what to look out for, and where the game differs from the Dark Souls series.

1) Visit Hotel Krat regularly

Let’s start with something the games have in common. Much like the Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls 3 or the Nexus in Demon’s Souls, Hotel Krat acts as a hub of sorts. Characters you meet throughout the story will find themselves there, and your master – Geppetto – also resides there. You also change your stats in the hotel. And here we come to a big difference between Lies of P and other Soulslikes: this is not possible on a Stargazer.

lies of p tips and tricks: visit hotel krat

The checkpoints serve the same purpose as the Bonfires. That is, your energy is refreshed and enemies are reset. But you can’t change your attributes there. There are other reasons to visit the hotel as often as possible. You can buy new equipment and upgrade your existing items.

2) Dodging and blocking tips

To prevent damage from your opponents’ attacks, you have two mechanics at your disposal in Lies of P: dodging and blocking. With the latter, you won’t lose any health unless you use it perfectly. You’ll only have an extremely small window of time to use it. It’s even shorter than in Sekiro. And that means something!

However, if you manage to block perfectly, not only will your health bar thank you, but the rest of the battle will become easier. On the one hand, your enemies can be overwhelmed afterward, and on the other, the block can destroy their weapons. The only thing that will be consumed is some of your stamina.

The alternative is to dodge. Especially if your opponent has a long combo or a rage attack in a boss fight, dodging is the better choice. However, whether you choose to dodge or block for mini-boss fights or to protect yourself from simple attacks depends entirely on your personal play style and how well you can block in the small time frame.

3) Lies of P combat system tips

When you perform a perfect block, a white outline will appear above your opponent’s HP bar. This means that they are now overpowered and you can launch a special attack. Hold down the attack button until your blade is charged and unleash your full power at the right moment.

You can also use the Fable Arts in Lies of P. After this, a mark should light up on your opponent’s body. This signals that you’re ready to deliver a fatal strike. This is not an insta-kill, despite the name, but it does a lot of damage and knocks your opponent back.

4) How to deal high damage and critical hits

If your opponent is knocked down by a charged attack after a perfect block, you can see a red dot that indicates where you need to stand to get a critical hit. Of course, this only appears on boss enemies and you should definitely use it. But not right away. Before you get to the right spot, you can still perform up to three quick strikes to make the most of the situation.

Your Fable skills can also deal increased damage. The blue bar at the top left of the screen will tell you when you’re ready. The bar fills up automatically as you hit enemies. You can see which Fable Arts your weapon has and how much they cost in your equipment menu. Simply click on the appropriate weapon slot and look in the window that opens on the bottom right.

A Fable Art can be used for both attack and block. In the case of an attack, your weapon will deal extra damage, and in the case of a block, the special ability of your grip will come into play. Press both buttons at the same time (Attack + Fable Art or Block + Fable Art).

5) Use all the equipment slots

The slots on your belt must be used wisely. Unlike in other Soulslikes, you only have a very limited number of slots at your disposal in Lies of P, and you should use them all the time. Of course, the grindstone is very important. You should always wear it on your lower belt to apply temporary status effects to your weapons.

Other useful items include the various abrasives. Their function is similar to the elemental grease in Elden Ring. Depending on the type of enemy you’re facing, you’ll apply them to your weapon to inflict acid, fire, lightning, or electrical damage. Lies of P has no adjustable difficulty level and is designed so that you don’t stand a chance without taking into account the enemy’s weaknesses.

As the game progresses, the Legion Arm becomes part of your standard equipment. It’s not very useful at first, but over time you’ll be able to unlock more effective features in Hotel Krat. Amulets are also useful. You can wear up to two of them to get more passive effects. Between them, you can attach up to four defense items, such as converters, cartridges, or frames.

Using your belt properly is the core of our Lies of P tips and tricks. Swap the items in it as needed, and always place three items at the top and bottom that are tailored to your situation. Keep another four in your extra bag.

6) The right gear for the right boss

Even though Lies of P is very linear, you don’t have to kill every boss right away. Some of them are optional, and some can be skipped by running past them quickly. The reason for this is that with each of them, it depends heavily on your equipment whether you are up to it or not.

While the Parade Master can be dealt with without much preparation, you should have a Star Fragment in your inventory before the Scrapped Watchman, for example, to summon a ghost in front of the arena to help you fight.

Don’t face the Black Rabbit Brotherhood until you’ve stocked your inventory with Throwing Cells, Thermite, Carcass Body Fluid, and Scatter Grenades. After all, you’re up against four enemies, not one.

7) How to repair weapons in Lies of P

Your weapons can both wear out with use and break from elemental damage from your enemies. When the durability drops to zero, they will bounce off your enemies and do significantly less damage. Your most important item in this regard is the Grindstone. It will restore their durability and prevent them from decaying. This can also be done in the middle of a battle and only takes a few seconds.

On the right side of the screen, above your weapon icon, there is a gray bar. If it turns red, you have waited too long and should use your grindstone as soon as possible. When you spawn on a Stargazer, your weapon is automatically repaired. Even if it had a decay status on it before, it will be negated on the Stargazer.

8) Gather as much quartz as possible

After defeating the third boss in the second act, Pinocchio can unlock perks on Gepetto’s chair in Hotel Krat. Each of these will cost you a certain amount of Quartz, so it’s important to collect as much as possible in the game world. Often, crates containing the valuable resource are guarded by optional large enemies. Search each area thoroughly and don’t leave until you’ve looted every crate.

The large enemies themselves will also drop quartz crystals when defeated. Another option is the puzzle questions on the phones. You’ll be asked a choice question, and if you answer correctly, you’ll receive a Trinity Key. With this key, you can unlock doors with a triangle symbol, which usually contain quartz and other materials.

9) Get your Ergo back as quickly as possible

As usual in this type of game, you will die from time to time in Lies of P. Especially if you dare to take on a boss you don’t know and whose combos you haven’t internalized yet. But don’t worry, you won’t lose your Ergo. After spawning on the Stargazer, go back to the entrance of each arena and collect it.

However, you shouldn’t waste any time. If you get hit on the way to your Ergo, the amount you get back will be reduced. It’s best to run back to the place of your death as quickly as possible without getting into fights.

10) Lies of P tips and tricks: Use your Pulse Cells

What the vials or tears do in FromSoftware games, the Pulse Cells do in Lies of P: regenerate health. They recharge automatically on Stargazers, but can also be partially restored in combat. Once depleted, each hit will recharge a portion of the cells.

Be sure to spend your first quartz on the P-organ for extra healing. Keep in mind during battle that the animation takes some time when using a cell. So only use it when you’re not in danger of getting hit. Otherwise, it’s better to use too many Cells than too few. Boss enemies in particular can deal extremely high damage. Keep your health bar as high as possible.

11) Save your Star Fragments

Don’t use a Star Fragment on your first encounter with a new boss. It pays to learn the attack patterns and elemental requirements before you use up a fragment. Also, some bosses can be defeated without a supporting specter if you know what to expect from them.

We recommend using the fragments before the Scrapped Watchman and the King’s Flame. Most of the others are easy to finish without a companion. However, if you get stuck on a boss even with different equipment, there’s nothing stopping you from using a Star Fragment.

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