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The Thaumaturge Tips and Tricks | Beginner’s Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 11.03.2024

Fool’s Theory is no unknown quantity. The Polish developer created Seven: The Days Long Gone and is responsible for the Witcher remake. In our The Thaumaturge tips and tricks, we show you how to fight and progress through the story of their latest game.

1) Interact with your environment

Many objects in the game world are interactive. We recommend that you interact with all of them. Not only will you earn experience points, but you’ll also uncover secrets and learn information about NPCs. Newspapers, magazines, and other written documents will tell you what is going on in Warsaw.

What’s more, some items open up new side quests. This gives you more thaumaturgy points and strengthens your character. So, it’s worth exploring.

2) Some quests have a time limit

There is a mechanic in The Thaumaturge that makes the game more realistic but also more difficult. Due to the time limit of some quests, you can’t postpone them if you want to solve them. It’s best to focus on the timed quests first. You can identify them by the clock icon next to their title in the journal.

However, the time you have to complete them isn’t fixed. It depends on how far you’ve progressed in the main story. Some missions expire when you reach a certain point in the story.

3) Check your journal regularly

The Thaumaturge is a role-playing game in which you should check your journal after every conversation with Wictor. There you’ll find the goals and content of all your quests. This includes main and side quests, as well as the secrets of the town. It’s always best to complete the timed missions first before tackling the next main quest.

As a good detective, you need to know what to look for at all times. The historical scenario has surprising twists, intrigue, and a headache or two in store for you. So talk to everyone, follow all the clues, and investigate the game world as thoroughly as possible.

4) Use your perception

Use the right mouse button to switch to perception mode. Similar to the witcher’s eyes in The Witcher, additional clues and information are displayed in this perspective. Use your perception as often as possible, not only in new areas but also in areas you’ve already visited.

As you progress through the story, the game world changes. As a result, new clues or interesting objects will appear from time to time. In Perception mode, you can recognize them by their red color.

5) Master all dimensional powers

The next focus in our The Thaumaturge tips and Tricks is the skill tree. There are four dimensional powers that you can develop to increase your abilities.

  • Heart
  • Mind
  • Deed
  • Word

It’s best to invest your points in all of them and not specialize in just one. Otherwise, you may miss dialog options, not be able to follow up on clues, or, in the worst case, not be able to complete a quest.

6) Adjust the difficulty of combat

The combat system in The Thaumaturge requires strategy. If the battles with the demons are too tricky for you, you can even adjust the difficulty at any time during the game and set it to the easiest level.

Unlike Skyrim or the Witcher 3 DLC Blood and Wine, enemies do not scale with you. If an enemy is too tough for you, avoid it for now and face it again when you have learned new maneuvers and attacks or have acquired more salutes.

Save as often as possible. There’s a right way to approach every fight, so sometimes you’ll have to play around a bit before you find the best solution.

7) Improve your attacks

In the Thaumaturgy tab, you’ll unlock upgrades throughout the game. These can be applied to your attacks to make them more powerful. However, if you forget to assign them, they won’t be active and will remain unused. So before each battle, go to the menu and select useful combinations.

the thaumaturge tips and tricks: Improve your attacks

Be careful not to make useless combinations. Damage increases shouldn’t be applied to debuffs, but to attacks that actually cause damage. Your attacks are divided into quick and strong attacks, planned attacks, damage over time, and influences. Think carefully about which upgrade best fits each category.

8) The Thaumaturge tips and tricks: Change the time

There are two different systems of time in The Thaumaturge. As already described, events will happen as you progress through the main quest. However, you can change the time as often as you like. You can do this in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, and at night. Simply sit on a bench with a clock symbol above it and select the desired section.

The time of day not only changes the scenery of the city but also the clues and NPCs. You’ll encounter different people when it’s dark than when it’s light. We also recommend that you search each area at all four times of day with Perception to find all the documents.

9) Debuffing your opponent’s attributes

The first thing you should focus on in a fight is debuffing attributes. This includes things like immunity to a new state or resistance to damage. You can identify your opponent’s attributes by the icon to the left of their HP bar.

To apply a debuff, you must select the correct salute. You can tell which salute is the right one by two things: First, his name is mentioned in the attribute description, and second, he is marked with a green icon when you select him.

10) Use your flaw

Depending on the choices you make and how you resolve the moral dilemmas, The Thaumaturge will end differently. The dialog options available to you are also influenced by the course of the story so far. To see as much as possible, we recommend that you use your Pride Flaw.

By giving answers marked with the pride symbol, you will strengthen the flaw and get more and more choices.

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