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The Witcher 3 Builds – The Best Witcher 3 Skills

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In the open-world adventure game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you’ll overcome dangers in the impressive fantasy world as the witcher Geralt of Rivia. In order to unlock the right skills for your journey right from the start, this article will provide you with important skilling tips for your The Witcher 3 builds.

1) General information

All of Geralt’s skills in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are divided into four skill trees: Combat, Signs, Alchemy, and General skills. You can improve five skills in each of the categories Combat, Signs, and Alchemy which each have four subcategories.

The General section also contains 20 passive skills with which you can regenerate your HP or manage your stamina, for example. To finally activate the talents, however, you still have to equip them, so simply using the skill points is not enough.

If you’re just starting the game, you can add three skills to the slots using the drag & drop function. If you’ve been playing for a while and you’ve been able to improve your player level, you can get nine more slots. Mutagens improve your selected skills even more, and they are divided into red (combat), blue (signs), and green (alchemy).

If you use them, you’ll also receive various additional bonuses. With an optimal combination, such as red mutagens and combat skills, this buff is particularly effective.

Every skill point you use in the combat tree gives you an adrenaline point gain of 1%. If you use your skill points in the signs tree, you’ll improve your combat stamina regeneration by 0.5/s per point. The effect duration of potions increases by 5% when you use one of your skill points in the Alchemy skill tree.

Mutagens can be found everywhere in the game and you can collect up to 30 of them. However, only up to four of them can be added to your character slots at a time, unlocking them for abilities. You also get them by completing quests or witchcraft missions.

2) Which Witcher 3 skills do you absolutely need right at the beginning?

Skills that can be very helpful, especially at the beginning of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, are Survival Instinct, one of the techniques, and Strong Back. The Survival Instinct skill gives you 500 HP, which is especially useful at the beginning.

Furthermore, you should decide on an armor type early in the game and not change it later on. Choose one of the three techniques Cat School, Grriffin School, or Bear School, and secure bonuses for attack damage or sign intensity.

The Strong Back makes collecting items much easier, as this skill increases your carrying capacity by 60.

3) Which skills are the best in each tree?

In The Witcher 3, many skills are extremely useful and make your gameplay much easier. However, some skills from the four different skill trees are particularly effective.

Generel skill tree

In the General skill tree, the Gourmet skill is one of the strongest. However, you can only skill it once you own the Blood and Wine DLC. With it, your food regenerates vitality for 20 minutes, which gives you a decisive advantage, especially in the beginning, when you often take damage.

Also very useful is the skill Trick Shot in confrontations at the beginning of the game, with which you’ll be able to shoot an additional crossbow bolt without reloading.

Combat skills

In the combat section, you should invest your skill points in light attacks from the very beginning if possible. The light attacks will give you a big advantage, at least in the beginning, because you can perform them very often. You should spend five points on the Muscle Memory skill. This increases the damage you inflict on your opponents through fast attacks by another 10% with each level.

Alchemy skills

The green alchemy skills also include some very powerful abilities. One of the best of them is definitely Heightened Tolerance. With each alchemical recipe, no matter if level 1, 2, or 3, you can increase your potion overdose threshold. Furthermore, the potion duration time of level 3 potions is extended by 15%.

Then unlock Protective Coating which offers you additional protection against damage from enemies. Be sure to use the Auto Apply Oils mod which always applies the appropriate oil at the beginning of a fight.

If you’ve purchased the Blood & Wine DLC, you can access the various mutations. Unlock Euphoria to improve your sword damage as well as to make even more room for additional skills.


As already briefly mentioned, the combinations of mutagens and skill trees play an important role. The red mutagens, for example, have a positive effect on your attack power. To deal as much damage as possible throughout the game, red mutagens are especially recommended.

Sign skills

To give yourself additional options in conversations, use the Sign skill Delusion. This is Axii’s first skill, and with the expanded options to communicate, you can more easily persuade or deceive your opponents.

4) The Witcher 3 builds: How to reset ability points

If you’ve chosen the wrong skill path in The Witcher 3 or realize that you would rather have unlocked a different skill, you can redistribute your ability points or reset the skill points.

For a complete reset of your skills to zero, travel to Novigrad and go to the general store next to the barber near St. George’s Bridge. There you’ll purchase the “Potion of Clearance” for 1,000 crowns and the reset will be initiated.

Afterward, you have the opportunity to redistribute your skill points and select the skills that you really wanted to unlock before. Also, note that you’ll be credited with all the points you earned by activating the Places of Power.

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Skilling or unlocking skills and abilities in The Witcher 3 shouldn’t be difficult for you now with the tips you received in this article. However, it’s still a lot of fun to discover the skill trees with the individual skill paths on your own and to improve yourself with the unlocked skills.

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