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Way of the Hunter Tips and Best Weapons

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In Way of the Hunter, you’ll explore the wilderness and some of the most beautiful habitats in the world. Go hunting in the breathtaking mountains of the USA or the magical forests of Europe and come along on an adventurous journey.

Hunt different animals, all of which behave realistically. The game was released in 2022 and developed by Nine Rocks Games. In the following article, you’ll get some important tips on how to get started and the best weapons.

1) Way of the Hunter Tips For a Good Start

Be as quiet as possible in the forest

During your hunt in the forest, you should keep in mind to move as quietly as possible. Loud noises will scare away your prey, just like in real life. Wild animals avoid possible dangers and are generally rather shy.

A loud noise puts a wild animal on alert and may even make it flee immediately. Therefore, you should also not sprint in the forest, as this leads to avoidable inaudible noises. With the help of the audio scale, you can always check how loud you’re moving or how much noise you make.

How to find animals

To find animals in Way of the Hunter, you’ll have to follow their tracks in the forest, for example. You can always improve your ability to read tracks so that you can find animals faster after some time.

Furthermore, the wild animals of course also make sounds, e.g. by snapping branches, etc. Thus, you can also follow these sounds and observe your prey this way.

Open areas offer several advantages when searching for wild animals. There, you can keep a particularly good lookout for animals since they are less likely to notice you due to the large distance. You can also get a good view of the area first. Simply use binoculars or a rifle with a telescopic sight.

This is a convenient and efficient way to spot prey. Generally, the more experience and knowledge you have about an area, the easier the process of spotting and killing the animals for your hunt becomes.

2) Way of the Hunter Best Weapons

The best shotguns

Among the best shotguns in Way of the Hunter is the Morning Silence. This is a semi-automatic shotgun that comes with a magazine capacity of four bullets and a chamber of 20 Ga.

This weapon is best suited for hunting small animals, such as rabbits. Another good shotgun is the Hol-Den the Jack 1502, which has a magazine capacity of two bullets and a caliber of 12 Ga.

The best all-round rifles

A rifle that can be used in every situation is the Steyr Scout with a magazine capacity of five bullets and a 223 Win caliber chamber. The rifle is good to use for all ranges.

Another good all-around rifle that can also be customized well is the Steyr Monobloc. It has a magazine capacity of four bullets as well as a chamber in .308 Win caliber. Furthermore, it offers excellent accuracy.

The Stinger 22 (10 bullets and 22 LR) is excellent for beginners due to its low recoil.

How do you get ammunition?

Especially new players use a lot of ammunition at the beginning, because they have to get used to the different ranges of the weapons and the respective bullets. But also, in general, you can’t exactly carry a lot of ammunition with you in Way of the Hunter. It’s not uncommon for ammo to run out even during a hunt.

If you search for supplies for your hunt in the wilderness, you won’t find them. Instead, you should look for the storage safes that you need to interact with. These are located in cabins, which in turn are scattered around the map.

In the Bear Den Ranch, you’ll find a very easily accessible safe, as you can also travel there quickly. The safe is located just up the stairs on the left side. Once you access the safe, you will be offered the opportunity to refill your ammo for your weapon for free.

Other Weapon Tips

In case you have located an animal in Way of the Hunter, you should not react hastily or frantically. Rather, you should time your upcoming shot precisely and pull the trigger calmly to hit your target. For this, the animal should not move, if possible, to avoid misses.

Furthermore, as in real life and other shooter games, some spots are more sensitive and therefore more effective than others. If you hit the larger parts of the animal, it’s quite possible that you won’t kill the creature immediately, but will have to land another hit to kill it. However, this is very difficult, because normally it then moves or seeks shelter.

In the analysis of each animal, the effective locations are broken down. So, look at these as thoroughly as possible before your hunt to be able to hunt and shoot precisely. It appears in the upper right corner of the screen as soon as you move your cursor over an animal. The analysis also shows the sounds and their intensity that were created during your shot.

The air drag is also displayed. You should pay special attention to this when aiming, as it can change the course of your bullet. The choice of your weapon is also crucial for the result of your hunt. The range of the weapon is the most important factor.

Weapons with a low range include pistols and shotguns. These are recommended for hunting smaller animals. For hunting wolves and sheep, however, you should use rifles with scopes, i.e. weapons with a long range.

You should also try out several different scopes. You should test with which one you can shoot better or more accurately. The different models differ mainly in the stronger zoom or an enlarged field of view.

Go hunting with PLITCH!

With the tips and tricks you’ve learned in this guide, it shouldn’t be too hard to get off to a good start in Way of the Hunter. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to explore the game on your own and to improve steadily as the game time increases.

However, if you currently don’t have enough time to play or are maybe too impatient, then simply use PLITCH’s Way of the Hunter cheats. The available premium cheats include – among others – adding money, infinite ammo, infinite health, or unlimited breath (Rifle).

Happy Gaming!