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The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Like TES5: Skyrim, The Witcher 3 has long been a cult classic and is still being passionately played despite its release in May 2015. Moreover, the next-gen version of the epic saga of the witcher Geralt of Riva made us want to play it once again. Time for us to give you our The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide to help you get the most out of this epic adventure.

The Best Steel Swords

In The Witcher 3, there are many excellent swords and armors that you can acquire over time. However, there are some weapons that are recommended for use against animal and human opponents, and those that you will need for supernatural enemies.

Steel swords belong to the first category. You can find the best ones in the first part of our The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide.

The Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword

Starting at level 48, you can wield the Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword, which is a great alternative to other steel swords. You can find it, by the way, in the The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC in the duchy of the same name. It gives you an incomparable advantage with an armor pen value of +300.

It also increases your critical strike chance with the Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword by 20 percent and at the same time increases your critical strike bonus by 100 percent. You also have an increased chance to burn your opponent (15 percent) and your Quen sign intensity is also increased by 30 percent.

The Grandmaster Legendary Griffin Steel Sword

The Grandmaster Legendary Griffin Steel Sword is also available with the The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC. It increases your critical strike chance by 10 percent and your critical strike bonus damage by a full 50 percent.

You’ll also have a 10% chance to maim the enemy, and the steel sword will give you a 5% bonus XP when fighting humanoids.

If you find it in a slightly elevated crate in the bandit camp in the ruins and put it on, the Grandmaster Legendary Griffin Steel Sword also grants you a bonus to the sign intensity of the signs you cast. This is a whopping 25 percent, though it increases significantly if you wear the entire set. More on this later.


Probably the best steel sword in The Witcher 3 is called Iris and is only available with the Hearts of Stone DLC. You’ll get it at the end of the expansion’s storyline, provided you’ve made the right choices in the course. In order not to spoil anything, we won’t say anything else about it in our The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide.

At the same time, the steel weapon doesn’t provide Geralt with any special bonuses like the previous ones. Nevertheless, Iris has an impressive ability. The steel sword steals energy in battle and recharges itself with it.

When it glows red, all the energy can be discharged. This requires a powerful strike that deals a lot of damage. While this is “nice” against smaller enemies, this ability is especially helpful against strong bosses.

The Witcher 3 Best Weapons Guide: The Best Silver Swords

As mentioned at the beginning, you’ll also need silver swords in The Witcher 3 to defeat supernatural creatures. Below, we’ll show you some of the legendary Grandmaster swords you can obtain in the Blood and Wine DLC when you reach the Grandmaster level.

Grandmaster Legendary Feline Silver Sword

If you’re primarily a monster hunter in The Witcher 3, the Grandmaster Legendary Feline Silver Sword is a solid choice. After all, it gives you a 20% experience bonus when fighting monsters. The other bonuses are interesting as well. You get a 15% higher chance to get a critical hit.

You’ll also have a 15% chance of causing bleeding and a 10% chance of mutilating the enemy monster. The silver sword is topped off with a 15 percent increase in the intensity of the Aard Sign.

Grandmaster Legendary Ursine Silver Sword

Things in The Witcher 3 get intense with the Grandmaster Legendary Ursine Silver Sword. It gives you a 100% bonus to your damage when you land a critical strike. It also increases the chance of a critical hit by 5%. Like the Feline Silver Sword, the Ursine Silver Sword gives you 20% more XP when fighting monsters.

It also increases your adrenaline by 20 percent. Like the Feline Silver Sword, the Ursine Silver Sword gives you a 14% chance to mutilate your opponent if they are a monster.


To obtain Gesheft in The Witcher 3, you’ll need a few materials. With two pieces of leather, two enriched dimeritium bars, an acid extract and a sapphire you can get Gesheft from the blacksmith. But you have to be level 45 with Geralt and have the diagram. You can find it near Beauclair. Go to the underground caves northeast of this place.

Gesheft gives you a 15 percent higher critical hit chance and a 100 percent higher critical hit bonus. It also gives you a 5% experience bonus when fighting monsters and a 30% increase in Aard Sign intensity.


Aerondight is probably the best sword in our The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide. With every attack, the sword charges up and increases the sword damage by 10.

If you have 10 charges in the silver sword, this will result in a permanent damage increase. You also have an absolute critical strike chance with a charged Aerondight.

If you’re hit in combat, or if too much time passes, the Aerondight will lose its charges. Therefore, you need to take as little damage as possible to get the most out of the silver sword as quickly as possible.

Be careful: it’s possible to miss the sword! You can get Aerondight as part of the quest “There Can Only Be One”, which starts when you answer the call for a virtue test on the notice board in Beauclair.

You can also stumble upon the quest giver on the island of Lac Celavy. In either case, the sword can only be obtained by visiting the Duchy of Toussaint, which can only be accessed through the Blood and Wine DLC.

How to repair weapons in The Witcher 3

To repair Geralt’s weapons in The Witcher 3, you generally have two options. After all, the blades of your swords will eventually get dull. No wonder, with all the challenges you’ll face in quests or at the locations where you’ll find legendary armor and weapons.

To make sure your weapons and armor are fully functional, you can visit a blacksmith. If there is one near you, a red hammer icon will appear on your HUD. The icon on the item itself will indicate that something needs to be repaired.

You will still be able to use the weapon during combat. However, its stats will be significantly reduced. This may not be a problem with normal enemies. However, with strong enemies or bosses, it usually means you don’t stand a chance. You’ll have a similar problem if your armor has less than 50% durability. Geralt will quickly fall victim to the bloodthirsty monsters in the wilderness.

As already mentioned, you can order a repair from a blacksmith for a reasonable fee in The Witcher 3. Not all blacksmiths can repair all weapon and armor sets. Alternatively, you can repair weapons and armor yourself. This requires repair kits, which come in various forms. Accordingly, they come in different levels. Depending on the level, you’ll be able to restore a certain percentage of durability.

To save money, you can make your own repair sets. To do this, you will first need the schematic for the appropriate set. You can usually find them in the same place where you can repair Geralt’s equipment.

For example, an amateur weapon repair set will cost you 11 crowns and you will need oil, leather straps, and Elven whetstones to make it. The Journeyman version costs 30 crowns. You will also need mineral water, leather scraps, and dwarven whetstones. The masterful weapon repair kit costs 62 crowns and is made from linen, alchemical paste, and gnomish whetstones.

Tip: Whetstones and workbenches are also shown on the map. You need them to repair Geralt’s armor.

So before a battle, where strong opponents are expected, you should bring your weapons and your armor up to date. It’s also helpful to always have some of the weapon repair kits with you. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also save yourself a long trip to the nearest blacksmith.

How to enchant weapons in The Witcher 3

The Hearts of Stone DLC, introduced a new craftsman to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – the Runewright. He allows you to enchant your weapons under certain conditions. For this purpose, runewords are available for the weapons and glyphwords for the armor pieces.

The master craftsman has moved to Novigrad. However, he cannot immediately assist you with his craftsmanship. As fate would have it, he was attacked by bandits and has lost all of his magical tools. Therefore, you must help him first.

After that, however, the Runewright will provide you with a number of functions.He can enchant your weapons and armor, as well as attach sockets to them. You can also trade with him.

You can find the Runewright at the very beginning of the expansion. There is a side quest on the bulletin board at the Seven Cats Inn that will take you directly to the Runewright. Afterwards, you will need to complete some tasks for him before he can help you with his abilities.

Once you’ve completed the side quest, the Runewright will offer you several options. To be able to help you at all, he must be level 1. As a result, higher-level enchantments also require a higher level of the Runewright.

The first level requires 5,000 crowns and a side quest. The next two levels are unlocked with 10,000 crowns and 15,000 crowns respectively. After that, you can have sockets added to your armor for a fee – as if you hadn’t already paid enough.

Boots and gloves have a maximum of one socket each in The Witcher 3. Pants can have two sockets, and weapons and breastplate can have up to three sockets. This is easily done through the enchantment window. If sockets are attached, the Runewright will then help with the enchantment.

In general, runewords are available for weapons. These have direct effects, such as increasing range or restoring stamina when you land a fatal blow. Glyphwords, on the other hand, are for armor and have a direct effect on your equipment or your signs. Each level different possibilities. For example, level 3 heavy armor can be considered light armore when the enchantment “Levity” is applied.

The Witcher 3 Best Armor Guide

The Cat School Gear/Feline School Gear

At the beginning of our The Witcher 3 Best Weapons and Armor Guide, we already took a look at special silver and steel swords. The best of these are part of armor sets, each based on one of the five legendary Witcher armors. The Feline School Gear consists of seven pieces in total, which also have four levels of enhancements. It’s usually random where you can find them. But there are also treasure maps.

You can find one of these for the cat school at the merchant in Velen at the Blackbough fast travel point. Another can be found at the local blacksmith, and the remaining two can be found at the Quartermaster and the Weaponsmith in Crow’s Perch, at the Bloody Baron’s Castle.

The light armor can be worn from level 17 and gives you a bonus from three pieces. You’ll receive a 10% attack bonus to your damage dealt per piece of the set worn for 5 seconds. With six pieces worn, you deal an additional 50% damage and can stun enemies for one adrenaline point.

The Feline School Gear consists of:

  • Feline armor
  • Feline boots
  • Feline gauntlets
  • Feline trousers
  • Feline crossbow
  • Feline silver sword
  • Feline steel sword

The Griffin School Gear

With the Blood and Wine DLC, you can access the Griffin School Gear. It consists of six pieces that can be worn from level 11. If you wear at least three pieces of the Griffin School Gear, you’ll receive a stamina bonus when casting signs in standard mode. This means that if you initiate the next sign within three seconds of casting a sign, you won’t use up any stamina.

If you wear all six pieces, your Yrden traps will be 40 percent larger. In addition, your stamina regeneration increases by 5 per second, and your sign intensity increases to 100 percent when you are in the Yrden Trap. You also receive a 20 percent damage reduction.

The Griffin School Geal consists of:

  • Griffin armor
  • Griffin boots
  • Griffin gauntlets
  • Griffin trousers
  • Griffin silver sword
  • Griffin steel sword

You can get the treasure maps for “Edwin Greloff’s Treasure” from the various blacksmiths in the west of Midcopse. They all contain different hints on where to find the different parts of the set.

The Bear School Gear/Ursine School Gear

At level 20, you can get the Ursine School Gear. You’ll most likely pick up diagrams for this set during your side quest adventures. But your quest really begins in Skellige.

You’ll find the first clue in a shipwreck. As you follow it, you’ll find more clues, and eventually you’ll have seven pieces of Ursine School Gear in your hands.

The Ursine School Gear consists of:

  • Ursine crossbow
  • Ursine steel sword
  • Ursine silver sword
  • Ursine armor
  • Ursine gauntlets
  • Ursine trousers
  • Ursine Boots

In addition, this set and the Feline School Gear are the only sets that include a crossbow as a ranged weapon. As with all sets, this equipment can be upgraded multiple times. This requires the appropriate diagrams. You will also need a level-appropriate craftsman to craft them.

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